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How to properly connect the voltage regulator

How to properly connect the voltage regulator

The main idea of any stabilizer is the safety of your equipment from the bad, and the jumping voltage. Any electrical device needs to operate stable voltage. The main characteristic that you need to know when choosing a stabilizer is the power required by the appliances you use. Now, the manufacturers almost always to indicate power use kilovolt amperes.

Consider the principle of operation of the device in more detail ↑

Device adapted to stabilize the input voltage and the cleaning voltage from the various fluctuations of high frequency. Stabilizers klassificeret the type of device mechanisms by which the work is carried out whole unit.

How to properly connect the voltage regulator

Relay stabilizers. According to statistics, the majority gives preference to relay stabilizers. This is due to the pleasant combination of price and quality. One of the advantages is speed-dependent power jump of the input voltage and ranges from 0.3 to 0.6.

There are also disadvantages, in that the switching relay may receive a small jump of electricity. Such a jump is absolutely safe for the equipment, since its value is minimal – 10-20 In.

Modern stabilizers all work is performed by power auto-transformer and the electrical unit. There are controlled by process input and output of electricity. From the microcontroller the signals of the keys and the power switch. When the process of control and forming, time for which has been activated keys. Because of this, the transmission of electricity is produced almost without gaps. Then you can see a diagram of the device of relay stabilizer.

How to properly connect the voltage regulator

Electromechanical voltage stabilizers. It is due to the fact that the main control Board is conducting a stress analysis, which is included, and after scanning the signal is transmitted on a special motor inside the electric coil. One of the advantages: in comparison with relay stabilizer, Electromechanical ensures higher and more accurate stabilization. Accuracy of stabilization depends primarily on the number of turns of the transformer.

The possibilities of the motor at different stabilizers to limit the movement of the brush and often speed is 5-15 In/sec. Power can be hazardous to equipment just when they reach 25-45 volts.

To stabilizers not hang, it is necessary not to forget that produce different motors. Most of the devices used to supply the input voltage and when it is very consumed in other devices, the stabilizer is suspended, as it lacks nutrition. If you have a stable voltage without sudden changes, you is not terrible.

Thyristor (triac) voltage regulators. The work comes at the expense of security keys in another are called thristy. Thanks to them, sections of the transformer are switched automatically. These devices have many similar features with relay, but surpass them by the number of stages of stabilization and precision.

An exemplary diagram of the device ↑

How to properly connect the voltage regulator

In the diagram it can be observed that with the keys is switching taps of the transformer, and the output voltage changes a little. Many refuse to purchase this stabilizer because of the high prices, but you gain peace and comfort, since the mechanisms emit a minimal amount of noise.

How to make the connection ↑

In fact, if you have the finances, it is best to contact on this matter to the professionals, since a direct connection is possible to prevent many mistakes.

Before you start to install the stabilizer, prepare the site:

  • ventilate the area;
  • carefully wipe the dust on the place where there will be a stabilizer;
  • carefully check that the chosen location did not get wet.

With the purchase complete you will be issued the passport of the device. A good look at all the items. If you transported stabilizer in freezing temperatures, before installation, be sure to hold the mechanism in a warm place with room temperature. Otherwise inside device condensation can form.

When connecting the device must be disconnected from the supply! The contacts of the socket to be connected to the stabilizer must be grounded, or the device itself be grounded independently.

Often there are situations that the title is not spelled out how to properly install the device. In this case, it is better to contact the manufacturer for instructions, but if you decide to do the installation yourself, here is a small instruction:

All phase stabilizers are at the edges of the terminal block, closer to the center of the zeros in the middle of the earth.

  • If during installation, the screen devices, a Latin letter H, it means that the voltage inside the unit jumped above the normal level;
  • if there is a Latin letter L, it means that the voltage inside the device fell below the normal level.

When you connect such leaps happen, triggered special protection. If the Latin letters C to H, this means that in the sum the power of all devices connected to the stabilizer, crossed the acceptable barrier and it protection.

In order to avoid such continuous surge, use a special relay that monitors the voltage. Here is an example of how to connect the stabilizer.

What must be done:

  • calculate a total power for all connected devices. This is done so the total power divided by seven;
  • find out what is the minimum threshold for the voltage in your home.

Due to these characteristics, you can pick up a stabilizer specifically for your home. To make it easier to consider the capacity that you use on a daily basis, there is a special table.

Electrical appliances



power, VA


power, VA

The device for hair care (hair dryer, Curling)


Drill, screwdriver






Electric stove


bench grinder


Slow cooker, toaster, blender


circular saw


coffee machine


Electric planer


Electric devices for space heating




Fixture for cooking on the grill


grinding machine


vacuum cleaner









Refrigerators and freezers


water pump electric




circular saw




air conditioning




Electric motor


Electric kettle










high pressure pump


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