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Wiring diagram for magnetic starter & thermal relay

A magnetic starter is called a custom install, which is a remote start and control of asynchronous electric motor. This device is characterized by simplicity of design that allows you to connect to the master without experience.

Preparatory work ↑

Before connecting thermal relays and magnetic property, it is necessary to remember that you are working with an electrical device. Therefore, to protect yourself from electric shock, you need to produce a breakdown of the plot and check it out. For this purpose, the most commonly used special flat screwdriver.

Wiring diagram for magnetic starter & thermal relay

The next stage of the preparatory work is to determine the size of the operating voltage of the coil. Depending on the manufacturer of the fixture to see the indicators on the housing or on the spool.

It is important! The value of the working voltage of the coil can be 220 or 380 Volts. In the presence of the first indicator you need to know that her contacts are feed phase and zero. In the second case, it denotes that there are two opposite phases.

Wiring diagram for magnetic starter & thermal relay

The step of determining the correct coil is quite important when you connect the magnetic starter. Otherwise, it may burn out during the operation of the device.

To connect the equipment you need to use two buttons:

  • start;
  • stop.

The first of them may have black or green. This button is characterized by the constantly open contacts. The second button is red and constantly closed contacts.

During the connection of the thermal relay must be remembered that using the power contacts are switching on and off phases. Zeroes that come and depart, as well as conductors that are grounded, between a need to connect to the field terminal block. At the same time, without fail, the starter needs to depart. Switching of these devices is not possible.

To produce the connection of the coil, the magnitude of the operating voltage which is 220 Volts, you need to take zero from the terminals and connect it to the circuit which is intended for operation of the starter.

Features connect magnetic starters ↑

Diagram of the magnetic actuator is characterized by:

  • three pairs of contacts, which is the power supply of the electrical equipment;
  • Control circuit, which includes coil, auxiliary contacts and buttons. With the help of additional contacts is support for the coil, and blocking of erroneous inclusions.
Attention. The most often used scheme, which requires the use of a single actuator. This is due to its simplicity, which allows to cope with it even novice to master.

To build the magnetic starter requires the use of three-core cable, which is applied to the buttons, and one pair of contacts which are open well.

Wiring diagram for magnetic starter & thermal relay

When using coil 220 Volts, you must connect the wires red or black. When using the coil 380 Volts is used of opposite phase. The fourth pair free in this scheme used as a block contact. Three pairs of power contacts are included along with this free pair. The location of all the conductors is made at the top. In that case, if there are two additional conductor, they are placed on the side.

Wiring diagram for magnetic starter & thermal relay

Power contacts of the starter is characterized by the presence of three phases. For inclusion while pressing the start button, it is necessary to supply the coil voltage. This will allow the circuit to close. For opening the circuit is necessary to disconnect the coil. To build the control circuit of the green phase is connected directly to the coil.

It is important. It is necessary to start button to connect the wire that goes from the coil contact. He also make a jumper that goes to a closed contact on the Stop button.

The switch on the magnetic starter is made using the start menu, which closes the circuit, and turning – using the Stop button, which produces tripping of the circuit.

Features connect a thermal relay ↑

Between the magnetic actuator and the electric motor is a thermal relay. Its connection is made to the output of the magnetic starter. Using this device is the passage of electric current. The thermal relay is characterized by the presence of additional contacts. They must be connected in series with the starter coil.

Wiring diagram for magnetic starter & thermal relay

The thermal relay is characterized by the presence of special heaters, through which can pass an electric current of a certain magnitude. In case of hazardous situations (the current increase is above specified limits), due to the presence of the bimetal contact is open circuit, and subsequently disconnect the starter. In order to start the mechanism, you must enable the contacts application with the button.

Attention. When connecting the thermal relay, it is necessary to consider the availability of the current regulator, which operates within a small range.

Connecting the electromagnetic contactor and thermal relay is quite simple. To do this, just follow the scheme.

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