The project mansard roof of a private house

Quality projects mansard roofs designed for the construction of an additional dwelling in the attic, if the roof is slanted or broken form. Building code designed for location of the line of intersection of the roof and facade at a height of 1.5 meters. Otherwise the attic will not get an ordinary attic, not suitable for normal living.

The project mansard roof of a private house

Professional design mansard roof of a private house assumes a wall height of 1.4 meters, so it was a vertical wall sit.

Modern projects of houses with a mansard roof very economical, does not involve the construction of complex and expensive Foundation.

Tip! You should pay attention to hydro – and vapor barrier house below building «breathing».

Variants of structures ↑

To find finished projects of houses with a mansard roof and a garage can be given the option of a future roof:

  • triangular;
  • asymmetric;
  • broken.

The project mansard roof of a private house

A model project of the house with sloping mansard roof is suitable for a gable, shed, sloping, gable, dome, pyramid, half roof.

  1. The simplest design is a single system. The design presents an inclined plane, mounted on the bearing walls having different heights. This type is rarely used in the arrangement of attics.
  2. The standard design of a gable mansard roof mounted of the two rays which are directed in opposite directions.
  3. Gambrel and poluvalmovaya design mean four of the slope. Within such systems create a comfortable space.
  4. For small structures suitable for sloping roof.
  5. Pyramidal, domed, conical structures are suitable for homes having a circular shape.

Select the attic ↑

In the process of construction you can use the sibling together with attic gable or sloping roof. Single-level loft is perfectly combined with duplex supports remote consoles.

Attention! Selecting a project pitched mansard roof, consider the load that will be building on the Foundation.

In the video you can see how to build the loft over the garage:

Gable roofs are characterized by the following parameters:

  • different sizes of overhang;
  • angle;
  • the design of trusses (trailing slash).

The project mansard roof of a private house

The project mansard roof with your hands allows you to make bathroom and more bedrooms. This attic «apartment» equipped with two balconies, off the bedroom. Material for the frame can serve as plasterboard, lightweight aggregate blocks. The decoration of the facades possible with the help of plaster or clinker brick.

Gable roofs are suitable for the following structures:

  • garages;
  • low-rise buildings;
  • economic structures.

?The project mansard roof of a private house

The algorithm of actions ↑

During the construction of the attic use the following algorithm:

  1. First select the design option future gable roof, you can pick up finished projects mansard roofs, searching them online.
  2. We calculate the cost of construction of the attic.
  3. Purchased materials to implement the project mansard roofs in practice.

Feature poluvalmovaya gable roof ↑

This option roofing is recognized as a functional and original design. Under the roof you can build a loft, a comfortable place to live. The most popular materials for these roofs are metal and corrugated sheet.

Feature hipped roofs ↑

Such a design assumes four of the slope, two of them have a triangular shape, two made in the form of a trapezoid. The layers of the roof resemble a layer cake:

  • metal;
  • the waterproofing layer;
  • counter lathing;
  • crate;
  • a layer of insulation;
  • the initial crate;
  • cornice;
  • the vapor barrier layer;
  • rafter.

The project mansard roof of a private house

Design gable roof ↑

In the case of building a new home, replacing an old roof, consider external characteristics of the roof. Common projects of houses with a mansard roof (pictured above) for the following reasons:

  • reasonable cost;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • simple installation;
  • does not accumulate snow, water.

The ramps are fastened together at an angle, as support acts the house itself. Mount on top is the ridge of the house, on the side walls. Truss system, project truss system roof roof 9×9 involves the use of dry, high quality timber.

Prior to construction lumber treated with chemicals to protect from high humidity, fungal diseases. It is advisable to cover the boards and antiseptic fireproof composition.

The component parts of a gable roof ↑

Roof gable roof comprises the following components: rafters, beams, mauerlat, ridge, purlins, struts, tightening props.

If you want you can find for free the following projects mansard roofs:

  • symmetric, which is the basis for the triangle;
  • broken, allowing maximum use of available space for housing;
  • steel, giving the building a unique look and reduces the area in the attic.
The Council! When choosing a simple project broken mansard roof, to build their own, but serious projects it is desirable to entrust professional builders.

The project mansard roof of a private house

The drawing of the gable roof ↑

If your plans include self realization of the project of the garage with a mansard roof, follow the steps:

  • start with a sketch;
  • consider a plan for future roof;
  • perform all calculations;
  • purchase materials for the rafters and cover.

Drawings of the mansard roofs can be downloaded from various construction sites or purchased from professional engineers.

The Council! Don’t skimp on the drawings, their quality depends on the reliability of the design, its durability.

The video will show the stages of construction of the mansard roof over the garage:

The calculation of the future gable roof ↑

  1. Performing calculations is an important part, involves consideration of the weight limit of the roof, taking into account the possible wind, snow, rain loading. Projects roof for different regions of the country have significant technical differences related to the climatic characteristics of the region.
    ?Attention! For regions where in winter there is a significant amount of precipitation, we need a roof with significant slope angle.
  2. While carrying out calculations, remember that when you increase the steepness of the roof, its height will increase the consumption of materials for the realization of the project.
  3. The construction of their own new gable roof – great saving of cash resources (assuming you have construction skills).
  4. In the construction market there are many roofing materials of high quality. If the house is built of timber, it is better to buy coating of metal.

The advantages of metal roofing: acceptable cost, long operational period, aesthetic appearance.

Calculation and installation of roof system is the most complex and time-consuming stage of the installation of a new roof. The construction of a gable design takes into consideration the many nuances and neglect can «expensive» the owner of the house. Don’t skimp on the calculations, because in the end you will be able to conserve cash resources, as the operational life of a gable roof will be substantially increased.

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