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How to choose a cast iron stove for baths

This article is devoted to cast-iron stoves. In the article there are recommendations for their selection, you will get acquainted with the technical specifications of the three popular models of furnaces-pot.

We all know that a visit to the baths revitalizes our body. That is why choosing a stove it is necessary to find the best option balance of quality, functionality and cost, as well as the most appropriate to your needs.

At first glance it seems unreal combination of all these qualities. But very often true connoisseurs of bath cases prefer cast iron stoves. Why is a cast-iron?

How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

The advantages of iron furnaces ↑

  • cast iron is an alloy of iron with carbon, it is safe, eco-friendly;
  • is not deformed when the temperature changes, which is very important when working in an external facing;
  • has high strength, corrosion resistant and thus long service life (30 years or more);
  • has a relatively small weight compared with the brick (about 60 kg) and does not need Foundation and other fortifications;
  • quickly heats the room in a continuous combustion then slowly gives off heat to the steam room;
  • quick and easy to assemble and then immediately ready for operation;
  • compact and powerful with excellent properties of thermal conductivity;
  • sealed and fireproof;
  • easy to dismantle, dismantled and moved;
  • retains heat up to 10 hours for a single piece of wood;
  • different models with the decorative facade of the furnace, and as a simple standalone decoration using brick or ceramic tiles to fit it into any interior baths.
Warning: cast iron impatient to thermal shock and may crack if between adjacent sections of the furnace there is a temperature difference of more than 80 °C, it is therefore recommended that very careful application of any additional coating of the case.

The modern market of iron casting products offers a variety of models of cast iron stoves with different characteristics and external performance. In this variety it is sometimes difficult to determine what the oven-the pot is better to use in the specific bath room and on what parameters first of all make a selection of products?

Recommendations on the choice of cast iron stoves for baths ↑

Choose the most appropriate pot should be according to the following criteria:

  1. The capacity of the furnace. It should be determined based on the volume of the room sauna.
  2. Type the location of the furnace in the bath. If the firebox of the furnace will occur from adjacent rooms (e.g. waiting room or rest rooms), you must choose the designs with external portal and tunnel furnace.
It is important: Different arrangement of the elements of furnace design more aesthetically pleasing and allows you to remove steam from the excess products of combustion (soot, fly ash and fly ash).
  1. The device type of the heater. The figure on the fan. Someone more like exposed stone walls, and someone, on the contrary, prefers the indoor version. As long as she was safe and not allowed in the premises of the extraneous gases and smoke. (offered photo 003 — shown both types of heaters)
Attention In a closed stone stones are more aggressive and high temperature than in the open version, and give more heat. However, in this version it is possible to regulate the intensity level pair by closing the valves (doors) of the heater. When open option for these purposes it is necessary to use a special metal cover.
  1. The type of fuel used. Depending on this figure are distinguished the stove-pot wood-burning, gas, electric and combination (e.g., gas and wood burning). The undoubted advantage of wood is a special ritual of preparing baths, cheapness of fuel and aesthetic pleasure from the aroma of firewood, crackling of the logs.
  2. The thick cast iron walls — the thicker the wall, the longer the period of use of the furnace.
  3. The presence or absence of the water tank, as well as its execution. It can be mounted or embedded. In this case, you must take into account the features of the baths and their own wishes.
  4. The style of door inserts. It can be run from a blind cast, translucent glass and heat resistant various sizes and can be styled by the fireplace or have a panoramic screen. These exterior improvements will allow us to get pleasure from the flames and the soft crackling of firewood during the rest between bathing procedure.

Overview of the most popular models of sauna stove made of cast iron ↑

To meet the demand from the connoisseurs of bathroom art modern manufacturers offer a variety of designs of furnaces and their modifications:

Cast iron stoves Kalita ↑

Model line furnaces «Kalita» includes 4 different versions: «Kalita», «Kalita Arched», «Prince Kalita» and «Kalita Extreme» and is manufactured by «Inzhkomtsentr VVD».

How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

Products have different capacities and dimensions and are suitable for steam rooms with capacity from 15 to 35 mThree. Design portable furnace, the furnace body is made of cast iron with a thickness of 10 mm. All models «Kalita» equipped with a closed type of heater, made in various forms, have good controlled ventilation and an elongated combustion tunnel 2 types of performance (cast iron or stainless steel). We offer several variations of the design of the door of the furnace, as well as options with the veneer of natural stone serpentine or soapstone: «Optima», «Russian couples» and «President».

How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

It is important! The soapstone and serpentine used in the exterior ovens have a beneficial effect on the human body healthy it for its healing properties — they normalize blood pressure, the respiratory system, activates the immune cells of the body, relieve headaches, and also protect from infrared radiation of the fiery furnace.

In some versions closed stove is made of stainless steel with a translational-rotational movement of the door (e.g., Prince-Kalita) and others top-loading built into the furnace directly (Kalita-Extreme).

It is important! Closed stove more correct from a technological point of view. It heated stones is performed from different angles and it is able to produce several times better vapor, mist, light and useful for human health.

Its original design stands out Kalita arched, made in stone, which has a closed arch heater with graceful wings, adorned with decorative wrought-iron plates.

How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

At the same time with its advantages some experienced bath attendants there are a few drawbacks, among them: insufficient height of the furnace, impractical restriction in the connection of the fuel channel and the furnace body, rapid failure of the grate and the problem of their replacement, as well as a long furnace in the winter time.

Cast iron stoves Gefest ↑

The product range consists of ovens series PB from 01 to 04 with capacity 8 – 18 kW steam room size from 15 to 45 mThree and a series of PB-00 and PB-000 with increased productivity for large rooms from 80 to 120 mThree.

The advantages of this furnace lies in its compact size. The firebox is made from cast iron with a thickness of 10 to 60 mm, depending on the model and tunnel furnace equipped with a remote portal. Feature of oven are unique features combustion gases and flame through which the process chamber becomes more comfortable.

Traditionally, the manufacturer offers various designs of doors of the furnace (artistic casting or heat-resistant glass). There is a possibility of delivery furnace in a cost-effective option with a wrought-iron grid in the elite stone of serpentine and soapstone in three versions: «Optima», «Russian couples» and «President», as well as different variations of performance of the heater: open («Optima») and closed («Russian couples» and «President»).

How to choose a cast iron stove for baths
How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

Iron furnace Vesuvius ↑

Model line Vesuvius are a variety of cast iron stoves with a distinctive and recognizable appearance: «Vertical», «Russian couples», «SKIF», «Lava» and «Legend».

A few unusual looks series furnaces «Vertical», come with an open hearth and have the same dimensions 54х79х101 cm, but differ in the design of the doors and firebox with a panoramic or normal glass, or a dull cast iron. A furnace suitable for heating the pair of premises with the volume of 8-18 mThree.

How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

Furnace cast iron in the bath «Russian couples» presented in 6 versions for steam rooms with capacity from 18 to 28 mThree, including one made in stone (serpentine).

Model «Vesuvius SKIF» are 26 types of sauna stoves with different dimensions, designed for couples-volume 6 – 40 mThree. The unusual shape of the furnaces without corners contributes to a more uniform distribution of heat in the room. The design of the stove welded, non-collapsible. The wall thickness of 8 mm. It is equipped with a remote fuel channel, (d), a pull-out ash drawer, convection-ventilated mesh jacket with a large hopper heater 60 kg of stones. Various options for the design appearance of the door of the furnace, including heat-resistant glass «SHOT ROBAX» with the system of self-cleaning and self-cooling (letter K). In addition, models are available with panoramic glass, allowing you to enjoy the process of combustion of fuel (Litera Panorama). The stove can be equipped with a water tank or a heat exchanger (Litera T).

How to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for bathsHow to choose a cast iron stove for baths

The least popular model «Vesuvius lava», feature of which are the decorative wrought elements on the housing. These furnaces include a 24 modifications, which differ in power, size and is designed for steam rooms from 6 to 28 mThree.

Another representative of the line pot of this manufacturer is «Vesuvius The Legend», which weighs 160 kg and is almost 2 times heavier than the other stoves (60 – 100kg). It has an open heater is an elongated heating tunnel and is intended for use in steam rooms, ranging from 10 to 28 mThree.

Warning! Oven with the stones in the grid is very picturesque, but not everyone is suitable. According to the advice of experienced bath attendants, the stones in an open grid is not heated to such high temperatures, as in a closed heater and improper use of the steam turns hard and raw.

Offer to watch a video about the model lineup furnace Vesuvius.

Each manufacturer offers decent versions of iron furnaces. But how many people — so many opinions. In such a variety of variations and distinct from other designs, everyone will find something to their liking. The important thing is that the pot plenty of advantages but the only disadvantage is their high cost.

Attention! Before using any oven, including cast iron, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for proper organization of heating steam. The implementation of the tips will extend the life of the furnace and allow it to work with high performance.
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