How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Before having pigs on their own site, should think about where they will live and in what conditions. Because the construction of a pigsty is not easy and you need to consider many factors such as: site selection, floors, walls, ventilation, sanitary conditions, standards for fire safety, the temperature in the pigsty, and it is also necessary to calculate precisely the size of the premises to accommodate the desired number of animals. Despite the fact that the construction of a pigsty does not require special knowledge, all of the above requirements you need to carefully consider in the design that the building met all the necessary standards.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Where should you start? ↑

Before starting the construction of facilities, it is necessary to pay attention to all the nuances about the device pigsty.

There is a stereotype that pigs are very dirty animals and it is not demanding to the purity. Such a view is extremely wrong. Pigs love dry areas and that it was warm inside. Thanks to high-quality pigs, the animals get sick less and their emotional state greatly affects the product quality.

Construction planning facilities for swine, you should start with a clear understanding of the purposes for which you are going to have piglets, and how many. Internally the arrangement of the pig sty for fattening and breeding pigs is significantly different, these factors must be taken into consideration before the construction of the premises.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

All the basic vital processes of animals such as feeding, mating pigs, feeding and rearing occur in the pigsty. So you should carefully consider the choice of location for construction of premises and to carefully plan the construction.

The construction of a pigsty with your hands gradually ↑

To start the construction of a pigsty, just like any other building, should be, above all, with the development of drawing and space plan. Drawings and a plan you can develop yourself, but whenever possible, you should entrust this task to a more experienced person.

Calculate the number of pigs ↑

As illustrate the construction of a pigsty in the calculation of ten sows per boar. To begin, we start from this example.

In good conditions a sow produces 10 piglets in one litter. During the year there are two farrowing. An average of 10 sows per year we get 180 pigs. It’s a given that the survival rate of piglets approximately 90%.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Measure the dimensions of the pigpen ↑

Using these calculations, you can begin the construction of a pigsty in 20, 50, 100, 200 or more individuals. As the pigs in the room to share in a pigsty inside is divided into machines with the required area.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

The size of the areas and depth of the machines should be calculated correctly.

It is important! The average depth of the branches (of the machine) should be from 2.5 to 3 meters.

Thanks to the table during the construction of the pigsty, their hands are fairly easy to calculate the size of the room, as a small number of individuals (1 to 20 individuals) and large (30 to 100).

Width of main passages should be 2 meters. Width of the cross aisles from 1.5 to 2 meters. Height of external walls should be 1.8 m.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Selection of materials ↑

In order to understand how much material you need for the construction of the pigsty, you must know the dimensions of the room and its height. The choice of materials depends on your financial capabilities.

The basic materials for the construction of a pigsty:

  1. The cement and sand required for the floor and Foundation.
  2. Interior spaces oblivaetsya boards, partition walls between the machines carry out the same boards, but if possible partitions put in the form of metal grids.
  3. As to the roofing in most cases the use of the slate.

In its form and design, there are several types of piggeries. In the illustration below illustrates some of the types of pigsties.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Selection of the place ^ the

Before the construction of a pigsty it is very important to choose the right place, many beginning farmers neglect this factor, not realising how important the place to build.

In sufficiently wet areas, small piglets often get sick, this leads to the fact that they start very slowly to gain weight. It often happens that from-for incorrectly chosen place, the falling survival rate of young animals.

Place for housing animals must be located preferably on a hill. In any case, it should not be swampy damp area. Excluded places where moisture can accumulate. If the places for construction are windbreaks, they will defend pigpen from the wind.

It is important! The pigsty must be at a minimum distance of 15 meters from the premises where people live.

The Foundation for the pig ↑

The Foundation is the Foundation of any building, the construction of a pigsty is no exception. Therefore we should start with him. Material for foundations is concrete, stone, concrete blocks, etc. part of the Foundation, which will be under the ground is 0. 5 a-0.7 meters, and the part that will be above the ground of 0.2-0.6 meters.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

The construction of the walls ↑

The construction of the walls in the room for pigs, should be made of materials that retain maximum heat. Such material can be:

  • brick;
  • quarry stone;
  • wood;
  • gas silicate blocks.

As mentioned above, the inner part of the pigsty, knock boards, and then plastered and whitewashed. External factors greatly affect the temperature inside the building, so the thickness and height of walls, often defined individually.

Attention! Indoors for the pig, the temperature should not be below zero.

The roof construction and ceilings ↑

How will the heat inside the building depends on the roof. The ceiling mandatory in the case that a pigsty is a place where the winter is very cold climate.

Materials for ceilings are reinforced concrete slabs and planks. As insulation using sand, sawdust, and other available materials. Quite often, in the barn of this type, attics used for storage of feed and bedding to animals in such cases, the ceilings make the hatches.

Flooring for piggery ↑

Floor indoors for the pig, first of all should be warm as well as the material from which it is made and its design should contribute to the fact that it would have been easy to clean. The materials for floors are concrete and boards.

Slatted floors have many advantages over conventional. First of all, it is connected with sanitary-hygienic norms. The system of flooring implies, independent manure removal.

For a start, built a special bath where the drain impurity. Like the bath cleaned simply. Within these grooves there are special plugs that cover the hole through which sewage flow. Once in a couple of weeks, when the tub is sufficiently filled, the plug is removed, and all the accumulated manure is removed through the hole into the sewer, which goes beyond the farm.

Slatted floors made of planks, plastic, and cast iron. The principle of such floors is that the floor needs to be gap where the drain impurity. Thanks to sexes, animals are dry and the machines are easier to clean.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Walls of pigsties ↑

Once the floors are ready, you can proceed to partitions. As mentioned above, the partitions should be made of thick wood or metal grilles. Choose the material for partitions, you may at your option.

Coverage ↑

All animals, including pigs, like that inside their home it was light. Therefore, in the pigsty must be at least a small window. But in addition to fluorescent lighting, you need to think about electric. Because in winter the days are short and most of the day indoors in the dark. Electric light rid of these problems.

Ventilation ↑

The air exchange rate inside the pigsty is very important, because in space accumulated a lot of gas from sewage. No matter where industrial ventilation, the main thing that she was. The air flow should be monitored, since winter can be cold due to the oversupply of cold air.

How to build a piggery for 10, 50 head with their hands

Heating in a pigsty ↑

Basically, the stables are not heated additionally, because the pigs emit its heat. But we should not forget about the insulation, because when severe frosts, animals can be very cold.

Summing up the water to the pig farm ↑

It is very important to provide the pet with water. Pigs, like other animals, are always in need of fresh water. If the water source is located far away, it will bring you a lot of trouble with her delivery, because the water will need a lot.

In conclusion, we can say that the breeding of pigs, or any animals, this is time consuming, but is an interesting exercise that will bring lots of positive emotions, but also not a bad income.

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