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How to build a tree house

In every family where there are children, there is also a Playground. Equip your hands play area, so she was safe, interesting and convenient, can be in the country or in the territory of any country house. But the most interesting and desirable will be a house or a tree house. Unusual solution with which to handle any dad if has on hand the simple tools, simple plan, and minimal knowledge on how to make a tree house with his own hands, and what better to use the material.

How to build a tree house

On what tree to build a house ↑

Before proceeding to the construction phase, it is necessary to prepare the calculations, the right to choose not only materials, but also a place where you will Lodge. The building should be not only beautiful and captivating but also durable, reliable and safe. The first thing to do is to inspect all the trees that are on the site and one to choose the best option. For example, pine is not recommended to build the rest on top, as the branches of the plants are prickly and annoying the ants is not going to spend time. Coniferous plants do not have a high resistance, so in order to make the structure durable will need a few trees. Lipa also will not allow to fix reliably the design, this is because the wood is viscous. Poplar, willow and chestnut have a weak root system, so it is not safe to build them a house, there is a risk that the design is filled up with wood.

How to build a tree house

According to experts, the best and safest option is oak or maple plant and tree fir or arborvitae, trees that are resistant, durable and looks very handsome. If the house you plan to build a small, for children, where an adult would not climb, then fit and most simple Apple.

But also the choice of wood is not the main challenge is to think more about where the tree grows. The plot on which it stands, should not be sandy, the plants should not be too old or, conversely, the young, which simply will not withstand the weight of the structure. Use the tree branched trunk, branches that grow horizontally, it gives a numerous support. Diameter between branches must be greater than 20 cm, as they will serve as the main support function for design. In the selection process it is necessary to examine branches and trunk for signs of cracks, sharp narrowing or rotten places, the weak and the withered branches cut down, which in the future may cause damage to the house under the pressure of strong winds, inspect the crown.

How to build a tree house

Materials and tools to build a tree house ↑

In the process of new construction uses only high quality materials. All the details of the bolt with washers or nuts, joints with nails should be avoided. In order to protect the child from injury during the games to house the bolt heads and nuts hiding in the tree, the deeper the plant. For the erection of a structure will take natural wood products or light but quality material. It is important not to overload the tree because the whole structure will be mounted on top. Artificial material used to create foundations in the house, and sheathing wall siding.

If the choice will fall on the natural wood, then the Board must be thoroughly dry and apply a special coating to protect it from insects, rot and other things.

How to build a tree house

As for the tool for the construction of the house is used:

  • Measuring items.
  • A drill and a hacksaw.
  • Impact and tool for planing wood.
  • Tool for rotating nuts, bolts.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Gon.
  • Galvanized parts for connection.
  • The stairs that need to perform work at height.

Rules of construction at the height ↑

Every construction process has not only the features, but also rules technology, compliance with which is very important if you want to perform a job perfectly and get the desired result. The construction of the tree house calls, not to harm the tree. The plant is not only important as a part of nature and as a Foundation for structures. Here are the basic requirements, which should be remembered during the construction of the tree house:

  1. The bark of the tree can be cut only by half, otherwise the tree will die.
  2. If the tree trunk is bending, hence, the design should repeat it.
  3. The main work is carried out on the ground, so the wood is protected from unnecessary stress.
  4. Also, you should take into account the fact that the tree will continue to grow, and to change its shape.
  5. If the house will play the little kids, then all components must be shielded to protect them, such as walls or handrails.
  6. To the kids easily and safely moved, will require a robust ladder, rope option is not always a good idea, especially for the little ones. For more confidence it is possible to build a stage from wood.
  7. For kids games, it is better to build on a small height, to use materials only of natural origin to replace the nails with screws and nuts.

How to make a tree house with his own hands ^ a

There are lots of ideas on how to build a tree house, but any stage of construction always provides for the preparation of the base and the floor. There are four true method by which the structure is attached to the tree.

  1. The suspended house which is secured with ropes and cables.
    How to build a tree house
  2. House on piles that are driven into the ground.
    How to build a tree house
  3. Mounted on the corner stanchions of the house that are attached to the tree.
    How to build a tree house
  4. How to build a tree houseThe combined method.
    How to build a tree house

During construction works provided by the high strength of the house is not only using the branches and trunk, and with the help of the earth. Of course the most reliable, safe and correct design is the house on stilts, simple, but durable construction option. In this case, as the piles are made of lumber products, cut them to appropriate size, set in the ground and secured with concrete. Connect design frame, for the manufacture of which use timber or logs.

On top of the pile stack of boards or plywood, the material thickness is 20 mm. In the center of the established framework remains a gap, through which the tree lives on, and of course growing.

It is important! In the process of building a tree house, remember the bark on the trunk and branches. It must be preserved because without it, the tree will die quickly, as a result, the house will be doomed.

If the structure is densely surrounded by foliage, the construction work is difficult to perform at altitude, it will be easier to assemble the walls on the ground and then set them at the top. Is the platform big enough, then you can equip a porch or balcony, not forgetting the perimeter to install the railing. It will be the highlight of a beautiful and original tree house.

If the ladders with ropes is not appropriate, then you can build a design using scraps of boards. The simplest option would be an ordinary ladder, it is good to consolidate.

Between the roof and the trunk are removed the holes with a sealant resin to the Lodge was dry. Sealing can and can not do enough to the trunk of the tree passed through the platform veranda.

How to build a tree house

If the construction plan provides for the canvas roof, then you can do so. At a height of 2 m above structure to fix the two hooks. Tighten cable or rope. Pull canvas material.

If the railing is to attach the back-up, roof can be installed above and so no bad weather can stop to relax and have fun kids.

The design of the tree house ↑

Principles of construction of wooden houses is constantly updated, new ideas, but to add comfort and originality of designs are having a wonderful imagination. The design of the house you can think of, involving children, to restore order, something to decorate or come up with different design solutions. For the child this event will be a memorable moment, and he will remember it forever, for example, to turn the place into a flying ship or a tower like in a fairy tale, in a military base or in the pirate’s lair.

The more to come up with interesting and fun ideas, games and activities for the children, the more vivid and picturesque to be building.

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