The rules of wiring

Most people will be easy to independently replace the old wiring in the apartment or build a new one in the newly built private house, garage, and other building. In order to made by hand wiring was safe, had served reliably for a long time, you must do it in accordance with the rules and regulations of the electrical installation.

The basic rules of wiring ↑

  • All electrical repair and electrical work start with the de-energization of the line on which to produce work. To do this, disconnect the corresponding machine or Unscrew the safety plug.To work under stress need to be a professional electrician and have a special allowance.
  • All junction boxes, running cable connections (cables) should raspolagetsya of available places, it is forbidden to cover or close the suspended ceiling.
  • The metal part of the sockets, exposed wires under voltage must be shut down and safely isolated. If you need to cover up and shorten the electric cable, be sure to fold the ends in the junction (junction, relucientes)box.
  • For wiring hidden way, it is recommended to use the cable of the brand VVGng(with insulation resistant to fire). For laying open way in conduits, pipes–brand VVGng-LS (with insulation resistant to heat)
  • Do not lay wires and cables in any way directly on the walls, potolkalis wood (or other combustible material). In such cases it is necessary to run the wiring in metal sleeves, or tubes.
  • Through strikeball lay in the pipes, which are sealed with a solution.
  • According to the European standards of outlet have the 30 smnd floors. Switches ostanavlivaetsa doors at a height of 90 cm, with side door handles.
    The rules of wiring
  • Cables not less than 15 – 20 cm from the ceiling.
  • Road distance wiring to Windows, doors, slope or angle shall not be less than 10 cm.
  • From one outlet is permitted in parallel to supply power to no more than 4 sockets.
  • Recommended bindings tarasovets the exact scheme of the lines of wiring,not to accidentally damage it during the repair process.
  • Junction boxes should be placed above the switches, under the ceiling, at the level of laying cable.
  • Ceiling, load-bearing walls and columns strobilization!
  • For mounting of switches and sockets in the toilets, bathrooms and other rooms with high planetubuntu separate rules that must be followed, the details about them in the video
  • If wiring is three-wire, opticinema that oleographic connects and runs separately from the grounding. Must be grounded all metal casing of electrical appliances!
  • When laying in an open way, in places of possible mechanical damages,used for protection of cable lines, pipe or conduit.
  • The replacement, addition, repair wiring section of kvartira, garage, private home be done carefully without damaging the existing line; in the case of accidental damage, we recommend replacement of the entire wire, from junction box to the lamp or socket. All connections should be performed only in resolutely(junction, junction) boxes.
  • When laying open or hidden way on the walls, you must use a special attachment to the cable is not slack. As a rule, fastenings are doing every 40 – 60 cm.
  • Electrical devices and appliances connected to the socket by flexible cable Tipps. The line feeding fixed appliances needed to finish in the junction box. If necessary, you can directly bring the power to the electric heater in the bathroom.
  • The walls around the chimney and within its walls it is forbidden to mount the wiring.
  • The kind of wiring chosen depending on its purpose, type of premises.In flats, houses for aesthetic reasons the cables hidden way directly to poshtukatureny strobach or conduits (pipes) inside floors, walls.
  • In basements, garages and other non-residential buildings generally use open wiring; the tracks are laid directly on walls, in conduits or pipes. This method has several advantages: in the event of faults facilitated their search, there is no need stroebe of walls, replace the plot open wiring much easier.
    The rules of wiring
  • Masking slopes open wiring possible to lay the cable in a PVC box and paint in the color of the walls, as shown in figure.
    The rules of wiring
  • Material lived and their cross-section is selected depending on the kind of transaction and limit of power consumption.
    The rules of wiring
It is important! To prevent the cable from overheating and fire is necessary to choose the right a transverse cross-section and their material.
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