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Dimmer for lamps

The dimmer is a fairly old invention, but existing forms it has received recently. The thyristor switch have started to use more in the 20th century. A simple scheme of this type was given the opportunity to assemble a regulator, even a novice student of the circle of young technicians.

Dimmer for lamps

The name dimmer has gone from English «dim» – to make dim, darken. Common application – this adjusts the brightness of the LEDs or lamps. The rheostat, as the simplest form has been used for a very long time. Although the rheostat has a significant drawback – it gives a very low efficiency when it generates more power. As a kind of dimmer is the autotransformer. However, such devices have significant weight and size, and this makes them not comfortable during the operation, especially in modern times. If the first dimmer switches could only change the brightness of the lamp, at the present stage their role has expanded considerably. Modern controllers run:

  • modes flicker or dimming;
  • brightness;
  • soft start/stop;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • remotely.

Dimmer: varieties and characteristics ↑

Modern switch dimmer is classified in two ways: by type of lamps and control type. For the management they are divided into one-piece and modular.

Monoblock dimmers are familiar to almost everyone. They often put instead of the regular switch. It’s the most purchased on the market regulator, which has many subspecies. According to the method of administration they are divided into types:

  • rotary. Off, and illumination is made by turning a knob. When you click in the very left position and turn off the lights;
  • the rotary lever. The inclusion happens when you press the handle, and the change in light, its rotation in left or right side;
  • keyboards. Looks like a double switch. The left button is responsible for switch on and off lighting, and the right is responsible for adjusting light intensity;
  • dimmers with remote control. With remote adjustment, mainly refers to that such a model dimmer combination. When adjusting and turning off the light, can be carried out both manually and with the remote control;

Dimmer for lamps

  • touch. In some ways they are similar to a keyboard, but instead of buttons there are sensors. On the left are the sensors off and on, and on the right the sensors to adjust. This controller has one feature – dimming is staggered in ie 6 or 7 fixed positions.

Modular dimmers – mounted in switchboard. The control is with a special key-switch or remote button. It is the off and on illumination and brightness control is done after five seconds pressing up or down. These devices are best suited for installation in the stairwells and in the hallways.

Switch with dimmer, put in the junction box. It is a device that can comfortably fit in the junction box or escutcheon. Their control is performed with a key-switch or remote button.

Almost every bulb type has its own kind of dimmers. This is due to the diversity and structure of modern lamps.

Dimmer for filament lamps and halogen countrymen, working from 220 Volts. This is a simple device operating on the principle of change of voltage in a smaller or larger side. Difficulties in such adjustment does not happen, but one caveat – with the reduction of the supply voltage changing range of the glow lamp. Nobody likes red light, what happens when the weak intensity of the spiral.

Dimmer for low voltage halogen lamps. The whole complexity of the dimming 12 and 24 volt lamps is the presence of mains step-down transformer. When the circuit is winding the transformer, it is necessary to use a dimmer with the acronym «RL», and if your low voltage system requires a controller with an acronym «C».

Dimmer for energy saving lamps and ordinary fluorescent is one of the most problematic types. To demerouti with the starter conventional fluorescent lamps is impossible. If you want to adjust energy-saving and fluorescent lamps, they must be equipped with a starter electronic ballast.

Dimmer for led lamps. This kind of devices, their working principle is based on the time change of the pulse frequency of the current. How is the work of dimmer to adjust the brightness of the LEDs with remote controller, can be viewed below:

On the choice of dimmer ↑

Dimmer for lamps

It is possible to note the following points:

What is already available. The decision to choose can affect what the system at this time is already allocated budget for an upgrade. If floodlights or spotlights a bit and the total capacity is small, it is possible to purchase a combined system in which the remote and dimmer assembled in a single housing. This is typically true of small discos and bars. In large concert halls and theaters with a large number of projectors, analog and combined system yield and cost per channel due to the fact that currently, serious control panels are developed on the basis of the computer. Hence the speed and ease of programming, the writing of individual teams, diversity prepared show a visual display of what is happening, the management of intellectual instruments, etc.

Power per channel. Here you need to know that the maximum power, per channel, the device may be actually smaller than it is in the passport of the device. This is usually associated with unscrupulous manufacturers.

Location. We need to think about where would be the dimmers. If there is a special room or place, their positioning can be wherever it will be convenient to maintain and operate. If there isn’t a best buy compact pipe hanging dimmers. Small dimensions allow to place it near light units (farms or structures for suspension), that primarily reduces the cost of the electro-switching and wire products.

Dimmer for lamps

Interface. If you have a static schema and it is not possible to remove the existing dimmer, then it doesn’t matter how you set the parameters. Once set and forgot.

The presence of elements of protection. This feature provides automatic or automatic fuse. If not, then then will have to install it to protect your staff and yourself from accidents.

Small loads. If there is a goal to adjust the current at low loads, it is necessary to know whether it is possible in this model. Not all controllers can handle small loads. The result is a nonlinear dependence and jitter brightness of the size of the output voltage.

Cost. To calculate the relative cost easy. The price of the unit divided by the number of channels and the power of the 1st channel. Which one is the best option, you need to choose every. The main thing is not to forget the quality of the components! Because they significantly affect the cost!

Wiring diagrams ↑

Despite the fact that there are different types of dimmers, they all connect the same way. Let’s look at some wiring diagrams.

The connection from one point ↑

Dimmer for lamps

The above-proposed scheme is the common connection and use of any kind of dimmers. In this scheme, typically, apply dimmer push button or touch actions. The use of the rotary dimmer is unjustified, as when it is used there are certain difficulties.

The connection of the two points ↑

Dimmer for lamps

This connection diagram is suitable for installation in a sleeping room. The first is installed at the entrance and the second is next to the bed. On the front of the bedroom light turns on, and the second lying in bed, you can adjust the brightness of the room.

The connection from one point and control of the two points ↑

Dimmer for lamps

Of the possible connection schemes – this scheme is optimal. It is used in almost all conditions. At the entrance, a sleeping room can be equipped with the usual switch, and next to the bed to install a dimmer switch. When creating a lighting ceiling in 2 levels with a large number of point lights at the entrance set the dimmer and a regular switch. The switch turns on in the usual way, and the dimmer is regulated to the desired option.

The connection from one point and control of the three points ↑

Dimmer for lamps

This option is used in cases of off-the lighting in 2 spots. This scheme is successfully used in corridors, stairs, having considerable length. In addition to dimming in this circuit there are two standard walk-through switch. The connection has no differences from the standard circuit breaker and for each of the dimmer by means of a chain, consisting of connected cable break in the desired place to mount the regulator. He fully corresponds to its shape and dimensions to an ordinary switch, so it fit all the regular installation boxes and enclosures. You should also know that in the scheme cannot be applied energy-saving and fluorescent lamps to adjust their brightness. In most cases, the use is made with the use of halogen lamps and incandescent lamps.

The feasibility of dimmers ↑

Modern dimmers is a complex electronic device and those who decided to create an adjustable lighting system in the house or apartment, you will incur some costs. What is the need for their use? And whether they are necessary generally?

Dimmer for lamps

First, they can be used to create a flexible lighting system, which is easy to manage.

Secondly, any design decision can be much easier to implement with dimmers, in which scenarios can be programmed.

Thirdly, today’s dimmers have a high efficiency over 90%.

Fourth, the use of dimmer switches with remote control extends the level of comfort.

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