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Wrought iron balcony

Wrought iron balconyThe most romantic meeting place of two lovers in the middle ages had beautiful wrought iron balconies. It came to them boys, to sing a Serenade for her lovely ladies. Of course, the value they have long been lost. However, they remain a wonderful place to stay. It is possible:

  • do exercises in the morning;
  • breathe in the fresh air;
  • read a book;
  • just read an interesting book.

Besides, wrought-iron balconies – it is a real decoration of any home. All the passers-by can see them from afar. Therefore, they should be bright, pleasant and welcoming.

Beautifully decorate your balcony, and using the concrete balusters. Of course, they are very durable and sturdy. Therefore, many people prefer this option. However, it does have cons:

  • large massive;
  • they require too much area;
  • the paint with which they are covered, subject to all atmospheric influences.

So if you want the balcony were not only beautiful, but also durable, we should look at the option of forged elements.

Why wrought iron balconies are still relevant today? ↑

Wrought iron balcony

Centuries later, these delicate decorations of the facades has not ceased to be popular. What is the secret? The fact that these balconies created by the method of hand forging. And it gives the ability to create completely unique works of art that are not similar to each other wrought-iron balconies. Sketches of these diverse options are offered to the customer, who chooses to your liking something you like.

The COUNCIL! An elegant addition to wrought iron balcony will be the furniture that is created in the same metol artistic forging. It can be chairs and a table, which is nice to sit, drink a Cup of coffee and admire the passers-by hurrying past. You can insert a forged flower, creating a romantic mood.

Wrought iron balconies can have very different shapes. This may be the rigor of straight lines and whimsical patterns that amaze any imagination. Professional and experienced blacksmith can fulfill order of any complexity: though my own sketch, though according to pictures or pictures from customer.

Wrought iron balcony

Today the most popular forms of wrought-iron balconies are:

  • curved;
  • radius;
  • direct;
  • blown.

It is sufficient to choose the one you like, and the decorative pattern will be able to come up with the master taking into account all wishes of the client.

The advantages of the wrought-iron balconies ↑

Wrought iron balcony

The balcony is a very important element of a country cottage or high-rise buildings. To make the facade unique and beautiful designed the installation of a wrought iron balcony. This ornament the exterior of the building are especially in demand for many decades, especially among those who appreciate art. What is the reason for the high popularity? Of course, many benefits of these functional elements:

  1. This is the most durable and reliable balconies, unlike the other types. The life of this decorative element for the facade can reach hundreds of years. They will look like new always!
  2. Any facade becomes a work of art if it is decorated with wrought-iron balconies. Photos confirm this. Such beauty can not attract the attention of all passers-by.
    Wrought iron balcony
  3. Material for the manufacture of such balconies is a high quality steel. Accordingly, there is a guarantee of high strength and durability of the structure. Besides, this material is not affected by any atmospheric conditions or mechanical damage.
  4. It’s a million different patterns and shapes!
Attention! Wrought iron balcony is made by craftsmen to order. Accordingly, each client has the opportunity to pick up a necessary pattern of the future masterpiece that will perfectly blend with the facade of the house.

Even if your home does not provide a special place for the balcony, it is possible to build. In this case, you need to consider wrought iron French balcony. It is mounted directly on the facade of the building.

French wrought iron balcony – beautiful terrace for a delicious holiday or a tiny decoration?

Wrought iron balcony

Today a French balcony call 2 essentially different building designs:

  • Loggia the spacious terrace, which is recessed inside the house. Moreover, it is important that it has not been glazed.
    Wrought iron balcony
  • A small balcony, which is installed outside the building and even has its own floor. These exquisite ornaments are not only modern buildings, but on buildings of the Soviet era.
    Wrought iron balcony

Only wrought-iron railings on the balcony of this type can be set. Because otherwise, you will lost all the elegance and French charm of this decorative element. But it carries the aesthetics and the architectural style of the building as a whole.

Attention! Very different opinions exist about the French balconies. Someone says it’s absolutely impractical. However, fans of morning coffee and cigarettes very flatteringly about these unusual structures.

Ironwork on the balcony ↑

Wrought iron balcony

Once the decoration for the facade created by the method of artistic forging, and all the additional elements for the balcony should also be similar. Experts say that wrought-iron balconies fencing is the best solution. They will complement the overall look of the balcony, to emphasize the exquisite taste of the owner and the unusual design of the facade. It’s nice that are forged on the balcony are quite affordable. Depending on the wishes and budget of the client creates an individual cost estimate and sketches.

The fence on the balcony, created a method of artistic forging, will last a long time and will please their owners for decades. Moreover, it is eco-friendly product. However, this is not all the advantages of the wrought iron railing. Because they perform more important functions:

  1. Enhanced security provide wrought iron fencing balconies (photos prove it). So to be on this balcony, you can safely not only for adults but also for children.
  2. Wrought iron balusters for balcony can not only perform its primary function. For example, in some projects they are flower girls. This will make the façade more attractive and stylish. This is the versatility of the constituent elements and wrought-iron balconies.
  3. They serve a decorative function, bringing exclusivity in the appearance of the building. To repeat the wizard generated pattern can no longer no one, not even the one who forged these elements for the balcony. After everything is done manually.

Wrought iron balcony

It is important! Wrought iron balconies are versatile. They are ideal for buildings with modern architecture and classical buildings. Such decorative elements will be appropriate not only in a rural society, but also in a large metropolis.

Wrought iron balcony railings designed to make the house outstanding and different from other such buildings. They will become an interesting addition and a means of artistic decoration. Therefore, wrought-iron balconies long been adopted by professional designers.

The cost of wrought-iron balconies ↑

Wrought iron balcony

Each element of the forging to create a sophisticated balcony is made by a professional blacksmith individually. To begin, create the thumbnail picture, which coordinated all the details of the future product. It is from its characteristics will depend on the final cost:

  • from the size of the future product. In average per 1 linear meter of the finished product of the master take from 3500-6000 RUR. In the end, the French small balcony will cost about 8000-9000 rubles. More massive and large – about 15000-18000 rubles and above;
  • from customer requirements and the complexity of the work. For creation of sketches of the master take of the order of 1000-3000 rubles. The increased complexity of the product lead to higher prices (on average 1000-3000 rubles per meter);
  • the need to create additional elements to the balcony. So, forged flower cost about 3000-5000 rubles apiece, wrought-iron railing and balcony railings – about 3500 rubles per meter. And if you want to put on the forged balcony with a table and chairs, it will cost approximately 12 000 rubles apiece.

Balconies made by artistic forging, are more expensive than their counterparts. However, this price is justified:

  • durable materials that resist corrosion, rotting, warping and even doesn’t suffer from extremes of temperature;
  • exclusive design, beauty and its originality;
  • effects, which attracts the attention of all around. This balcony will be the envy of many.

Wrought iron balcony

Wrought iron balcony is the right choice for those who like the reliability, exclusivity and durability!

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