How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

Often the question about installing or replacing lighting in the bathroom appears in the process of repair or upgrade individual attributes of its interior. Old wiring and fixtures are outdated and are no good, need to replace. The more serious the repair, the easier it is to solve the question of how to make the lighting in the bathroom. On the free tiles from the walls and ceiling can do whatever they want. But the main thing is to make the lighting in the bathroom is convenient and safe to use.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

Lighting requirements in the bathroom ↑

There are three key requirements or tasks that you must perform when deciding how to make the lighting in the bathroom.

Knowledge and understanding of how to make the lighting in the bathroom will be useful and will allow many jobs to perform with their hands or easy to monitor the quality of someone else’s work.

The execution of the safe and high-quality lighting in the bathroom will require:

  1. Application of high-quality materials, wiring, fixtures, switches, contact boxes.
  2. Proper wiring and laying of required number of wiring in the walls of the bathroom.
  3. Mounting fixtures and connecting the wiring with optional additional sealing of the contacts and joints.
It is important! Categorically do not use old aluminum «noodle», or wiring in PVC insulation without an additional protective sheath.

Most professional electricians and people who are familiar with the operation of electrical appliances in a humid atmosphere, knows how to make the lighting in the bathroom. Sometimes just too lazy to do according to the rules, but often save on materials and work.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

Operation will be as reliable and stable as you will not regret the effort and money to get rid of «bottlenecks» in the wiring. To make the light in the bathroom – God knows what a difficult task. But if you neglect the characteristics of operation of the appliance, there is a chance that the power supply in the bathroom «sick» the so-called «disappearing» contact.

I can do the work of a hired electrician, or the lighting in the bathroom. follow your own hands, it is important to do everything methodically competently and efficiently, depends on your health and comfort:

  • all the updates of the transaction in the bathroom, which we plan to do, draw on paper in the form of a drawing or diagram. Under this scheme, consider the number of wires, lighting points and additional equipment. Better to watch a video about the lighting in the bathroom with your hands, this will help to understand, whether really to implement it, and whether it is safe;
  • The question of whether to replace old wiring with new, you need to decide based on the conditions of repair and condition of the old wires. If conditions allow – it is better to do in the bathroom, new electrical wiring whole. But in any case not to change single wires or pieces of wire, it will only worsen the situation.
  • To purchase wire, lamps and accessories of good quality. Forget about broshennyh pieces wire harness or typed in separate veins, sometimes composed of dissimilar metals – copper and aluminum.
It is important! The first thing to do in any layout, is reliable and properly working grounding.

Mine ground you should not lay in close proximity to the main transaction, it is better to make thick copper wire with a cross section of about 10mmTwo and lay them in the bottom of the wall as a separate channel. Grounding it is better to withdraw yourself into the ground loop of the house.

The sequencing of tasks ↑

All the wiring in the bathroom should be laid in plastic channels or, even better, the pipes, but there is no fundamental difference, as long as the joints of the channels was made with no gaps through which can flow the moisture.

Often in a bathroom establish a bi-zonal lighting – General, with a few distributed point of led lamps, and one lamp near the mirror. He has, as a rule, your switch, mounted on the housing of the device. General illumination can have two separate lines that when using a series switch allows you to do step brightness control of the lighting in the bathroom.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

Before laying the wiring and the connections necessary to make a layout of points of installation of fixtures and collect their mounts.

The easiest way to perform work in the following sequence:

  1. Almost always the bathroom is equipped with a fairly powerful consumers of electric energy, for example, a washing machine or running the boiler for hot water. If you already have a suitable switchboard wiring in the bathroom, the question of connecting the wires of the lamp – trick. If not, you can buy and install a waterproof junction box in a convenient place the outside of the bathroom wall.
  2. We start from the counter or the input Board with a fuse three-core copper wire at least 3mmTwo. For the outlets necessary to make the protection of the automatic RCD.
  3. Next again measure the distance from the mounting position farthest from the lamps to the junction box and define the length of the wire. Mark up and cut out in the wall niche for wiring installation, stacked corrugated plastic sleeves for the transaction. One channel goes to the ceiling, the second to the place of attachment petercennamo lighting;
  4. For spot ceiling lights stacked in channels one three-core wire and two-wire to single point lighting near the mirror. Would be safer to do the wiring in the cavity between the floor slab and the suspended ceiling. So it will be easier to do the wiring at the ceiling light and pull in a niche carved into the wall, one wire in the ribs, to the installation of point lighting at the mirror.
  5. From installation series switch to the switchboard in the same way fit two twin cable. Embed them in an open wire going to the corresponding lines of the lamps contact the switchboard.

After laying the transaction, each of the halogen lamps connected to the harness with the mounting of the chips. This reduces the build time lighting.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

The Council! Sometimes for bathroom propose to raise the lighting with the sealing of the contact wires. This should improve contact. If you use quality materials, good enough to pull the mount and be sure to insulate the contact.

It is important not to mess with the wiring, so before placing the transaction each of the lead wires labeled a piece of tape glued to the figure, or by using touches of colour marker.

Verification ↑

After adding ceiling fixtures to a stacked transaction, its terminal is slid and connected to the phase, zero and grounding at the switchboard. If job switches and lighting points not satisfactory, the terminals cut off and transferred to the connection at the mirror.

Difficulties in assembling and connecting to the wiring of single source, as a rule, does not happen. You should pay attention to the switch design of this light. If the lamp does not prevent the ingress of moisture and water vapor inside the structure, it should be watertight switch, or to replace the lamp entirely on the waterproof option. All electrical appliances and outlets such accommodation is always in high risk. They often relate to wet or damp hands.

After completion of the tests work lighting all places of connection of copper wires and wires to the pads of the lamps and switches and points possible wicking of moisture should be covered with road sealant. For contacts sometimes use hot melt glue, it is faster and more convenient.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

Low-voltage lighting in the bathroom ↑

Modern standards of lighting in the room with high humidity requires the use 24вольтового voltage light bulbs and ventilation systems. The demand for the safe light does not fall, so for sale is a wide variety of adapters, lowering devices and luminaires at 12V, allowing to make the lighting in the bathroom is totally safe from shock.

The standard arguments for the use of such lighting are:

  • Low voltage, absolutely safe for humans;
  • The cost of the additional device, lowering the voltage kompensiruet low cost installation that does not require the use of special gofroshlanga, lamps, sockets;
  • Modern led spotlights 12V working no worse than usual.

Equipment for low-voltage lighting ↑

Collect 12V lighting in the bathroom with his hands is no more difficult than wiring. Adapter or step-down transformer should be located as close as possible to the junction box of the bathroom. Typically, bathroom lighting area of 6mTwo four-point dvenadtsatikolonnom lamps at 20W enough power transformer 150-180W.

Features transactions ↑

Safe lighting has one significant flaw. Too large loss of energy at low voltage and great length transaction. If you use existing wiring, the terminal voltage point of the lamp is less than required by 15-20%, which will make the lighting in the bathroom is slightly uncomfortable.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

Therefore, for safe lighting to be installed in a copper wire with cross section of conductor not less than 2 mmTwo on each lamp. Total wiring cross-section is calculated as the sum of the cross sections for each source plus make a 20% safety margin.

How to make the lighting in the bathroom with their hands

As light sources can be used car galogenki or LEDs with internal reflectors.

Disadvantages of low voltage lighting ↑

Even such a low voltage lighting can create certain problems. The sensitivity of wet or damp human skin is much higher, and therefore, in the presence of leakage voltage on wet objects such as the handle of the faucet hot or cold water, may cause slight pricks or tingling. The effect can dramatically increase due to the self-inductance of the wiring at the time of switching on or off lighting.

Low-voltage lighting are also sensitive to moisture and water condensation, as usual, so if its arrangement would require all the same security measures as for a power supply 220V.

Conclusion ↑

The right choice would be to purchase equipment for the arrangement of bathroom lighting. Perhaps it is more expensive than homemade, but ensures a high level of security.

In addition, a very effective means of increasing the security of conventional lighting is the arrangement of the bathroom high quality forced ventilation and installation of devices of protection against electric shock.

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