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How to install air conditioning

After the acquisition of such climatic home appliances like air-conditioning, the question arises how to install it. You can contact the firm with highly qualified specialists, which quickly and easily will make this work, but it will take quite a large amount of cash. In order to save budget funds, you can install the air conditioner yourself. To install the air conditioner with your own hands must be approached carefully and correctly, respecting all the features of the mount.

How to install air conditioning

Necessary tools for work ↑

When an independent air conditioning system must have tools:

  • Drill with set of drill bits (necessary in order to make a 100 mm diameter hole in the main wall)
  • Armaturentafel (necessary in order to eliminate the unnecessary waste of time in a new hole that will have to do if inside the concrete walls will present rod)
  • Scissors for cutting pipe (if you cut the tubing for the freon ordinary hacksaw will remain copper dust, which will cause problems with the a / C compressor)
  • Reamer (scraping, fastenmaster) (with the help of this tool stripped the ends of the tubes)
  • Hand pump for Bicycle (required in order to check the sealing system)
  • Phase indicator tester (for electrical power)
  • Pump vacuum (to fill the system, it is necessary to evacuate)
  • Electric drill (for drilling the necessary holes)
  • Level (for flat placement on the wall)
  • Manifold gauge
  • Locksmith tools (screwdriver, hammer, pliers)

Especially the location of the conditioning ↑

How to install air conditioning

Before finally deciding where to install air conditioning, it is necessary to take into account some features: both external, and internal block of the conditioner should be placed so that they were easy access. This is to ensure that, if necessary, without difficulty, to carry out the production work associated with cleaning, replacing filters.

It is also necessary that between the outer block part of the unit and its inner part was not a big distance. This will help to save supplies, improve efficiency throughout the common system. It is not recommended to set the inner part of the system over high furniture, cabinets, you must also observe the distance, on placement from walls, ceiling (not less than 15 cm). Such a location will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner, because the furniture will prevent the flow of cooling air.

To avoid possible confusion in the future (the noise of the fan dripping condensate), it is desirable to coordinate the installation of air conditioning with the neighbors.

When selecting the location of installation of the air conditioner in the apartment, you need to pay attention to in the future stream of cold air not to create discomfort for those people who are in the room.

After selection of necessary tools and determining the placement of the air conditioner, you are ready to install it.

Features mount ↑

How to install air conditioning

Installation of air conditioning is divided into stages:

  • The installation of indoor unit system
  • Installation of the outdoor unit system
  • Drilling holes in the wall
  • Laying, connecting design elements
  • Contour vacuumsale
  • Connect the air conditioner to the mains
  • The launch of the system

How to install air conditioning

Phase 1. Installation of the internal unit. The inner part of the system fixed on a special plate, which comes complete with air conditioning. In order to avoid leakage of the condensate, ensure correct, reliable operation of the indoor unit, the plate must be xed exactly. To measure and mark the exact dimensions of the maximum horizontal you must use building level. After marking locations in them with the punch drilled holes in which to insert dowels. Further, the screws screwed into plugs mounted on the plate, which set the indoor unit system.

Stage 2. Mounting the outdoor unit of the system. Before mounting the external unit on the external wall of the building set brackets (mainly from the side Windows or under him, in order to convenient maintenance), which will hang this unit. The process of blowing was effective enough, cut from the wall to the unit must be at least 10 cm in the absence of the ability to install the brackets from the window, when the need to use the services of elevated work platforms (you can rent) or services climbers.

How to install air conditioning

Stages 3, 4, 5. Using the punch with a nozzle with a diameter of 4-5 cm proveryaetsya a special hole in the wall, which will be held communication. If the passage between the blocks to accommodate drainage pipe for the condensate drain, the hole should be done under a certain bias in 5-10 degrees to the outside. Cut a channel from the indoor unit to the point of entry into the wall is recommended to hide. In the process shtrobleniya formed a lot of dust, if the room after the repair, the communication channel is recommended to lay outside and close it with a decorative cover.

On a communication channel interconnects are copper freon tubes, wires, electric supply, control system, pipe drain (according to the rules, the condensate liquid from the indoor unit to be displayed in the sewers, but sometimes it is just the outside). Depending on the total length of the channel is determined by the length of the pipes and the wiring (need to make a small stock in 35-50 cm).

When cutting copper tubes are used special scissors (the use of saws, grinders excluded in order to avoid any sawdust supply, which could damage the air conditioning). Prior to installation, piping wrapped with a special insulating sheath. To exclude the ingress of debris into the pipeline, it is closed by plugs of plastic. All the constituent elements of the communication channel neatly folded together, unwound tape from vinyl. Next, the whole structure is set in place.

After the installation of the communications between external and internal units are connected by wire, the line of CFCs. In the instructions, which is attached to the conditioning described a detailed diagram of how to connect electrical wiring (if you must strictly stick to it).

Adjusted size of the tubes, and cut them the required length, remove all burrs (a. s. a Fax is removed). Pre-warmed nuts, resultsbased rolling each edge of the tubes. Next, the edges attached to the external fittings, internal blocks, hermetically tightened the nuts with a special key wrench.

Next, check the tightness of the channel, it is removed from the air and liquid vacuum pump (for service parts outdoor unit using a gauge manifold attached to a vacuum pump, it pumps out the air and creates a vacuum). The duration of the process of system evacuation depends on the volume of the outline (approximately 20 minutes).

How to install air conditioning

Within 30 minutes after turning off the pump to watch the pressure (if the monometer needle is not deflected, so the system is sealed). Integrity is carefully checked and only after this process, open the valves of the outdoor unit, the circuit is filled with refrigerant (freon).

It is important! If freon comes out, it will lead to the breakage of the compressor. Freon has a negative impact on the human body.

After Assembly, fill it with freon, split system connects to the electric power supply and verify its operation.

The peculiarities of installing a window air conditioner ↑

How to install air conditioning

Air conditioning window type is installed much easier any conventional split system.

Recommendations for mounting a window air conditioner ↑

1 recommendation. Determined location. The window frame and the wall to accommodate the window air conditioner should be quite durable and reliable. If the frame and the wall is solid, then installed the mounting brackets with anchor bolts.

2 the recommendation. You need to thoroughly think through how to move the condensate that will be formed from the long-term operation of equipment. To condensate the liquid flowed properly and smoothly, the air conditioning put so that its rear part is 1 cm deviated down. To avoid dripping of the condensate liquid into the electronics, it is necessary, when it is installed, to comply strictly with the balance between the right and left sides.

3 recommendation. It is not recommended to place equipment in the location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

4 recommendation. The outer part of the AirCon window type needs to be on the street not less than 25 cm.

5 recommendation. Air conditioning should be installed near the access to electricity. Prevent the use of transfers, extensions.

6 recommendation. For good airflow and good cooling capacity, the outer portion of the air conditioner should be placed at a distance of 50 cm from any obstacle (wall).

7 recommendation. This type of conditioning necessary to place the height of 75-100 cm from the floor.

How to install air conditioning

For more information on how to install the air conditioner with your hands you can see in the video

Thus, to install the air conditioner in the apartment alone will not be of great complexity, stick to the main instructions for mounting.

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