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Wall-mounted gas boiler

One of the most common ways for heating in private house or apartment is to use a wall-mounted gas boiler. The relatively low cost of gas has ensured high popularity of the machines operating on this fuel. Operating experience over decades enable us to construct the most efficient and comfortable model of gas structures. They are used not only for heating but also for water heating. In comparison with coal, wood, liquid fuel or electricity, models that use gas much more economical. The power of wall-hung gas boilers is limited to 42 kW, which is enough to heat the area of 400-450 sq. m., If necessary, heating a larger area used floor systems.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

Device features ↑

One of the most modern devices for heating of residential premises are considered to be wall-mounted gas boilers. In principle, wall-mounted boiler is an Autonomous boiler-house, of small size, but performing the same tasks.

It includes:

  • heat exchanger;
  • circulation pump;
  • burner;
  • thermometer;
  • pressure gauge;
  • the surge tank;
  • automatic control;
  • security system;
  • sensors for measuring required parameters (ambient temperature, etc.).

Some models are equipped with a forced draught and fan for removal of combustion products.

Any device or fixture must be used for its intended purpose. This also applies to such units as wall mounted gas boiler. Different models have their advantages and disadvantages, its functional characteristics. Therefore, in order to choose the one that best suits your needs Assembly, you should familiarize yourself with the types of.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

Types of wall gas boilers ↑

Wall-mounted gas devices for heating a house or apartment are divided into several categories. Let us consider each of them in detail.

System open chamber ↑

The model is called natural draught boilers with open combustion chamber. This unit is supplied with the necessary quantity of air occurs naturally from the environment. Exhaust gases and other combustion products are ejected through the chimney. To the amount of oxygen required to ensure combustion and heating was adequate, the room should be a constant flow of air that will be able to provide high-performance ventilation.

Attention! In the case of the lack of oxygen will be felt stuffy, but if there are defects in the chimney, the room can be filled with carbon monoxide. Therefore, this type of wall-mounted boiler, it is desirable to choose the premises equipped with all safety rules.

An advantage of models with open chamber can be their relatively low cost and the ability of some models to be independent of electricity.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

System with the closed chamber ↑

Closed combustion chamber of the gas unit provides air intake from the street. This feature allows you to install them in living rooms, observing certain rules of safety.

For air supply and exhaust combustion products use coaxial chimney. Its design consists of two tubes of different diameter, where the smaller is inserted into a large. On the inner, smaller pipe, the discharged carbon monoxide gases, and the space between the pipes is the necessary combustion oxygen. The whole system works by installing a powerful fan. This option does not depend on the amount of air inside the room, and he, in turn, affects the atmosphere of the room, so the requirements for installation and operation are reduced.

Another important advantage of the coaxial flue that air from outside is supplied to the gas boiler is already a bit heated due to the hot inner tube. It provides great performance and economy in heating due to more complete combustion of the gas.

It is important! Given the comfort of use and security, the system of a closed combustion chamber gas wall boiler is the most preferable of all other types.

The disadvantages of these models include the high cost of a heating set, a mandatory installation of fan, the need of electricity connection and a higher noise level.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

Traditional and condensing boilers ↑

The principle of operation of the wall heating is based on the fact that they use the exhaust heat. The products of combustion consist of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, sulphur oxide and nitrogen heated steam. The condensing boiler is designed in such a way that has an additional heat exchanger. It is made of steel and other alloys, not subject to corrosion. In this unit the condensation of vapors and additional heat is released. Boiler efficiency will be higher, closer to the condensation temperature of the exhaust steam. In the resulting liquid to dissolve all the products of combustion, to then be disposed of via the sewer. Thanks to this feature, these wall-hung boiler is very economical and reduce the emission of harmful chemical compounds into the atmosphere. The efficiency of this boiler will be 92-95%, thanks to the heat from a hot couple.

With traditional boilers everything is much easier – all the products of combustion generated in the operation process of the heating system are thrown out through the chimney. Therefore, a large proportion of heat emitted to the atmosphere. In such boilers, the efficiency is at best 81 to 84%.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

Single-circuit boilers ↑

This version of the wall system are designed only for heating. If you need to heat the water for these purposes will have to buy an electric heater or set the gas column as a wall-mounted single-circuit gas boilers heating involves the installation of additional elements.

Combi boilers ↑

These options are more functional. They not only heat the room, but also provide it with hot water. Dual-circuit wall-mounted boiler is equipped with an additional circuit, which is responsible for heating the water. Disadvantage of this solution is that simultaneously heat water and to heat the house will not work. Preference is given to water heating, which occurs in flow-through mode.

Therefore, choosing a wall-mounted Combi gas boiler for home heating, should be taken into account, the total number of toilets in your house and living in it people. That is, roughly calculate how long the heating will run on water, and how much will heating. To significantly lower the temperature in the room, wall mounted Combi gas Central heating boiler needs to stop work for a few hours to warm the water. In fact, in this volume of water is not often a necessity, but it’s worth to remember about when choosing a wall-mounted Combi gas boiler. Otherwise, it may happen that you will not feel the need for hot water, but will feel discomfort from poor heating.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

The advantages and disadvantages ↑

Wall-mounted gas boilers for home heating have a number of advantages:

  • full autonomy within the housing;
  • the small size and neat appearance will allow you to install the unit almost anywhere;
  • there is a possibility to reconstruct the model by changing the nozzle (translate it into liquid fuel);
  • the use of gas for space heating is currently the most economically.

Have wall variants of gas heating and minuses:

  • relatively high cost;
  • a large number of necessary documents and permits for installation;
  • annual service;
  • high sensitivity to fuel quality.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

Popular manufacturers wall-hung gas boilers ↑

Wall mounted gas heating system needs to be reliable and effective. In many ways, these factors depend on manufacturers of parts, from used technologies and build quality. In the Russian market are imported units of such countries as Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, South Korea, China, Japan. Also available for sale, and models of domestic production.

One of the most expensive models are German firms Vaillant, Buderus, Wolf, Bosch, they belong to the luxury segment of the market of gas equipment. Quality aggregates is also produced by the Italian company Ariston, Beretta. Especially popular wall-mounted gas boiler firm BAXI.

Attention! Choosing wall-hung boilers, gas heating, you need to ensure that the nearby regions has a service center and official representation of the selected vendor.

Wall-mounted gas boiler

Conclusion ↑

Wall-hung gas boiler heating is quite economic, safe and comfortable to use the device. Their design is constantly improved, allowing them to achieve lower costs of fuel and electricity with greater efficiency.

How to install gas wall-mounted boiler for heating the house, find out in the next video

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