Connection and installation

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

Hot tub is not a luxury, but rather a tool for rest and relaxation. While in the bubble bath, you relax not only the body but the soul. Do not install a Jacuzzi, fearing that it is too complex and expensive method of relaxation. However, there is another way – to build a Jacuzzi with his hands. Nothing complicated in connecting the tub to the mains and no water. To properly install a hot tub, follow these tips.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

Preparing for installation ↑

The first thing to do before purchasing the bowl of the bathroom to consider is the location. Of course, unable to decide what Cup you want, you will be hard to choose the place. Then you need to buy all the tools that you need when installing a bath and the bathtub.

In appearance and integrated Jacuzzi are different – they can be oval, rectangular, square, conical, two-tiered, elliptical like a normal bath.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

You for the installation of a hot tub you will need:

  • cement;
  • raskovalova metal pipe;
  • hammer;
  • liquid nails;
  • compressor;
  • two spatulas of different sizes;
  • the tile (or tiles, depending on what you plan to put in the bathroom);
  • Bulgarian.

Jacuzzi best set is still under repair. Installing a Jacuzzi can be done in two ways. The first method is only suitable for private homes and another for apartments and homes. Let’s start with the first method.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

It is important! Prior to installing a Jacuzzi will receive a permit connections hot tubs, as this type of massager consumes a lot of electricity. Not always electrical wiring in houses can withstand such a high voltage. Therefore, before installing the bathroom it is better to change all the wiring.

Preparing a bathroom for installation ↑

Your bathroom must be slightly different from the other rooms not only because it is a bathroom, and some construction details. Thus, the threshold of the bathroom should be at least 4-6 cm, it is necessary that in case of overflow of bath water was in the room and did not go further in the house. First, run plumbing and electrical to the installation of hydro-massage. Then install the filters in the pipes, as the water from the tap is not very clean, and the jets in the bathtub, the massager have an increased sensitivity to impurities contained in the water. It is better if you install a multi-stage water filtration system, this will help keep your bath in pristine condition for a long time. Before installing the bath ensure that your floors are perfectly waterproofed and do not have the slightest of cracks, and all the tile seams carefully iced, and treated water-repellent composition. Safety first! Of course, the ideal to install a Jacuzzi – is the lack of contact of the bath with the walls and the location of all utilities under the floor. If the size of the bathroom allows, install a tub so.

Installation ↑

So, bath acquired the necessary tools assembled, ready to install. The first stage of installation is the location of the pipes. Remember that the pipe should be located as close to the bathroom. This is necessary not only for convenience but also to prevent broken pipes.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

It is important! Access to the connecting pipes and Jacuzzi should be as available to you at any moment could move the bowl and disconnect the bathroom.

Make a hole in the floor of the desired size. To calculate its diameter, you need to determine how many people will simultaneously be in the tub. Here is an example that two people were in the tub, a hole under the bath should have a depth of not less than 50 cm, and the area occupied by the bathroom, will be not less than 3 m2. With the installation of baths is necessary to observe not only the parameters relating to the depth of sewage and other openings, but also the parameters relative to the other objects in the room. What should be the distance from the walls to the hydro-massage depends on its shape. This information you’ll find in the user manual.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

After installation of water filters, slide the hose supplied with the bath, to the system of cold water supply. If among the components of such a hose is not, you can buy it in the store, such hoses are typically inexpensive. Some plumbers suggest to place at the tub pressure reducer. It is needed in order to monitor the pressure change in the pipes. The optimum pressure for hydro-massage – 3,5–4 bar, but the pipes don’t always have that kind of pressure. Therefore, in order not to spoil the Jacuzzi, it is necessary to track the level of pressure in the pipes with reducer.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

Next, you need to check the internal hoses hydromassage systems and overflow. Unfortunately, the store to test these systems impossible. All hoses must be in place and properly secured. If they’re even slightly loose, tighten them with the necessary tools.

The next stage is the installation of Slivno-overflow system. Baths Jacuzzi this system is semi-automatic, so the hose coming from the holes drain and overflow connected to the sewer by means of a special crepidula – fittings.

Connect the tub to the mains and the water

It is important! When installing drain pipes is necessary to observe the angle that the water could flow into the sewer. So, the drain socket must be of 9-13 inches above sewer.

After connecting the bath to the sewer, connect it to the supply system. The technology is the same as when you connect a regular bath. Installing a bath, place and compressor. It is most convenient to place it under the tub, filling with concrete the space around the compressor. The compressor pour concrete is not necessary. To do this, punch a hole in the floor, the size is appropriate for the compressor. To access the device was convenient, make a cover or small shed on the compressor. The option of punching the floor is suitable only for a private home.

For apartments suitable setting bath with the placement of the compressor in the floor and over bath.

After the connection of the bath to the Sewerage system and water supply, the plug-in hydro-massage to the mains. Then you need to be very careful and to protect themselves, insulating all wires. The outlet must be grounded, and cable Jacuzzi. It is also necessary to place the cable as far away from water. As a rule, it is placed on the wall at a height of 24-30 cm from the floor level. By placing around your bath fixtures, lamps and other light sources, remember that the distance from appliances to bath should be at least 65-70 cm.

It is important! Be sure to place the toggle switch on-off at a short distance from bath.

Install a bath you need for mounting feet that are included. If the bath is installed correctly, when used, it will not vibrate and wobble. In order to properly set the tub, use a construction level.

After you correctly install the Jacuzzi, remove the shipping bolts, remove all the foam and other protects from bumps fixtures, can test a hydro-massage. To do this, turn on the Jacuzzi and make a test set of water of 20 centimeters will be enough. Try all of the features described in the manual. Watch out for the bathroom. If anything it will seem suspicious – background noise or the lack of bubbles on one side, call the master.

To see how to properly install a Jacuzzi, offer you a video on the installation of a whirlpool bathtub:

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