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Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

Installation of boiler equipment in a private home is long overdue. Compared with the furnace its efficiency is much higher and the required force for operation is minimal. Making a decision about the arrangement of the boiler room in the house, is to consider the principal equipment and operating rules.

Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

The photo shows the arrangement of the boiler room of a private home. The construction of such facilities will require a major systematic approach to equipment selection and placement. For these purposes it is necessary to turn to a specialized Agency, together with experts to make the technical project on designing, to agree the scope of works and make the selection of equipment for the boiler room of a private home. You can do without outsourcing, but it is worth remembering that any mistake can result in large financial losses, fines or serious accident.

Types boilers can be divided into gas, solid fuel and electric. They differ in configuration, fuel and operating conditions.

Gas boilers ↑

Equipment gas boiler in a private house not an uncommon phenomenon. Low fuel price ensured gas boiler is popular, but its installation will require compliance with certain conditions. This is dictated by the explosiveness of gas. Depending on the selected power will be used to determine placement. For boiler capacity up to 30 kW will suit any room with a volume of not less than 7.5 m3. As a rule, of a boiler placed in the kitchen. Requirements of the building regulations are very strict:

  • Wall-mounted boiler is installed, or on the walls of trudnovosplamenimy materials, or require the installation of protective screens
  • The free space between the equipment and the furniture is not less than 0.7 m
  • Installation outdoor boiler installation requires a special substrate
  • Required continuous ventilation through air intake holes in the bottom of the wall or door.

Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

Boiler capacity of 30 kW to 200 kW, according to requirements of fire safety, located in a separate room. At the equipment of a boiler room in the basement, according to building codes, requirements have become tougher:

  • The necessary source of natural lighting
  • Equipment allowing to change the air three times in an hour
  • The room volume 15 m3, room height not less than 2.5 meters

Boilers with a capacity over 200 kW are installed only in a separate building. Such boiler room shall have a separate Foundation, walls and roof shall be constructed of noncombustible materials, and the boiler should be placed on a special substrate within 25 cm from the floor.

Gas boiler ↑

Equipment gas boiler room in a private home includes:

  • The boiler, producing and distributing heating fluid in heat
  • Distribution manifolds to ensure a constant temperature in the radiators
  • A flue for removing combustion products from the room
  • Expansion tanks to ensure the system stability and to avoid a possible burst pipes
  • Safety valves, complex instrumentation, and ducting required to control the entire system
  • The boiler, which is installed if necessary heat the water. Depending on the needs in hot water and boiler power, we choose the optimal volume
  • Automation and feeding system, is used to maintain temperature and optimum pressure in the radiator
  • Locking mechanisms and main pipe for distribution of the coolant around the room.

The choice of boiler equipment for private houses will allow to optimize expenses on heating and save your money.

Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

Solid fuel boiler equipment. ↑

At the unwillingness or the inability to use gas, you should pay attention to solid fuel. Requirements for fire safety in this case is softer, and the fuel is available. Before a furnace it is necessary to place a steel sheet with a surface area of at least 60 cm If the wall is made of combustible materials that have asbestos sheathing substrate and steel. The gap between the boiler and the wall must be at least 10 cm Into the boiler room should provide easy access to fuel delivery have caused trouble.

In the organization of the solid fuel boiler in a private house it is important to ensure sufficient ventilation:

  • The window area must come from the ratio of 8 cm2 to 1 kW of power boiler
  • The cross-sectional area of the flue pipe should be uniform and the cross section of the chimney holes shall not to exceed
  • For inspection of the flue pipe and clean it from the products of combustion should special hole
  • Undesirable placement of the boiler room adjacent to the living quarters due to the possible leakage of combustion products
  • When using coal as a fuel requires special lighting and hidden electrical wiring to avoid ignition of coal dust

?Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

On the market now are a few types of solid fuel equipment. Due to the low cost and ease of use, traditional boilers can interest the owner of a private house. The principle of their work is simple and unchanged for years: to open the furnace manually input the fuel, and combustion products are emitted into the atmosphere. Needs frequent cleaning of ashes and slag, and the efficiency is lower than modern counterparts.

The long burning boilers is economically more profitable than traditional operation. Lay the fuel burns it more efficiently by changing the combustion process. The principle of the spark, the fuel burns from the top down. This type uses a system of automatic maintain combustion, therefore, will require connection to the mains.

Pyrolysis boilers through the use of energy released during gas combustion show higher efficiency and environmental friendliness. But the cost of such a boiler above and to pay off it only after a long period of time.

Device solid fuel boiler ↑

Material for the manufacture of the boiler is typically a steel or cast iron. Steel hardware will be cheaper and will be easier to maintain, but cast iron is much more durable. If you plan on continuous use of boiler, the choice is better to stop on cast iron.

The scheme is simple solid fuel boiler easier than gas and includes the same basic components:

  • Removal system of slag and products of combustion, consists of special tubes and chimney
  • Furnace for burning fuel. Depending on the fuel cell, is divided into furnaces with manual loading and automatic. The automatic download of the necessary permanent connection to the mains for operation of equipment
  • The heating chamber, in which there is heating of the heat transfer element
  • The temperature control system. Depending on the chosen boiler can be automatic or manual.

Electric boilers ↑

Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

Electric boilers – the safest form of equipment and therefore does not require special conditions of installation and operation. In the absence of the ability to allocate a separate room under the boiler, the most appropriate option. Does not require fuel, which will free up space. Also, do not emit products of combustion or decay. This equipment is characterized by its quiet operation and small size. In the process of operation does not require constant supervision and prevention. Negative point is the high cost of electricity in most regions, making the use of such a boiler is expensive.

Device electric boiler ↑

There are three main types of electric boilers, differing in principle of operation. Tenovye boilers use a heating element to maintain the desired temperature of the fluid in the system. These boilers are able to work not only with water but also with a nonfreezing liquid. There is a constant heating of the flowing liquid, thus retaining the temperature in the system. The boiler is equipped with several sensors to measure the fluid temperature and the temperature of the air in the room. Equipment installation is simple, and the controls allow you to select the optimal mode of operation. Because of the low quality water on the heating elements may form a scale, which will reduce heat transfer and increase the cost of electricity for heating the fluid.

Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

Electrode boilers produce heating not by heating elements and transmitting electricity water. The temperature increase is due to the resistance of the water at the time of passage of the electrical discharge. Is the breakdown of water molecules into ions of different polarity, which occurs with evolution of heat. Do not worry about the safety of the use of such equipment, as in the case of malfunctions, the boiler shuts off. The main difficulties arise when installing this equipment. As the boiler is only possible with an optimal level of resistivity of water requires special equipment for its measurement and changes. In the process, there is a gradual dissolution of the electrodes, so the need for their periodic replacement. But boilers of this type are the most compact and cheap, and the nominal output power is smooth.

Equipment for the boiler room of a private house

Indukcionnye boilers use the principle of induction heating special ferromagnetic elements. Inside a sealed compartment within the induction coil, which transmits energy to a special core or a closed tubing, which heats the coolant. Despite the high cost of the boiler, is economically the most advantageous option. The absence of heating elements and electrodes, allows to save on the constant replacement of elements.

Conclusion ↑

Construction of private homes, implies a life in it for many years, so this approach should be thorough and picky. The equipment of the boiler room of a private home will provide comfort in the family for years, but because his choice is so important.

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