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How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

Air conditioning is the most sought after appliances in the hot season. That is why they are widely used in offices, homes, apartments, etc. air-conditioning System characterized by difficulty of installation, so users often turn for help to the professionals. If you look at the diagram, it is possible to connect the air conditioner with his own hands.

The installation of indoor and outdoor unit ↑

In order to provide a high level of efficiency of air conditioning systems, it is important to make the installation of indoor and outdoor units. The installation of indoor unit is performed on special plates, which are supplied.

How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

The mounting plate is made at the place of installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioning system. In order to ensure reliable operation of the unit and to prevent the loss of condensate, it is necessary to properly secure the plate. First mark the location holes in the plate on the wall and with a punch drill holes. They are installing dowels. The mounting plate is screwed to the wall by screwing screws into the dowels. The final stage – installation of the indoor unit on the plate.

Installation of the outdoor unit is from the outside of the building. For convenience in maintenance make a mount on the side of the window or under it. Connection outdoor unit is made using a special fixture, which comes in the kit.

It is IMPORTANT! To ensure the efficient operation of the unit is being installed at a distance of 10 centimeters from the wall.

Connection features tracks ↑

Many people ask how to connect air with his hands. To do yourself is quite simple – just need to know the wiring diagram of the air conditioner. It plays an important role track, which consists of:

  • drain pipe;
  • wires of power supply;
  • control equipment;
  • freon line.

Connect the air conditioner to the mains requires the measurement of the length of the tracks. To this figure add 30-50 centimeters. Initially the posting is made of copper tubes, which are cut with a tube cutter.

ATTENTION! When laying copper pipes and use a hacksaw or angle grinder for cutting is strictly prohibited. This is because in the process of cutting such tools, there is a chip, the ingress of which into the air conditioning system causes breakage.

How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

Connection of air conditioning requires space in the thermal insulation shell pipelines before installation and the holes are closed with plugs to avoid the penetration of dust. All the components of the track put together and fasten with vinyl tape. Next is installing the track in place.

After the communication will be laid, proceed to the connection of the freon line and electric wiring. You can connect the air conditioner to the electrical diagram included in the kit. It shows details of the connection method of the air conditioner to the mains.

It is IMPORTANT! When assembling electrical systems it is necessary to perform all operations strictly under the scheme. Otherwise, air may burn when you first turn on due to a short circuit.

The next stage of the installation is the adjustment of the length of the tubes and removal of burrs. For this purpose, use the reamer. Threaded nut and flare each end of the tubes. Then, connect the edges of the tubes to the fittings of the indoor and outdoor unit. Using a torque wrench with maximum quality tighten.

WARNING! If the nuts are under-tightened, they eventually Unscrew a bit, which has a negative impact on the work of the air conditioning system.

How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

After connecting trails, check its tightness. In the video you can get acquainted with the technology of leak testing. Next, make a removal of moisture and air from the system. For this purpose, use the vacuum pump. Connect it to the service port of the outdoor unit via manometrical concealer. Evacuation of air and moisture must be carried out within half an hour. The next step is filling the circuit with freon.

WARNING! In the absence of the tightness of the track, there may be a freon leak is a frequent cause of failure of air conditioning systems. Wiring diagram for air conditioning compressor will show how gaps between the track.

Connection features compressors ↑

Let us consider in detail how to connect compressor air conditioning BK 1500. The connection is made, taking into account:

  • characteristics of the compressor;
  • used by the air conditioning system voltage;
  • power conditioning systems.

The compressor of the air conditioning system shall start in just a few seconds.

Scheme of work

How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

Connect the a / C compressor is a simple task. Any of the two outputs of the compressor are connected to the power supply. From the third output terminal is connected. The second output connects with the wiring. Finish connecting the compressor, check the level of his performance. For this air conditioning system is switched on for a few minutes and is determined by the degree of heating of the compressor.

ATTENTION! If the compressor is heated quickly and strongly, it speaks about the poor performance of the transaction. To correct the problems it switch the compressor outlet.

Automotive air-conditioning system have distinct characteristics from stationary. So when they are installed, use wiring diagram for air conditioner Panasonic on the Lada Grant. Correct connection of air conditioning systems in a vehicle will ensure it excellent performance.

Connection example of air conditioning systems ↑

The connection of the mobile air conditioner is in the same sequence as stationary. Electrical connection is made with your own hands in several stages. Initially, in the electrical panel installing a separate machine is suitable for conditioning. Next is the connecting phase wires three-core cable, with black or brown to the phase terminal of the machine. Cable wire blue connected to the zero bus of the electrical panel. To the ground wire of the wiring is done mount the yellow-green wire, if present.

How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

It is IMPORTANT! Connect the electrical wiring must be done correctly. Otherwise, you can allow the air conditioning system to serious damage or total failure.

In the absence of grounding, used for protection against electric shock differential relay. If you don’t know how to connect the air conditioner with his own hands, the video will tell you about it. With it, you can also learn about the features of the diffuse connections of the relay.

If you want to learn how to connect the outdoor air conditioner, you need to initially produce his installation of the indoor unit. For this purpose, use a three-phase cable with three wires of different colors:

  • black;
  • blue;
  • green.

Sometimes the coloration of one transaction can be yellow-green. The wiring connecting the air conditioner will tell you in detail about the installation of indoor unit. Wire, characterized by the presence of black braid and running from the machine, connect to the L terminal. The wires coming from the machine-plate and having a blue color connect to terminal. In the inner module of the device is made by connecting the wiring yellow-green color to the terminal ground. Wiring diagram for air conditioner «Kalina» shows the same installation of air conditioning systems.

ATTENTION! Connecting an external unit of air conditioning systems produced by the same scheme. When installing the outdoor unit use wiring with a cross section – 3×2,5 mm.

How to connect air conditioner to the mains itself

Installing the output of the machine at a load current in the electrical panel. When carrying out installation of electrical wiring using a special tube. If the electric wiring is laid with drainage to or near the flow of the freon, then use convoluted tube.

Connect the a / C system with your own hands is quite possible. For this you need to study the manual and to perform all operations in strict accordance with her.

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