Trim for stairs tiles, granite tiles, stone.

The porch is the face of the building, so it should always look perfect. For durability, strength and beautiful look use several types of facing:

  • tiling;
  • granite cladding;
  • facing natural stone.

Cladding tiles steps ↑

The choice of tiles for facing of the porch is huge. The choice depends on the architectural and color solutions, the building style and budget. When choosing tile for facing, first and foremost, you need to pay attention to the strength of the material, its durability, the longevity, especially if you choose a material for facing of steps of a haunted building. It is best to complete suitable matte ceramic – it is quite strong and durable.

Trim for stairs tiles, granite tiles, stone.

So, you have chosen the right tile, if you don’t plan on doing the veneer yourself, then be sure to check out the prices for facing of steps tiles. Fees are – the amount spent on the purchase of material, equal pay for work lining the steps of the porch. If you do decide to do facing steps of a concrete staircase on your own, then you need to follow all the rules to your ladder lasts for many years.

First, you’ll need a set of tools:

  • a glass cutter or tile;
  • an angle grinder with a circular saw;
  • metal and rubber spatula;
  • grout and sand-gravel mixture;
  • a file with a large notch.

Before you start wrapping, make sure that the dimensions of the plates correspond to the size of the ladder, otherwise you have to crop too much. So, to begin extract absolutely all the boxes with the material and mix. This is necessary in order to once again not to cut the tile and use the pieces. Be sure to compare the color, size, markings and other distinguishing features – they should be the same brand all over the tile. When laying tiles, make sure you observe the seam width throughout of facing porch. The joints were perfectly smooth, lay the tile according to the direction of the grooves on the back of the plates.

Trim for stairs tiles, granite tiles, stone.

So, start the tiling. It can be divided into several stages:

  • before you begin, make sure that the steps are fully protected from moisture. To do so, ensure waterproofing, extend the awning. Of course, wrapping is best done in dry season;
  • cooking steps – the surface of the treads shall be flat and smooth. To begin lining you need from the top, so it will be more convenient. Also, this method will allow lined the steps to dry. The tiles can be laid out on the concrete mortar and the glue. Which way is the best to use for the tiles you bought inquiry from the seller;
  • brick steps can be as whole tiles and mosaics. So you have to cut the tiles;
  • prior to laying mix the solution. For consistency it should resemble thick pudding;
  • lay the tiles need only to evenly spread the mortar to make it stick at all points of contact, otherwise after some time, the tile will crack and fall off;
    Trim for stairs tiles, granite tiles, stone.
  • If you stack a tile on the adhesive be sure to apply it around the perimeter of the tile and diagonally. Press the stage, when pressing the adhesive should be spread in width and not exceeding 0.3 cm.
It is important!!! If the stairs have cracks, shrinkage or backlash – wrapping is not allowed. All these defects will become noticeable after some time of use steps.

For clarity, the attached video to the facing of the porch:

It is important! Tile must match the purpose of use for facing on the street, use wear-resistant. In the wall steps tile presses it with a force, evenly distributing the mortar or glue.

Facing the granite steps ↑

Wrapping the porch granite is almost indistinguishable from the cladding of the stairs the usual tiles, the only difference is that granite is planted on special glue, which you can pick up at the hardware store. Pay attention to all the recommendations, the characteristics received from the seller-consultant. In the future, all the above may be a valuable Board.

It is better to choose granite neglazurovannyj with slip, especially if you choose tiles for the facing of the porch. The cost of the veneering porcelain is calculated as the wrapping of the steps a tile – the cost of the work equal to the cost of material.

Trim for stairs tiles, granite tiles, stone.

Lining the stairs with porcelain tiles, you can do as a solid material and pieces. It depends on the size of the tread of your stairs. So, if the treads match the solid tile, then put solid granite.

It is important!!! Before laying, check all steps in level. If there is an error, try as much as possible to remove it. Also at laying porcelain tiles, use the level to your stairs afterwards was smooth.

So, let’s consider the stages cladding steps granite:

  • unpack the box with porcelain tiles and check that the color, size and quality characteristics;
  • clean and treat the soil base using a special adhesive mortar for granite;
  • stoning starts from the top down – it is convenient for you, as well as the glue will quickly harden. The adhesive is applied to the back of the tile with a notched trowel evenly over the entire area. It should be noted that first laid out all the horizontal elements of the lining, and then vertical;
  • first, faced with the degrees themselves, and then decorative elements, for example, podstupenki;
  • after veneering, you need to clean up the seams with a special solution. This is done not only for beauty but also for durability and corrosion protection.
It is important!! If your stairs are slippery, be sure to protect it with railings or aluminum area; if the ladder is in the house, lay on her carpet.

How to attach aluminum corner when facing degrees.

The aluminum corner is used as anti-slip element of the steps. To put it simple:

  • prepare the necessary number of strips of the appropriate size;
  • put a marking on the attachment area;
  • degrease the surface, otherwise the area will not stick;
  • apply the glue and on stage, and on the inner surface of the area;
  • if you work in the cold season, the mounting location of the area you need to warm up. Use a heat gun;
  • attach the area to the surface of the stage and hold them tight. If there were glue, quick erase it, the glue hardens quickly;
  • after bonding the secure area of the stage from contact with water until bonding area. For the final mounting corner requires 24-26 hours.
It is important! Don’t interrupt and don’t perekleivat aluminum area. Re-glued area will not be held.

In order to see the veneer stairs granite, we encourage you to view the video:

Veneer stone steps ↑

In facing porch with stone is no big deal. The technology is very similar to the technology of facing granite. The only difference – the stone if you use primed. This can be done in two ways:

  • heat treatment – stone is enough to heat to its surface became rough. This is necessary to better bond with the mortar;
  • priming – the method used to impart the roughness of the surface of the stone.

Choosing the colour of the stone consider not only the solid material. The ladder will look more effective if the coating will consist of several colors. For example, wrapping the risers bright stones will make a ladder is visually lighter, which will give your interior a special style.

Trim for stairs tiles, granite tiles, stone.

Before produce «fitting» – stone laid out on the stage, and if somewhere you need to adjust the size, adjust them.

When the walls of the stairs is stone need to start at the bottom with the riser.

It is important!! When the walls of the porch stone adhesive is applied to the stone, and on stage.

After you have laid the stone, it can be straighten with a rubber mallet.

So to make veneer stone steps is necessary:

  • to align and primed the surface of the porch or the steps that you plan to coat;
  • to consolidate on the porch on a metal grid;
  • when the walls of the porch the stone is necessary to use metal hooks or dowels for better bonding of the plates to each other.

After laying the stone, be sure to treat it with a special solution, repelling grease, oil and other liquids that leave traces.

It is important!!! It is impossible to brick newly built and filled with concrete porch. Before wrapping it must stand for 5-7 months, shrink. Otherwise, if you stone porch a shorter period after construction, and fill the veneer will crack and you will have to start all over again.

Training videos you can view in this link:

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