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Regulatory requirements for a gas boiler in the house

Built a house – build a boiler within and at the behest of the user. Sounds like the basic idea of state requirements in building codes, building norms and rules, to the organization of work of boiler devices of a private home. They are stated in the rulebook for the number of SP 60.13330.2012 approved by the government decree from 1521 2014.

Most of the provisions of the building codes for gas boiler room in a private house, focused on the organization of safe operation of gas and gas equipment.

Basic requirements for gas boiler ↑

Conventionally, requirements for gas boiler room in a private home can be grouped into basic positions:

  • Requirements for the installation of boiler equipment;
  • The basic rules of tabulation and maintenance of gas, electricity and water communications;
  • Construction standards for the building of a boiler-house, ventilation and security requirements.
The Council! The document is long and difficult to read, and to study its requirements better in combination with multiple comments on the discussion forums about the structure of a gas boiler in a private house.

Gas boiler for private homes is very expensive, and expensive to redo it, if mistakes are made, or have tightened the requirements of the law. During the construction of a private house should take care in advance about the room where the boiler and its auxiliary equipment. A lot of requirements, and compliance will be checked and firefighters, and service of gas economy, so most of the problems you need to consider beforehand.

Regulatory requirements for a gas boiler in the house

After preliminary planning the location and size of a project is a gas boiler for private homes. The required work is performed by design organizations and firms having a license and a permit to work. Often as a basis for design decisions uses the model variant with a peg on the ground. At this stage artists may be inaccuracies and errors in the details of the boiler. Therefore, prior to final approval of the project of gas boiler in all instances will be useful to compare their own parts of the drawing with the requirements of the regulations. The remake will be more expensive and complicated.

Regulatory requirements for a gas boiler in the house

To carry out design and estimate documentation you must first compile a list of requirements for equipment of the future gas boiler and collecting the passport data of equipment and certificates of conformity devices.

The location of the gas boiler ↑

Normative documents allowed to place the boiler heat power up to 30 kW inclusive, in the kitchen, (this requires a separate gas line), provided that ceiling height and room volume more than 220 cm and 7.5 cubic meters respectively.

The first requirement is the room must be lined with fireproof material or plaster, and the use of the boiler with open combustion chamber – provided a window area of not less than 250дмTwo. For a country house that is quite acceptable, but for a private home permanent residence requirement a full-fledged heating will provide a more powerful option.

Note! The current requirements are allowed to install boilers that use natural gas, methane, even in the attic or the basement. To appliances working on liquefied gas, the requirements are tougher – they are installed not only above the first floor.

Therefore, the heating equipment primarily out in a separate room, but rather in a separate building, gas boiler.

The most stringent fire safety requirements apply to gas boilers and systems for liquid fuel.

Units gas boiler ↑

Actually gas boiler as engineering construction, is a complex of gas and heat generation, distribution and electrical equipment placed in a special room.

Main unit gas boiler is a gas boiler with the connected pipeline supply-diversion of the coolant gas and air. In tandem with the boiler operates boiler, which is an insulated tank of large capacity, where the supply of hot water for domestic use. Requirements for the boiler are reduced to ensure high corrosion resistance and good thermal insulation of the tank. The boiler is equipped with pressure gauge and thermometer, by which to judge the normal operation of the installation.

Regulatory requirements for a gas boiler in the house

Room to control devices ↑

In the boiler room must be equipped closed and protected compartment for the installation of monitoring devices and metering the flow of gas. If the design of the boiler used an open combustion gas in the boiler room is installed a control device of the contents of combustion products in the air.

In the premises, as required, executes the window with a transom for air flow and natural lighting in the afternoon.

Requirements to the expansion tank ↑

Hot coolant leaves the boiler at the manifold and pumped into the heating system circulation pump. On demand safety standards in the system must be installed expansion tank to compensate for water extraction and emergency pressure relief valve. The system also embeds the device feeding the primary water heating circuit.

The last time to perform the heating circuit using two-layer polypropylene pipes with aluminum amplifier. The SNP allowed the use of certified plastic pipes for heating systems, subject to the requirements of a heat carrier pressure, not more than 3 bar and a temperature of not more than 105onWith.

Job gas boiler provides the gas supply, burners and automatics controlling the process of combustion of natural gas. One or two of the blower motor delivers air to the combustion chamber.

Often gas boilers install two boiler – basic, calculated on the design capacity of the heating, and auxiliary. Lower power demand for hot water in the absence of heating.

Requirements dimensions and construction of gas boiler ↑

A list of the main requirements of SNiP to size and gas boiler-room in a private house:

  1. The boiler room must be made for capital scheme of stone or non-combustible materials, on a concrete Foundation. Requirements to the total volume of a gas boiler room in a private home is defined in 15 cubes of internal space, with ceiling not less than 250cm;
  2. The entrance to the boiler room, as well as the concrete Foundation cushion, which is mounted boiler, raised above floor level 20cm. Requires a high fire – rate differences of fire design should be equal to zero. The entrance door of dwelling runs of flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials, hermetic sealing of the circuit. In addition, a gas boiler necessarily having a separate outside entrance door, securely closing the entrance from rain;
  3. The boiler is equipped with supply and exhaust system. Ventilation in the gas boiler room of a private home must ensure that the triple replacement of air per hour with the possibility of clipping of the combustion front with special partitions to the side of the dwelling.
  4. The air intake for the gas boiler is outside the entrance to the pipe is necessarily closed by a mesh cap that prevents ingress of insects and birds, as well as snow and rain in the duct.
  5. Products of combustion are emitted in the heat-insulated pipe on the roof on the leeward side, at a distance of about a meter from the exit vents;
    Regulatory requirements for a gas boiler in the house
  6. System the flue gas needs to be insulated and the sensor stop the operation of the exhaust fan;
  7. In the heating system, except the boiler and the expansion tanks must be performed by a crane emergency drain the fluid into the sewage system;
  8. Wiring a mandatory order is placed in a metal pipe, controls automatic operation of the burners of electric motors, light switches are carried beyond the boiler in a waterproof box, a lamp mounted in a sealed canopy;
  9. Gas boiler must be grounded in accordance with the requirements of installation of power electric equipment.

Building codes for gas boiler room in a private house also require to take into account a number of auxiliary conditions to ensure the safety of work equipment.

Regulatory requirements for a gas boiler in the house

First of all, all wiring in the cross section and the insulation class must meet the total peak power of electric motors and ventilation air supply to the burner.

Requirements for Foundation gas boiler ↑

For the Foundation of the gas boiler will use a concrete mix with a high content of quartz sand or additional sheet metal, thickness up to 5mm.

The flange connections of pipes for hot water and heating needs to be painted bright paint and insulated. In places of entry of the pipe with water and coolant into the concrete or soil in the mandatory waterproofing the surface.

One of the requirements of fire safety: the boiler should not be stored or foreign objects cluttering the space, and, moreover, combustible, or flammable materials.

It is important! Burner operation, even in the isolated space, generates a lot of noise, so the placement of a gas boiler in an isolated structure will greatly reduce the noise load.

A SNiP can be installed in one circuit with a gas boiler of the additional boiler operating on solid or liquid alternative fuel, subject to the fulfilment of the requirements for the storage and cart to the combustion of fuel, a separate branch of products of combustion and air supply. But resistance to both heat exchangers of the boilers should be the same.

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