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How to choose a chandelier in the living room

The chandelier in the living room plays a significant role. Not only is it an important part of the interior of the living room, but also functions as a lighting device. Choosing the right chandelier will emphasize the dignity of the room, and bad – spoil the overall impression of the living room.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Rules for choosing a chandelier ↑

Into the living room chandelier can not pick based only on beauty. She needs to perform its main task – to properly illuminate the room in which its hung.

The stores offer a large selection of chandeliers for living rooms, their choice depends on the price and quality. Any buyer will find what he wants. But in order to make the right choice of the lighting device, there are several tricks and nuances.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Style ↑

The General rule is not to confuse the words «stylish» and «fashion». The chandelier should fit in the overall interior of the living room, carry the same theme and content that the rest of the elements. The most popular are the following styles:

  • Classic. The main advantage is the minimal ease at which the maximum functionality. Metal or brass frame, some lamps with shades, crystal or glass pendants. Often used panels of leather or silk. If necessary ease without frills, the classic fits perfect.
    How to choose a chandelier in the living room
  • Modern. It is a mysterious, unusual style. Difference the intricacy and massiveness of the elements and the beauty of paintings of the ceiling.
    How to choose a chandelier in the living room
  • High-teas It is the earthiness, simplicity and functionality. Widely used metal, glass, plastic. In the chandeliers, preference is given to straight lines, borders, forms. Also used elements having a geometric shape.
    How to choose a chandelier in the living room
  • Gothic. This style of haunting mystery and mystique. Wrought iron chandelier next to the fireplace in the living room will lend an inimitable air of mystery.
    How to choose a chandelier in the living room
  • Provence. The living room in this style is inherent in a lot of light and warmth. Here not to meet the dark area. Are great metal chandeliers. Looks perfect shades of bronze or gold.
    How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Size of a chandelier ↑

An important point in choosing a good chandelier for living room is its size. Should always be guided by a simple principle: the larger the area of the living room, the larger diameter should be the chandelier. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it. The chandelier is very large in a relatively small living room, will hang. And small, in a large room, on the contrary, it will get lost.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Sizing is carried out in an uncomplicated way. There is enough knowledge of school mathematics in primary classes. You need the width and length of the living room to lay down between them. The result is multiplied by 10. Computationally obtained approximate diameter of the lighting device (in centimeters). It is important not to confuse measures of length. For example, the living-room length 9 meters, width – 5 m. Folding of these parameters, we get: 9 + 5 = 14. The resulting addition result must be multiplied by 10, and get the result: 14*10=140 cm is the diameter of the chandelier.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

In addition to size, special attention is paid to the lighting ability. The lamp should give a lot of good light. This is taken into account when choosing and buying. There is a provision in which you can easily choose the desired degree of illumination for each room:

  • bedroom. Place, filled with comfort and tranquility. Here is not suitable bright and sharp but soft and diffuse light. To achieve such performance is possible using a light bulb with a power of 10-12 W at 1m?;
  • office, nursery or bathroom. The dim light of the affects of fatigue, a bright – hurts your eyes. Ideal for lighting power 15-18 watts per 1m?;
  • living room. Here you can host all sorts of meetings and parties. Best fit bulbs up to 20 watts.
Attention! The main condition under which an optimal degree of illumination, is the height of the ceiling.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

The type of emission ↑

The light in the room must have certain requirements. It needs to be bright, but not direct, so direct gets in the eyes. For the feeling of lightness it needs to be soft and for comfort – rich.

Attention! To achieve the main parameters for a comfortable stay in the living room, you need to choose a matte and dark ceiling.

Do not forget that the overall interior of the room should be complemented by lighting effects. So, if the living room executed in warm colours, the light should be perfect.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Lamp type ↑

Depending on the height of the walls using ceiling or hanging chandelier. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. A low ceiling (distance from 2 meters to 2.3), compact fit ceiling chandelier. Three meters and above, it will definitely fit pendant chandelier. It creates light scattering. The light will bounce off the ceiling and gradually fill the entire living room. Their biggest advantage is the ability to adjust the suspension. It allows you to customize the lighting on any aesthetic taste, while retaining its practicality.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

The number of tiers in the lamp also depends on the height of ceilings in the living room. For a small room solution is simple design. Large size allows in all its glory is to use a multi-tiered type.

Lamps ↑

When buying chandeliers, special attention should be paid to the type of light bulbs that is suitable for her. The base can be non-standard, and a ceiling, elongated shape. You need to check that the purchased bulb was a perfect fit for the chosen chandelier.

For living a moderate area of suitable filament lamps from 150 to 300 W.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

There are times when the room needed different lighting modes. Romantic setting calls to the subdued light, and the turbulent party or meeting of a sufficient amount of brightness. In such a situation, definitely, should choose a lamp with more power. Installation of the regulator will solve this problem. If the desired mixed form of lighting, it is perfect the use of halogen lamps (cold light) and incandescent (warm).

Attention! The chandeliers are requirements for strength and quality build. In practice, showed itself well metal, crystal (glass), plastic chandeliers with high thermal stability.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Control system ↑

Progress does not stand still. This concerns lighting in the living room. Now you can adjust the lighting in various ways, this gives even greater comfort and convenience indoors. Illumination brightness can be adjusted 2 ways:

  • keyboard switches. Enable each luminaire or group separately;
  • dimmers. Smoothly change the intensity of lighting for any situation.

If you want, as well as the financial possibilities in the living room to set the motion sensors. They react to the movement of the person and light up automatically. Along with this, the gaining popularity of voice control or remote control. No matter in what place the person is. Enough command or press a button and the light will come on with a preset brightness.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Lamps suitable for interior ↑

Options of lamps, there are many. Once you understand the main rules of choice, you need to start searching for chandeliers, based on the overall design of the living room. Consider the most appropriate types of chandeliers in the popular and modern style interior in living rooms.

Modern style ↑

Implies the restrained design of the room. Present a multifunctional furniture, and decorative things are available in small quantities. A creative approach to the choice of chandeliers enhance the living room. For example, at the clean white ceiling hung a chandelier with crystal balls and all kinds of podwysocki.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Classicism ↑

The atmosphere of the XVII – XIX centuries is due to the use of elegant, chic materials, expensive furniture and many kinds of sculptural decoration. A large amount of light enhances these feelings.

The predominant crystal chandeliers and a large amount of massive elements. Look great, complement the room carob stacked lamps with shades.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Mens art Deco ↑

Male, bachelor style. Here it fits to leather furniture with simple shapes (chairs and sofas). The glittering surface reflected the brutality of the whole composition of the living room. But even in this place there is always a bit of elegance inherent in the feminine.

Chandelier or lamp can become a little sophistication. She pays attention through the contrast of colors and fabric dressing.

How to choose a chandelier in the living room

Conclusion ↑

When choosing a chandelier for the living room, you must consider all the important factors that may influence the choice. This is a serious step. The correct lamp smoothly and blends well with the design of the room. When choosing a chandelier in the living room not worth saving. If you try to take into account all the nuances and tricks that the living will be transformed, will become a decoration of a house or apartment.

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