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How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

For ease of management the gateway uses the remote control system. The installation of such automation allows you to stay in the house or the car for opening or closing the gate. To use these systems on any structure, even already installed. If for any reason there is no electricity, the automation is definitely built-in mechanism that can unlock and open the gates:

Automatic control sectional door ↑

Sectional doors with automatic work from the drive, which can be of two types: ceiling and axial. These mechanisms are powerful, principle of operation and functions. Installation of remote control could be implemented before the installation of the gate or after that. The use of electric drive makes the gate safe, since the obstacle detection, the traffic stops. To operate such a system may be very long – up to 25 thousand cycles of opening and closing, which makes it very reliable.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

Overhead electric motors ↑

Such automated systems are installed on garage doors and ceiling is an electric drive mechanism and a drive rail located under the garage ceiling. The movement of the sectional door is carried out by means of a chain or belt device installed in the drive rack. The chain or the belt move the canvas up or down. These mechanisms are used for domestic garages with a small area and the height of sectional door.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

Axial actuators ↑

This kind of automatic control is used for sectional doors in the industry and in the workplace. Such mechanisms are also called bulk. Using the axial actuator is a rotation shaft on which it is installed. The movement of the gate by working the shaft. Such mechanisms are used in cases when:

  • high intensity of opening and closing;
  • a large area of the gate;
  • the gates are of greater height;
  • in the doorway it is impossible to install a ceiling drive.
    How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

Automated sectional doors for industrial use can be controlled remotely using the remote, button or locking switch.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

Automatic control of the swing gate ↑

For work gate install multiple electric motors, at least one actuator. All of the mechanisms between them have cable connection, which leads to the control unit. It is connected with the trinkets, with 2 or 4 buttons, via a wireless radio channel.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

For safety, automatic system at the entrance set 2 pairs of special solar cells, which, in the presence of interference, the gate movement stops. The entrance is fitted, and 1 pair at the maximum distance the open shutters – 2 pair. For the timely warning about the gate system has a lamp, through which is ensured the safety of people and machines.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

Installation of control units is carried out in the actuator or in a box with a sealed lid. If you need to open doors manually, the lock can be withdrawn at any time. Key set the switch to when the system is not use unnecessary movements. Examples of swing gates:

Automatic control of sliding gates ↑

The control gates is performed by electric drive and control unit mounted in a single housing, which is supplied with electricity and connected the rest of the system.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

After pressing the button on the remote control unit comes coded signal that activates the movement of the gate. This action is performed by means of toothed racks, which in the end is blank. The use of this element enables the system to recognize the position in which the gates are.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

For security of cars and people at the entrance sensor with built-in photocells him. Installation is carried out at a height of 0.4-0.8 meters. The use of this design eliminates contact of the sash with machines and people.

The types of control ↑

Remote switching ↑

This management option is easily installed and used. Sell ready-made kits in stores.

It is important! Transmitter and receiver must operate on one frequency and have 2 channels.

Transmitter and receiver are programmed and encoded. If the control is performed by using the buttons, then they do not need to be removed – just enough to make parallel connection.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

You can use the unit of the car alarm, where to remove everything except the wires that controlled the Central locking. On a pair of wires is used to supply 12V, the signal is low, then it needs to be adjusted. To operate the electric drive when using a device in the circuit must be added 2 relays with power coil to 12V additional. This design works in the following way: to the relay coil of the alarm unit is energized, then the contacts retracted, closing the circuit, which is controlled by the starter coil.

GSM controller ↑

Sliding gates can be used as a remote control with GSM. The use of this device allows to open the gate with the help of call or SMS from your mobile phone. In this case, the remote may not be used, and fed the signal from a distance.

It is important! Due to the low quality of the mobile operator and low stability of the signal, the command can be executed with some delay.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

Most suitable GSM controller «KSITAL» with the three groups of relays, and the contacts switch when commanded. For this purpose, a ready command of SMS. In order to open and close the gate sent a short SMS to the SIM card installed in the control unit. After the controller has received a command, there is a contact closure on the relay and the gate starts to move. An open contact occurs when the sash end stop.

The system «KSITAL» there is a function used for opening the gates manually was more comfortable is a feature by which the system is installed on the control.

If in the formulation of the inclusion will be carried out through relay No. 1, it is possible to connect the actuator in one direction. System «KSITAL» set on a control with a magnetic key, Touch Memory, and its sensor is placed in any convenient location on the driver side. To activate and connect the relay, you need to set the value «One» in the 39th cell phone book. In this case is only one disadvantage – the gate will only open and closed is only possible manually.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

When installing the control relay No. 1 remains enabled until «KSITAL» not to be removed from control. It is easy to remove if you connect to the relay outputs No. 1 two digital time relay, such as Elko EP SJR-2 with a preset time of operation in 1 second, or two relays with delayed release. This setting will turn the DC voltage at the short-pulse.

How to connect a hinged, sectional, sliding gates

When the system is under control, the relay is deactivated and the normally closed contact is closed, whereby the relay time is the supply voltage, holding the contact closed for a second. This time is sufficient to enable the actuator to open the gate. Then the automatic relay reset and disconnecting the power supply circuit. When the system is installed on the control turns on relay No. 1, is the closure of a normally open contact, whereby the gate is closed. If you install the same reader on the courtyard side, the control gates can be realized with a magnetic key.

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