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Flower stands, metal

To spoil the beauty of flowers can only stand in which they are installed. To create a beautiful interior design or to decorate the grounds of a country house, you should carefully look at various metal products. Are stands for flowers, metal have not only the function of maintaining the pots at a certain level, they are part of the interior.

Flower stands, metal

Types of structures by location ↑

Often used outdoor, table or wall products. They may have different sizes and shapes, so the owner of each house can choose the more suitable option. Choosing such products, you should decide which will be more convenient to have in the house or on the street:

  1. Wall stands for flowers made of metal installed inside the house. These products have small sizes, therefore suitable for every home. They can be placed even in narrow aisles without cluttering the space. Often these products are filled with empty spaces on the walls. Quite attractive wrought-iron supports for flowers that look more elegant.
  2. TableE. To install them you need to purchase additional furniture. It is possible to include shelves, cabinets and tables. These products should be placed only in the spacious rooms. If you ignore this rule, the room will be more like a flower than a living room.
  3. Outdoor. These coasters look more thoroughly than the rest of the species. They are independent features, which do not require the placement of additional items. Their peculiarity is the large size that must be considered before purchase.
  4. Street stands for flowers made of metal. Such designs are chosen based on the style, which made the design of the site.

Flower stands, metal

The types of structures ↑

Buying a stand for flowers made of metal, it is necessary to consider their shape and size, otherwise after the installation you can be disappointed in the choice made and take a lot of storage space. Depending on the quantity of vases design can be divided into:

  • single design;
  • double;
  • multiple.

Also flowers can be placed on one or several levels. The choice of the specific variant depends on the items that are in the room. One example is a tiered stand that fills the space between the high Cabinet and chair.

Flower stands, metal

The materials used to create products ↑

When you create a wrought iron pedestals are used the following materials and components:

  1. Rods of square section. They provide floor stands, which are combined with classic interiors.
  2. Rods of circular cross section are used to create products with complex design. They look more elegant and are suitable for rooms decorated in a romantic interior
  3. A thick wire. This material is used in the creation of lightweight wall constructions. They look elegant and can be made in different styles. Often made of wire made stands with complex drawings.
  4. The decorative elements. These include sheets, metal insects, balloons, and spirals that make the stand more attractive.

If you want you can find custom design, made for example in the form of a bird’s nest.

Flower stands, metal

What you need to pay attention to when buying coasters ↑

When you select a product first thing you need to pay attention to is the quality of the stand. For this you need to consider in detail the connection of the structural elements. On them rests the main burden, therefore before buying you should evaluate how reliable it is.

If you look at the surface of the material, some products can be seen traces of the tools wielded by the master. If they aren’t single, this is not a sign of low quality.

The stand should not wobble or have moving parts. If in the field of welding, there are burrs or sharp edges, the stand is a danger to everyone who enters the room or moves on (when it comes to outdoor structures). The quality of speaking and lapping at the junction of the elements. They should be invisible.

Flower stands, metal

Attention is drawn to the material designed for surface protection against adverse factors. Often used paint, so you should see if there was chipping and blisters. If the coating is damaged in at least one place, it can cause rust and to change the appearance of.

A stand in landscape composition ↑

Thanks to the strength of metal, flower stands from this material can be located not only in the house but in the garden. They will not deteriorate when exposed to precipitation or temperature. To protect material covered by anticorrosive composition.

Metal flower stands are often used for container gardening of the site. This method involves the use of tanks, which can be located not only flowers but also shrubs with trees. Such designs are the perfect complement to many styles, which can be framed country station.

Container gardening helps to transform the porch of the house or the land area around the pool. Such decorative items are often used near the restaurants or cafes. With the help of well-chosen supports easy to emphasize the features of landscape design.

Flower stands, metal

When choosing a design for the garden, you should pay attention to several characteristics:

  • style;
  • the area where you will be installing;
  • the number of plants;
  • colors.

The benefits of container gardening ↑

Flower stands are often used for container gardening, which is versatile and suitable for many sites. If the choice has not been made, it is possible to see the advantages of this method of gardening:

  1. Containers don’t need a specially designated area, because they can be installed anywhere on a stand.
  2. Use of the described product are for the vertical and horizontal landscaping suburban area.
  3. Choice of trays and containers is limited only by the imagination of the owner of the garden and design.
  4. Using containers can be planted almost all the plants used for landscaping.
  5. Using props does not require a lot of funds. If desired, the owner can make the supports and the containers themselves.
  6. Mobility. The described elements can be easily ported to any place in a suburban area. It may be necessary to change the appearance of the garden during the change of season.

If a stand for containers chosen correctly, they can enhance the beauty located in container plants.

Flower stands, metal

The advantages of forged metal products ↑

When choosing a stand you should pay attention to the forged products, which have the following advantages:

  1. Aesthetics. Due to forged products can transform not only the interior of the house, but also the entire plot. Sometimes the stands are installed around the fence, making it more beautiful.
  2. Originality. If the owner of a country house does not want to purchase a standard design, it can be purchased on individual order. In the possession of certain skills, you can do everything with their hands.
  3. Strength. The metal is durable enough material to make him a stand, set on the street. Due to this design not only distorted, it still retains the look.
  4. Resistance to precipitation and other adverse factors. For protection of metal products are covered by special trains, which do not allow moisture to enter the material.
  5. Versatility. Many types of supports can be installed in the garden and in the house.
  6. Great choice. Made of metal construction, designed for installation in gardens of different styles.
  7. Compatibility with other materials. In metal kickstand can be mounted to wooden and plastic containers for flowers. However, such design blends with any rustic home.

Flower stands, metal

Whether flower stands ↑

When making a suburban area along with other items worth buying and flower stands, as they not only support the pots with plants, but also perform a decorative function. They also contribute to a more rational organization of space. Due to the variety of designs you can choose the one that will create favorable conditions for the growth of flowers.

If you wish, you can purchase a stand with suspended elements, which look elegant and unusual, attracting all the attention of the guests. To place a street stand comfortably in a variety of places:

  • on the porch of a country house;
  • near the pool;
  • next to the beds;
  • around the facade of a building;
  • around the tracks.

Flower stands, metal

Creating a stand with their hands ↑

In order to make flower holders out of metal with your hands, you need to have a welding machine and a device for bending metal elements. Not the first stage is the creation of the project, the sweat which will be generated the product. After that, you need to choose the rods of a certain size and bent in accordance with the previously created pattern.

Flower stands, metal

Next is connecting all the parts into a unified whole. The last step is painting the finished product in any color.

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