Balcony and loggia

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands

Waterproofing of the balcony allows one and a half times to increase the resource of power structures operated in aggressive environments. In 95% of cases the reason of this room is a concrete slab. On the middle floors, each owner as of the ceiling is another slab of the same material.

Waterproofing of the balcony with their hands provides reduced the budget repair. In compliance with the recommendations of the experts to avoid mistakes, to ensure the high quality of the insulating layer, to improve the comfort of living.

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands

Why the need for waterproofing the balcony? ↑

The porous structure of reinforced concrete combined with metal embedded parts, the nets within the design contribute to the reduction of the resource. Caught in the pore water at low temperatures is expanding, chipping pieces, creating cracks. The metal elements begin to break down from corrosion.

Therefore, high-quality waterproofing balconies – integrated technology create a continuous layer on all elements of the design.

Protection is necessary for each of them:

  • slab – sided processing of the upper/lower plate
  • parapet – a combination of hydro, vapor barrier
  • visor or roof protection roof system by special trains

Waterproofing of the loggia from the inside helps to protect the power structure from moisture contained in the air of the apartment/cottage. It solves half the problem, leaving the outer part of the plates, parapet exposed to precipitation. A primer of deep penetration for internal application can not penetrate through the entire thickness of the concrete.

Watch the short video will clarify important points, to avoid gross errors. It is available for DIY, expert advice listed below will allow the plan to reduce the budget of repair, save time.

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands
An example of waterproofing of the balcony

The materials used ↑

Waterproofing of balconies is made of special materials – a primer of deep penetration. They usually come in the form of dry or ready-to-eat mixtures, securely plugging the pores of structural materials that prevent capillary suction of moisture from the air, aggressive media, in which there is exploitation. In the ranking of waterproofing materials lead the domestic products manufacturer Penetron:

  • blend Penekrit – processing of interfaces, cracks, fractures
  • material Penetron – applying a continuous layer after preprocessing, important sections of the previous solution
  • butyl tape self – adhesive modification of Keramix for the treatment of the perimeter of the loggia

The first material is improved important sections, sealed joints, of the adjunction. The second mixture is covered by plate, processed by a vertical surface. Waterproofing of balconies in a wooden house, the metal structures may be the same compositions.

Waterproofing for insulation loggias should be used in conjunction with a vapor barrier. The first layer necessary for the drainage of moisture condensing on the surface of the waterproofing. The second layer prevents the saturation of basalt wool or extruded polystyrene with water vapor contained in the indoor air.

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands
Hydro insulation + vapor barrier

Preparation for waterproofing ↑

To improve the characteristics of power structures of the loggia/balcony of their need to prepare. This involves a visual inspection that can identify a loose, weak base, the degree of development of online structural materials.

Waterproofing outdoor balcony with their hands begins with the removal of dirt, grease, dust removal. Then, the perimeter is glued with butyl tape, half width, which runs on the vertical structures (parapet, side wall, frame panoramic Windows).

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands

Further waterproofing sex on the balcony occurs in stages:

  • hydration – plate is processed with a wet brush or roller
  • strengthening corners in places mates with the vertical plate designs evaluated there a primer of deep penetration, re-wrapping tape Keramix

The main task, which solves waterproofing for insulation of balcony, is to prevent the penetration of moisture into the thermal insulator layer. When wet some of them sharply increase the conductivity, thus negating the cost of insulation. For example, with increasing humidity for every 2% basalt wool loses up to 10% thermal resistance.

Technology waterproofing balconies ↑

Surface treatment of insulating materials in the following sequence:

  • screed – plate is aligned, it creates a slope to the outside (open balcony), create expansion joints (in places mates, or a grid of 2 x 2 m large loggias) with elastic cord (pressed in a third of the thickness of the screed in the fresh solution)
    Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands
  • treatment foam – this material often filled the gap between the structures of the balcony, however, foam has no leaks, is in need of sheltering layer above solution
  • sealing the ceiling of balcony – liquid mixtures are evenly coated with the top plate
  • protection of the roof – experts recommend the mastic Hipergesta, regardless of roofing material, it is applied 1 mm thick, creates on the surface of a monolithic coating, the characteristics of which are similar to the rubber
  • installation of flashings, gutter – low tides are mounted on the bottom of the glazing, gutters drain discharged wastewater from the roofs of the upper floors

Waterproofing outdoor balcony allows you to extend the lifetime of the floor covering (usually granite or decking-decking). Integrated glazing all balconies of the building significantly increases the life of the plates, receiving protection from the rain. In this case, even without the bottom coating bituminous mastics, primers, plates last longer, no cracking, corrosion of reinforcing belt embedded elements.

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands

Waterproofing wood balcony relevant in chopped, panel, panel, half-timbered cottages. The most commonly used transparent formulations, allowing to preserve the unique wood grain or derivatografic panels (OSB, chipboard).

When applying any waterproofing material on the wooden base, you must consider that this will reduce the vapor permeability of the building. Accordingly, the sustainability of dwellings will be lower, however, her sacrifice to increase service life.

Structural differences of balconies/loggias ↑

Despite the external similarity of the loggia, the balcony, the design is dramatically different in both cases:

  • plates of balconies rest on the side walls, thereby increasing their resource, can accommodate a certain amount of furniture, attaching the design to the interior, high-quality insulation
  • a balcony slab is the console, clamped at one end in masonry of outer wall, is misplaced heavy parapets, glazing triple glazing, economically inefficient insulation

Through the bottom, the upper plate creates enormous heat loss, while insulating the owner receives the entire volume of a Shoe box worth used car. In vain the budget is spent, increasing the thickness of the floor, ceiling, parapet decreases the strength of the power frame of the building.

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands

Waterproofing of floor loggia is required in any case – as the choice of insulation, and in his absence. Moreover, one balcony slab in high-rise buildings operated by two neighbours:

  • at the bottom of the owner it serves as a ceiling
  • the upper floor owner is

Quality protection reinforced concrete design is possible only if bilateral treatment with primer or deep penetration of the cover membrane roll material. In practice, floors are usually gidroizolirovat membranes, ceilings are impregnated with liquid compositions. Waterproofing of balconies and loggias is made regardless of floor coverings, ceiling. A vapor barrier should be used only in the presence of the insulating layer.

Open onto balconies waterproofing is vital, because, dramatically increases the amount of precipitation coming into contact with materials power designs.

The advice of experts ↑

Waterproofing of the balcony of the visor to prevent the penetration of moisture to the glazing elements. Particularly relevant greasing the top seam when choosing wood frames for which professional builders recommend the following:

  • impregnation – transparent modifications that preserve the texture of the wood, highlighting the figure
  • paint – oil or enamel
  • the Lac is applied to the treated varnish wood elements after drying

Waterproofing of balconies and terraces with their hands

Treatment of wooden structures with flame retardants, antiseptics, mixed structures (e.g. Onebusaway) dramatically increase the life of structures. Waterproofing of balconies from the inside should be combined with an external protection of the parapet, slabs, visor. Only in this case the resource will be maximized, will not require maintenance, periodic repair.

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