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Gas stove for sauna

Fortunately, owners of washing had a gas furnace for a bath. Today they are actively snapping up for reasons of low cost gas furnaces themselves compactness and relatively high efficiency. In addition, when the permanent connection to the gas there is no need for systematic and extremely boring firewood. If the area is no Magistral Central gas fittings, you can install the gas tank. Alternatively, a gas stove for baths can be powered by propane tank.

Combined models of heating units ↑

As soon as the gas furnace for the bath began to get the first reviews, producers, it became clear that it would be nice to add to the design of stoves backup power source. An example of this solution can serve as a gas furnace for a bath Uralochka – a joint project of two Russian factories, Kirov «Ermak» and Ulyanovsk «The gazstroy». Multifunctional unit produces a high efficiency, does not pollute the atmosphere and can even heat a room. At the request of the owner of the baths to melt or gas, or the classic way – with wood. The stove is designed in such a way that it can be used as a base for steam room equipment in Russian or sauna. The impressive size of the unit is fully justified large heat exchanger capable of heating water up to 60 litres. In respect of the gas furnace for the bath have received a number of positive reviews.

Gas stove for sauna

If a gas-stove for baths has a large size due to the design of the units from the manufacturer termofor all the emphasis is on efficiency that is obtained from the burner, burning «blue fuel». Special compartment for burning wood there, so the sizes are suitable for rooms of any size:

  • Termofor 10 for a small steam volume to 10m3;
  • Termofor 16 – to medium steam volume of 16m3;
  • Termofor 24 – modification for areas of considerable size and heating adjacent rooms with a volume up to 24м3.

Many people mistakenly believe that the best material for the manufacture of stoves steam bath is stone or brick. The fact is that modern furnaces that have metal parts (housing, cover, etc.) are tested to work at critical temperature conditions in the laboratories under the supervision of scientists. It turns out that the minimum service life of gas furnaces termofor in the conditions of the bath branch is 10 years, whereas masonry is required to periodically shift. Of course, by this criterion, the classic heater does not go to any comparison with modern machines.

Why Termofor? ↑

The main tasks that stood before the designers of these stoves was the ability to rapidly heat the air in the steam room and work under special conditions (severe frosts and high heat). With this task in the design office construction. Housing made of aircraft steel is able to withstand any thermal stress, including sudden changes in contact with water. Post-combustion of the exhaust products of combustion in additional the system allows you to quickly heat up the air in the room (the hour and a half). This value is the maximum for the winter time, in summer such ovens will cope with the preparation of the room for flight in just half an hour.

Gas stove for sauna

It is worth noting that self-made gas heater for the bath loses its industrial counterparts not only in performance with high quality materials. Indeed, all elements of Termofor, passed the practical test. Thus, the presence of special casing-convector protection from infrared radiation, and the outer part of the door inserts is made in such a way that it never burned. And, of course, efficiency, the whole design of the heaters, which are manufactured in factories that are maximally designed to obtain high effect of the combustion of fuel. So expect serious results from their own creations is not worth it.

Gas stove for sauna

Gas stove for sauna

Some of the features of the practical use of heating units powered by gas ↑

The standard device of the stove, working on gaseous fuel, is mounted inside the housing of the burner to which gas is supplied. During operation of the main heating element very rapidly heats the air in the room, a tray of stones and water tank (if available). If you are installing a gas furnace in the bath, it is necessary to consider that the stones should preferably be round. These stones are able to withstand rapid heating to 200 ° C, rapid cooling during hover and did not collapse.

Purchase stoves of dubious origin, and even more so running on gas is at least adventurism. The sad statistics of explosions, fires and the large number of burns suggests that to save money it’s nothing. So, gas oven stove for baths, admits, except that the burner is changed to a more powerful or new because of the planned replacement. One of these design features has a gas heater for the bath brand Urengoy, when buying which you can choose the burner power up to 26 kW, the most suitable for use in specific conditions.

Gas stove for sauna

Global shift of light industry from the wood-burning gas units designed for economy, but for the conversion will require some investment. Have to spend on dismantling of the old stove and install the new one. But do not forget that the gas furnace in the bathhouse was originally designed and tested on the basis of electric and wood-burning counterparts. Therefore, some modern representatives of heaters, such as gas furnace Teplodar, originally installed for heating with wood, may be supplemented by a gas burner and to operate on gas. This information can be useful for those who do not wish to begin major work on the conversion pair. In practice, the rotation of the fuel source really worth it, because now the bath will heat up in just a few minutes.

How much it will cost on contents gas furnace heater for baths ↑

The savings from using heaters that run on gas, will directly depend on the flow rate of the burner. This means that the choice of the latter will pay all the consumption on space heating and hot water. Starting with small spaces counter gas fuel will show a ratio around 3-4,5 cubic meters per hour. With the price of gas to 5-6 roubles it will be no more than 25 rubles per one session cooking bath to relax (some heat furnaces to a maximum of 50 minutes).

The second method of calculation is a reduction to the rate of heating per unit area is the steam room. So, for the meter area must be about 500 calories. These values are characteristics of all products, so to calculate the scheduled consumption for the season will not be difficult. Some models of stoves that run on gas flaring initially have a compact form factor to conserve resources. Popular gas stove Rus is the ideal solution for installation in any bath is the best value for quality, performance and cost of energy.

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