The project electrical in a private house

Electrical wiring in the home wood must not only cope with its purpose, but to be fully protected, reliable. How to electrician in a wooden house right? Wiring wooden buildings produce according to special rules. However, adhering to all the principles of the mount to hold the electrics in wooden house personally.

The project electrical in a private house

The stages of work in summing up electricians ↑

The whole cycle electrical work is divided into the following items:

  • development of design documentation and preliminary calculations of electricity consumption;
  • selection of cables, electrical equipment, parts of the installation;
  • installation of power distribution panel, the meter, autovalidates;
  • the placement of the cables, connections for each point;
  • connection outlets, installation switches and lighting;
  • preparation of earthing and circuit breakers electricians;
    The project electrical in a private house
  • diagnostics, commissioning, electricians wooden house.

Drafting ↑

Before designing breeding of wiring, you need to calculate the total power of electrical appliances.

The project electrical in a private house

The sequence of works on the project electricians of the wooden house:

  • the drawing of a house plan showing the location of all electrical equipment;
  • in the figure, write the required capacity of the equipment to the maximum;
  • lighting to include in a specific group;
  • to calculate what will be the lighting around the wooden houses;
  • to calculate the number of machine-breakers for household electrical appliances with high power (for their power is laid separately).

The choice of cable and other necessary items ↑

The project electrical in a private house

In summing up electricians often use a cable or cord of медиNYM VVGng-LS. The second a bit cheaper, but the first is more durable, as it has extension an insulating layer, and easy installation. You can take the cable out of the aluminum, but it has one minus – if the kinks breaks.

It is important! The cable to enter the electricians in the house give special attention to the maximum power electrical appliances.Weak opening cross section of the cable can cause fire electrical wiring of a wooden house.

In wooden structures the socket connected a cable with three conductors and ground wire, as many devices require protection.

The project electrical in a private house

According to the rules of installation of electrical appliances, lighting equipment requires a protective earth. Often, many do not adhere to the EMP, however, if you expect the commissioning of lamps of high power, they better not be neglected.

Breed electrician wooden structures in two ways. The external wiring is laid in a common conduit, and the inner (to avoid mechanical damage) is placed in a metal sleeve or special pipe.

Choosing the switches and sockets, you should consider the following:

  • the intended amperage;
  • view of the installation of the wiring (hidden, external);
  • the number of outlets and switches that you can combine units.

Introductory electric machine ↑

The main function of the automatic switch – off electricians wooden houses in case of short circuit. Automalically set relative phase of the network: suitable for single phase 1-pole or 2-pole, and by connecting three phase – 3 pole.

The project electrical in a private house

The opening machine is recommended to be installed after the meter. If you want to set the circuit breaker to the meter, it is necessary to seal.

The project electrical in a private house

All autofellatio, electricity meter, an introductory switch and protection devices must be positioned in the shield receiving and distribution of energy. Body panel made of metal.After installation it should be necessarily earthed. Electrical equipment put on perforated DIN rail, and then put into operation according to the projection plan.

Laying of cable route ↑

Before you mount the cable, you need to determine the path where it is located, to the installation of distribution cabinets and to designate the places where are equipped with power outlets, lights and switches as an electrician in a wooden house with his hands is performed in a specific pattern.

The project electrical in a private house

The project electrical in a private house

When planning for wall cladding indoors, cable cord is placed in a metal sleeve or tube, that is, produce internal electrical wiring of the wooden house. The use of a corrugated tube made of plastic it is strictly prohibited to prevent accidental damage to the wiring and possible fire.

The project electrical in a private house

The process of laying cable in a pipe includes the following steps:

  • prepare the path that will be laid the cable, making grooves (grooves). After you attach the box distribution of energy there, where it joins the cord, given the fact that it must be accessible even after the walls are sheathed;
  • through walls,stretch the cable by using metal sleeves fitted with plugs. Special casings are also put under switches, sockets;
  • pick up the pipe for the cable. The best choice is copper. It is flexible and easily cut. Sections of pipe cleaned carefully so as not to damage the wires. Mounting pipes to the wall surface is made with special clamps;
  • having the cable in the tube and check whether it is isolated relative to the housing of a metal pipe;
  • produce cutting cable bundles in cartons leaving the distribution of the stock, the length of which not less than 20 centimeters. This is required for possible re-installation. All cable conductors in switchgear cabinets twist and insulate the protective caps;
    The project electrical in a private house
  • after preparing the cables connect them to all locations, adhering to the color code when connecting the wires.

Laying of cable route electricians wooden house in a plastic cable channel called external. Cable channels – this kind of boxes in different sizes which are closed by the lid at the latch. The color scheme of the channels for the cable is quite wide, but the wooden walls are ideal those that mimic the texture of wood.

The project electrical in a private house

The sequence of cables in the cable channel:

  • indicate the cable route and choose the corresponding cable channel. The lid of the box off and attach it to the surface of a wooden wall with screws at a distance of 50 cm;
  • in places where cable connects the cord attached electrical power distribution box;
  • with this technology of cable laying, use only of external switches and sockets. Attach them to a wooden wall using screws, removing the pre-lid;
  • is laying the cable in channels of burning plastic, and then the box closed. Cable wire left «reserve», also placed in the cable channel;
  • according to the scheme of the cable ends into the junction boxes are connected and the cable is connected to all mount points, electricians wooden houses;
  • qualitative grounding
Attention! Many household appliances which have metal casing needs to be grounded. In a wooden house it can be done personally.

This will require 3 PCs. three-meter-pin or corner of metal and a few pieces of scrap meter area to connect the pins among themselves. Mount a grounding in the following manner: dig a trench to a depth not less than 0.3 m, which shape resembles a triangle with equal sides that have a length of 1 meter. The angles of a triangle is hammered into the ground pins and the welding technique to join them short metal segments. One corner should have a hole through which is fastened a ground conductor of the electrical equipment. After it has been brought to the control box and is connected to GSS. All yellow-green veins заземляющегоэлектрошнураприсоединяются to this bus.

The project electrical in a private house

Checking the correctness of wiring ↑

After summarizing the electricians of the wooden house should be invited from the electrical laboratory professionals who do all the right research: measuring resistance of cable insulation, the grounding conductor and loop «phase-zero», and also check the RCD and circuit breakers machines. Once fully tested, they will draw up a report confirming the correct execution of all the works on installation of electricity. It may be required when sealing the meter.

The project electrical in a private house

For more information about how to do electrical wiring in a wooden house you can see from the video

Electrical wiring in the home made of wood, made according to the rules, will be reliable and safe.

The project electrical in a private house

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