How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

The question of lighting the kitchen was always most acute. It is here where the housewife spends time cooking various dishes, after which the whole family gathers at the table. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the lighting to ensure good visibility, evenly illuminates all portions of the premises, but not conspicuous.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

If an ordinary ceiling it is a common solution for stretch options, it does problem. How to achieve optimal lighting with a suspended ceiling? For this task there are many solutions, including pendant lamps.

Requirements of suspended ceilings for lighting ↑

Although many people think it is difficult to install lighting on a suspended ceiling, it really is a feasible task. With the proper skills, you can easily fix the lamp or lamp, after making a hole in the canvas ceiling. However, when the frame structure is not required if it involves additional hardware for lighting.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Install light fixture on ceiling is not hard. However, there is one feature that should be considered when installing lighting on a suspended ceiling — the heating of the lighting element. Stretchable fabric may substantially deform when heated over 60 degrees Celsius. For incandescent bulbs it is quite feasible temperature, so you should take this into account when mounting.

The optimal power of the lamps installed around the stretch ceiling are 35 watts. It is better to choose led options, because the incandescent lamp such power is very weak.

The Council! If you set the lamp at a distance of 10 cm from the surface of the canvas, it is allowed the use of lamps more power. Such opportunity is provided by pendant lamps.

Alternatively, in such cases, using multiple light sources around the perimeter of the ceiling. This will reduce heating of the individual areas and the dispersed lighting throughout the room.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

It is also worth noting that the direct flow of light affects the surface of the canvas. Therefore, it is recommended to use closed lamps or frosted bulb.

The advantages and disadvantages of hanging fixtures for the kitchen ↑

Pendant lamps for many are the classic way of lighting. This is a traditional option that takes not much space, but is able to cover a large space. The practicality and simplicity of this method of lighting has provided him a wide popularity around the world. They are also suitable for suspended ceilings, because there are lots of methods of installation of such structures under the sheet.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Among the advantages of such lighting note:

  • Significant savings on installation
  • The installation of incandescent lamps
  • A wide variety of creative solutions
  • Saving electricity in a single light source
  • Low cost standard options

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

In addition, such lamps occupy much less space than chandeliers. However, their appearance is only slightly inferior to similar products, as a wide variety of lamps can impress anyone. Various sizes, colors and shapes will allow you to pick the best option for your kitchen.

In addition, the installation of such fixtures is really easy. There is no need to set up large frames, like they do on led lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling. The basis can be done even with your hands, with only a minimum of skills.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

However, this type of lighting has its drawbacks. Among them:

  • Time consuming care
  • The high cost of original products
  • Single light source
  • Small practicality with low ceilings

Care of hanging lights complex designs is very time consuming. They often have a lot of remote places where you regularly need to wipe the dust. So nursing takes a lot of time.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Drawback — single light source. If the kitchen lighting is one lamp, some places are poorly lit and often overlap shadow. These include the kitchen table where the cooking stove and other places. Part of the problem decides the purchase of additional lighting.

The Council! Solution of one light source — led lamps or ribbon for kitchen table. They give enough light for cooking, it is well-fitting into the interior.

An important caveat is to install fixtures for low ceilings. Stretched canvas and so takes a few inches of height, and suspension design can and does achieve the head. To use it is impractical, if ceiling height inadequate for such tasks.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Why pendant lighting is a great option for spacious kitchens with high ceilings. If you can combine them with other light sources, you can create a unique composition of lighting, perfectly complementing the room’s design.

Selection of pendant lights ↑

Pendant lights are selected on several characteristics. They are often used for a dining area, as for cooking such coverage is impractical. Therefore, you should choose based on several factors:

  1. Specifications (lamp type and power)
  2. Size
  3. Suspension type
  4. Design
  5. Features lighting

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

The first point is extremely important, because determines the power of the light source and the lamp used. It is worth considering that there is no need to buy the most powerful versions, as too strong light will hit the eye. The exception are lamps with power control.

Next is the size. This factor is taken into account only with a small amount of food. Although compact lamp is discreet and practical, without attracting too much attention.

Suspension type are also important when choosing. It determines the complexity of installation and the possibility of height adjustment. In addition, it should complement the appearance of the design.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Design is one of the most important nuances when choosing such a element of the kitchen. If it is purchased for the dining area, you need to choose the right option that fit into the overall design of the room. If the purchase is for a kitchen island, it is best to choose rigorous and practical option. In addition, the design determines the characteristics of illumination. It’s nuances like intensity of light, its refraction, shadows and more. They are also worth considering.

Given all these nuances, you can choose the right option for the kitchen. Stretch ceiling in this case did not restrict choice, allowing you to find the optimal model.

The Council! When you search for models should not be neglected «stamped» options. Often, there are great design solutions, making them and released into mass production.

Installing pendant lights under the suspended ceiling ↑

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

The installation of such structures under the suspended ceiling has its own nuances. It is held directly to the ceiling, so the fabric must be removed prior to installation. The design is mounted on a special mount sold in DIY stores and specialized centers of light.

This element is a small hook that mounts to the ceiling and creates a consistent base for the fixture. The entire installation process consists of the following stages:

  1. Installation of the fixing element
  2. Power supply
  3. Cloth installation
  4. Installation of the locking ring and the hole
  5. Connecting and mounting the device

The first two phases are the consolidation of fastener and applying power to it. The process is quite simple and no different from ordinary chandelier installation. After power is necessary to pull the canvas, and then starts the main installation phase.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

On stretched canvas in place of the fastening element glued the plastic ring. It will ensure the reliability of openings in this field and will not allow it to spread throughout the area. After gluing the ring in its perimeter to create a hole in the ceiling cloth, swiping it through the power wires.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Next, you need to connect the lamp to the power supply and fix it on the mounting element. After fixing are only cosmetic details — height adjustment, check power supply and so on.

The Council! Instead of fastener, you can use a simple wooden block. As it will be hidden under the cloth of a tension ceiling, to notice such a decision, no one can.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

Pendant lamp is a great solution for the kitchen. It is always relevant and provides good illumination of the room. Will it fit for suspended ceilings, where installation is not significantly different from the classical one. This will allow you to save some space in the kitchen, while adding to her beautiful and practical lighting elements.

How to choose a pendant light for a kitchen

For a better understanding of the installation of the pendant lights under the suspended ceiling, it is recommended to watch this video. It describes the process of installing lamp on a wooden block, there are nuances of this process and provides tips for beginners:

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