Plastic garden paths

Independent from that is the large country house or a small summer dacha, garden paths should be required. Without them it is impossible to imagine a comfortable navigation station. They also give a finished and neat look to the local area and garden. Today there are a large number of modern materials with which to make tracks. But the most popular design plastic.

Plastic garden paths

What options plastic tracks exist ↑

Exclusive models of individual production. Their creation takes a lot of time. It is necessary not only to design, but to find the right material to work with. Not always the result pleases, and this, too, is a minor flaw in the choice of a homemade plastic tracks.

Plastic garden paths

Plastic parts made in the production. Advantages of such a purchase quite a lot of practicality, versatility, ease of installation in advance, you can see the final result.

But, unfortunately, stamped machine plastic parts are completely devoid of personality and style, and the percentage that such roads will be located in the garden of your neighbors is large enough.

Plastic garden paths

Homemade plastic track ↑

One of the very original methods of making garden paths is the use of plastic bottles. They make durable, beautiful and most importantly durable track. These stylish items can be made not only of certain parts, but whole colored plastic bottles.

Track from full bottles ↑

This option is very attractive for its simplicity, reliability and versatility.

You’ll need the following materials and tools:

  1. Shovel.
  2. Wooden boards for construction formwork.
  3. Crushed coarse fraction or brick battle.
  4. The insulating material.
  5. Clean sifted sand.
  6. Ready mix cement.
  7. A large number of clean plastic bottles with lids.

Plastic garden paths

The algorithm of actions for the laying of track from plastic bottles following.

Mark the area and dig a trench along the marked contour. The depth should be no more than the size of the two bayonets of a shovel.

Plastic garden paths

Mount the formwork for the walls of the trench.

Plastic garden paths

Fill the bottom of large gravel or brick battle.

Plastic garden paths

We stamp a mound and cover it with a geotextile.

Plastic garden paths

Pour a layer of clean sand, slightly humidified it and carefully stamped.

Plastic garden paths

Clean bottle filled the rest with sand and capped. In random order, but as close as possible to each other filled bottles are laid on compacted sand. All the gaps between the bottles are carefully filled with prepared cement mixture and carefully spilled water.

Plastic garden paths

The not yet dried carpet covered with boards and stones.After 3-4 days, after complete drying of the cement mix a track ready to use.

Track of bottle bottoms ↑

The one who at least once saw the path lined with coke bottles, can’t help but appreciate the originality of this idea. Its implementation will not take much time and effort, the main thing in this job is patience and accuracy.

Plastic garden paths

The Council! To track look carefully, the bottles should be cut off exactly at the same level.

For laying the track out of bottle bottoms will need the following tools and materials:

  1. Shovel.
  2. Any material for the manufacture of formwork.
  3. Sea or river sand.
  4. Cement.
  5. Prepared coke bottles.

Plastic garden paths

Right to make a garden path out of the bottoms will follow the instructions.

Think of how you would like to place a path, and guide the layout of the territory.

Plastic garden paths

Dig a trench depth of about 50 cm.

Plastic garden paths

Spend the formwork from scrap materials.

The bottom of the trench should be made to cover any construction bulk material, which is a good drain wire.

Plastic garden paths

Make the layer of soil and carefully tamp it.

Plastic garden paths

Cover the soil with landscape fabric and pour another layer of sand, which is moistened and thoroughly tamped.

Plastic garden paths

In the sand press prepared the bottoms from plastic bottles, placing them as close as possible to each other.

The voids between the elements of the pour cement shed and well water. After drying cement mixture, remove the formwork and install the curbs, which give the work a finished view.

Plastic garden paths

The same procedure is done the garden path of the caps from plastic bottles

Plastic garden paths

Plastic garden paths

Purchase plastic track ↑

In stores a wide assortment of plastic parts for garden paths made in the production of.

Purchase plastic construction distinguish the following types:

  • flooring for walkways;
  • modular elements;
  • grille for lawn.

Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Consider in more detail each of them.

Plastic garden paths

Garden flooring ↑

Flooring for garden paths looks very similar to hardwood flooring in the house. Garden parquet is represented in the form of strips, which are laid out in sections or tiles on the ground.

Strengthen the parquet floor between them in two ways: parallel and longitudinally. Depending on the method chosen, formed a specific pattern. Each tile of the flooring contains a main part and a substrate. It provides air circulation and outflow of water under the surface of the garden path.

Plastic garden paths

The substrate in the plastic elements looks like a grid with a specific fixing system.

To lay out the garden parquet on any basis: soil, concrete, tiles, sand. The main thing is the observance of the conditions of a perfectly smooth surface. Possible changes should not exceed 6 mm. the Surface should be smooth, and dense in structure. Otherwise, plastic parts of garden parquet is just SAG and lose its original appearance.

Plastic garden paths

Work with such material are very easy. The parquet elements are simply connected interlocks. All that is not perfect for creating the ideal shape of the garden path can be cut off.

The Council! If the track goes downhill, then the work should start with the very top of the.

Lattice of the coating unit ↑

Using plastic modules can be very quickly and quite profitable to lay track on the plot.

To work pleased, you need to carefully approach the preparatory phase and then to start laying.

On the marked areas, remove the top layer of soil and dig a trench with a depth of about 10 cm.

Plastic garden paths

At the bottom of the trench is poured a layer of sand, moisten it and stamp. The quality of work be sure to check the level.

Modular elements are connected together using the locking system. The configuration of the connecting parts is adapted to the right size, excess can be easily removed with a nail file or a jig saw.

The finished design is evenly tamped to the surface with sand.

Plastic garden paths

The excess granular material is removed from the surface of the track.

Attention! Modular systems are inexpensive, but their service life is one year.

Grass paver ↑

This mesh material is very often used to create garden paths. Due to its flexibility and special design, it is very gentle to the turf and it is very difficult to spoil.

Plastic garden paths

Cell on the grid of the future garden courtyard differ in size and shape, making it possible to achieve a very beautiful patterns on the surface.

To put a mesh plastic parts that should be undertaken is the preparation of the base. It is also worth noting that the producers expanded the range of cellular lawn, releasing material that does not require preparation of the surface before laying. The price of such materials is slightly higher, but their use significantly reduces installation time and improves the quality of the generated surface.

Plastic garden paths

After preparing the base, you just need to put the garden path, staggered or straight rows.

After the grille is stowed her fall asleep fertile soil, well and shed water. In the ground seeded with grass seeds. After the grass germinates her trimmed.

Plastic garden paths

Attention! The procedure of cutting should be repeated several times, only then we can say that garden path, laid wire mesh, plastic items, ready for operation.

Conclusion ↑

Plastic track for the garden is a good way to quickly and inexpensively organize the territory of your garden to make it more aesthetic. Work on laying garden paths made of plastic are so simple that they can easily cope, even inexperienced gardener.

For more detail about how to fit garden flooring, find out in the next video

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