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Gates for mini-football

Football-addicted men of all ages – from children to adult men. Recently the weaker sex took over and also started to try this sport. This mobile team game perfectly develops many physical qualities such as endurance, speed of reaction, flexibility. As with any other sport, mini-football needs its own sports facilities, which includes not only a special ball, and special football goal.

Gates for mini-football

Historical facts ↑

Gates for the game of football was first mentioned in the 16th century in the English chronicle. In those days football was very different from today’s ball game. In the first games gates were a special area on the football field, marked by the players. After a while the edges of the designated area, the players tried to build a structure consisting of two side bars. And instead of the top rail players between the two rods pulled the rope. This design was used until 1875, after which the rope is mounted an iron bar. And only in 1891 in the English city of Nottingham, the gate for the first time equipped with mesh.

Gates for mini-football

Main types of gate for soccer ↑

The gate for football are divided into three main groups:

  1. Professional. Used sports as a venue for official matches and training players. The standard sizes they have: 7.33 x 2,45 m. their Design may be different, but because of their size they can only be installed on a large field or large gym.
  2. School. This type is designed to be compact, in carrying out their normal functions. Their size is usually 5 x 2 m. They can be located in the school gym or outside on the field. Used for game lovers, as well as in educational institutions.
  3. Mini football. These gates have slightly different proportions, their size 3 x 2 m. they are Installed only in the gym.

Gates for mini-football

Mini football ↑

Originated mini-football in Brazil in the early 20th century and began to develop in the 1950-60’s. Different from the ordinary football, it is many things: the ball is smaller (respectively bounces off the surface it is much weaker), the field of play and gates for mini-football also have the smaller size. In addition, different duration periods and rules of the game.

However, the small size of mini-football not mean less entertainment matches, compared to the big football viewers can see a larger score in the game. This is largely achieved through other tactics, which differs from soccer on the grass. Players in mini-football are often single player game, not based on the actions of the team as a whole, paying attention only on yourself and your opponent.

Gates for mini-football

Requirements target ↑

Any sports, it is higher loads and specific requirements for sites inventory. Therefore, the requirements for gate serious enough:

  • they must be very strong to withstand impact, because the ball is quite heavy;
  • strength requirements are applied to the fasteners during the game, they should not disrupt;
  • mesh should not obstruct the view to the audience and the goalkeeper, so should be transparent;
  • the material from which the mesh should be resistant to UV, moisture, and other weather phenomena, as well as to be durable.

Gates for mini-football

Options for installing the gate ↑

There are several basic options for setting gates for mini-football.

Collapsible. It’s very simple to install the gate, therefore, they are relatively inexpensive.

Stationary. This option is highly reliable, since the installation of their Foundation poured concrete. Complete with gate sell special cups for concrete. Install them only on the practice field, as in indoor halls rarely used concrete.

Gates for mini-football

Wall. This is the most convenient gateway from the point of view of their use in small venues. Wall gates are of two types: foldable and one piece.

It is important! Mounting wall, a solid or a stationary gate, be sure to check the quality of all fixtures.

They must be captured very well, because according to statistics from the fallen gate every year, around 50 people suffered injuries not compatible with life.

Gates for mini-football

Features grids, mini-football goal ↑

Mesh mini football goal it is necessary not only for convenience, as it greatly facilitates the officiating of the game. Sometimes educational institutions leave the gate open, citing the fact that the school in any contest held on the level of an Amateur, and the Amateur game mesh is not needed. But still, the mesh is not too expensive, and equip her design is.

Requirements for the grids some of the most simple – they should be proportionate to the goal and have high strength. Choosing the grid, please note the markings where set its size to make a mistake with this parameter difficult. Strength is measured by the thickness of the yarn. For the manufacture of nets used synthetic materials that are highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation, rain and other weather factors, while maintaining the required material properties for a long time. The thicker the fiber, the stronger the mesh is. To order mesh for all the necessary parameters through the online store.

Gates for mini-football

Gates for mini football ↑

Football is the most popular game among boys of all ages all over the world. This is largely dependent on its availability. For example, for hockey, parents will need to spend a lot of money on the necessary clothing. For the game of football enough to buy the ball. As the gates many of the children used a variety of railings, poles, trees. But still, compared to these gates, these designs are quite uncomfortable.

Children’s football goals can be divided into the following main types:

  • solid. This option refers to semi-professional appearance, designed for older children and involves a constant location. The gate is made of aluminium frame, mesh on them is attached with special clips;
  • inflatable. Now on sale are ready inflatable gate, which perform the same function, but completely safe for children, very easy in transportation and installation. Don’t worry that they are short-lived and quickly fail. As even children’s mini-soccer game active, and as a material for a gate, manufacturers have offered special wear-resistant vinyl;
    Gates for mini-football
  • folding. They are offered in the form of a collapsible construction from metal sheets, which is set and collected at the desired location. They are light and made of galvanized pipe eliminates corrosion. They are going to easily through the slot of the system or bolts. The grid near the gate made of polyester, keeps original shape, does not rot. This design easily fits in the trunk of a car.
  • plastic. These gates are small plastic or even plastic designs for kids games in mini-football. These models are sold flat Packed, which are easily collected in any convenient place.

Gates for mini-football

Collar size for mini football ↑

Baby gates for mini-football may not meet specific requirements regarding standard sizes of the gates. Because the field for children play less, and the players themselves are still toddlers. Also children’s mini-football does not have to obey stringent rules and judging. Manufacturers offer the following goal size for youth football – 3 x 2 meters and 5 x 2 meters. Which gate is chosen depends on the age of the players. Rods and the crossbar is also reduced proportionately.

Gates for mini-football

Gates for mini-football with their hands ↑

For the manufacture of gate can be used metal, wood, aluminum. Each chooses according to their financial capabilities and preferences. Standard sizes of these gates for mini-football 3 x 2 meters and a depth of 1 meter. If you decide to assemble the design yourself, you need to remember that all dimensions are the internal distances between the rods.

Choosing or making the bars for the rod, look for a diameter of 8 see the quality of the material you can use pine, this is the easiest, from the standpoint of processing, the material. For the fabrication of parts, you can hire a carpenter or try to do it yourself. Wood material is quite easy, and Assembly of this design requires no special skills or tools. Ordinary carpenter’s kit will allow and saw, and planed and tack.

Gates for mini-football

U-shaped design need to fasten stainless steel fixings, and the bottom is screwed on the retaining Board and struts for stability. At desire it is possible to make gates for mini-football collapsible, to be able to remove them for the winter season. So you extend their life.

It is possible to make gates for mini-football made of metal pipes. This will require a weld machine, grinder and grinder machine. Such tools do not everyone can find in the pantry. Therefore, the welded version is easier to order from the master.

Gates for mini-football

The set design will need to paint, and do it with two colors of paint. Usually white and black color, but there are other contrasting options. A wooden structure prior to painting will need to be treated with special antifungal coatings thanks to which the wood won’t rot. The metal structure is better to paint with special paints for metal.

When the structure is assembled, can be clamped on the net. This must be done not too loose and not too tight.

Gates for mini-football

Conclusion ↑

Worldwide hard to find someone who hasn’t heard about soccer. And one of the main types of equipment are for the goalposts. After all, without them on the field in this team game would not make sense.

Gates for mini-soccer can be done even from plastic pipes, it does not seem difficult, if you adhere to the recommendations of the following video

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