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Wiring diagram for sockets of 380 volts

Usually apartments and dwellings powered by single-phase external electric networks.Sometimes private houses, garages, dachimawa three-phase power supply. In order to power the three-phase (motors for pumps and machine tools, welding machines, compressors,electric), requires a socket (connector) 380 volt.

As a rule, presents no difficulties to make all connections in single-phase outlet. At the same time, the connection of rashemen 380 volts a bit more complicated – they fit four or five cable conductors.It is important to do all the connections properly to avoid electrical shock and damage to electrical equipment.

How to connect a three-phase socket ↑

Before you purchase the connector,you must ensure that it conforms to the plug of the electric appliance. If necessary, it is possible to replace the plug of the appliance.

It is important! When buying you must pay attention to the current value, which is calculated for the connector. It must be greater or at least equal to the current which is consumed by the connected electrical equipment.

Read more about the choice of connectors and plugs in the video

Connecting sockets 380, General management ↑

  • To disconnect the line where the work will be done. To check the absence of voltage has multimetall a screwdriver photoinduction;
  • the terminals marked as L1, L2, L3 connect a three phase opposite A, b, C. the sequence of connection of phases is relevant only if the socket will connect the electric motor (if necessary to change direction of rotation swap any two phases of the machine or magnetic starter, incorporating a motor). In other cases, the sequence of connection of phases is arbitrary;
  • to connect to the contact labeled “earth” (as shown below) or PE protective grounding conductor from the grounding circuit;
    Wiring diagram for sockets of 380 volts
  • to terminal labeled Nподсоединить zero Explorer.

In Russia, the most common four – or patientstreated and connectors brands of RS 32, 115 (125). Foreign counterparts it makes sense to install only if the corresponding villagedasmarinas or for aesthetic reasons.

Wiring diagram for sockets of 380 voltsWiring diagram for sockets of 380 volts

The connection of the PC 32 ↑

РС32 is only used for stationary equipment (electric ovens, stationary water-heating device with Heaters, cookers).

Klemmen L1, L2, L3 in any order to connect the phase cores A, b, C.

On contact, marked as “N” (highlighted in blue), connect the zero conductor.

To the terminal mankirovanie (shown in the diagram in green),connect a grounding conductor.

For electropolarization of the appliance it is possible to use the four-pin socket without earthing contact. In this case, the earthed metal housing is a bypass plug rasamoelina wire. A grounding wire is attached under a bolt on the body of the instrument with sootvetstvuyuschaya. Under current rules, the grounding metal parts of fixed appliances is necessary.It should be made indissoluble, when pomminville copper wire not smaller than cross section of supply cable.

Wiring diagram for sockets of 380 volts

The connection 115 (125) 3P+PE+N ↑

This type of connectors are used to connect devices and equipment in workshops, garages etc. They are suitable for mobile electrical devices (e.g., power saws, welding machines, compressors). Mobile equipment must be connected to a network using flexible copper cable.

The phase conductors are connected to contacts L1, L2, L3.

To terminal N of the socket to attach the zero mine at atompolitik note that the zero contact in the plug is reversed as shown in the figure below.

Contact “earth” marked “PE”,at the bottom of allopath that prevent wrong inclusion of a fork, to the left of zero contact.

If connector 115 (125) 3P+PE+N powered stationary equipment, it can be TRRS. Then, according to the rules, the grounding of the enclosure is a separate stranded copper conductor.

Wiring diagram for sockets of 380 volts

The connection sockets of 380 volts is not difficult and it is able to anyone even slightly technically competent person. Enough to be attentive and make all connections strictly according to the scheme. Don’t mix up and accidentally connect the phase conductor to terminals N or PE.

Attention! Before applying power carefully check all connections. After enabling to check phase voltage on the casing using thatindicate or multimeter. Then measure the voltage between the phases on the magnetic contactor or terminal block on the unit itself. With the right connection, interphase voltage should be set to 380 V.
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