Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

As the proverb says – «the farm is still useful», and suburban area vivid proof of that. Old furniture, outdated but still working appliances and other household items that interfere with the house, but it is a pity to throw out, sooner or later, move to the country to live out their lives.

It is important not becomes Plyushkin is one thing to put rubbish in the corner, and quite another to put it in the case, giving new life. Moreover, it can actually save the family budget.

Garden paths with their hands at low cost, it is possible to run out of old things that may not be the first year gathering dust in the shed.

Garden paths from old tires ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Today, some craftsmen are able to create from tires real works of art. Often, the process is difficult and time consuming, but in order to make out of old tires garden paths will not need much time or energy.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Rubber, of which produce tires of very high quality and density, and therefore, it will make a reliable and durable finish.

Interesting! Most of the technical rubber products, is made from tires.

The dignity of the country tracks of the tyre ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

  • Dense rubber does not rot and will last for many years.
  • Even pretty worn protector protects from slipping. On these country lanes, it is possible to feel confident after a rain.
  • Rubber track for summer does not require special care, just watering them with water or sweep with a broom.
  • If necessary, they can be easily moved to another location or remove completely.

The shortcomings of the country tracks of the tyre ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

  • Don’t have a very attractive appearance.
  • The need for large amounts of old tires.
  • If such tracks are not to do the filling of the gravel, they quickly go into the ground.

Do summer track with their hands ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

To work process took a lot of time, you must start with the training tool. The list is small and there are virtually any vacationer:

  1. Jigsaw or sharp knife.
  2. Hammer.
  3. Nails not less than 70 mm.
  4. Shovel.
  5. Axe.

First of all, you need to separate the rim of the tyre from tape protector. It can be done and through the construction of a knife, but the rubber tires are very dense and have pretty sweat. Elektrolobzik will greatly facilitate this process.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

The rim is separated on the edge of the tread to rubber subsequently calmly straightened.

The Council! Work a jigsaw only on the circumference of the wheel, and in any case not to cut the rim down. Metal wire inside the tire will quickly dull the blade of the blade or even break it.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

The next step you need to cut the protector to get the tape. To do that with a knife or jig saw will be very difficult, so are best suited the sharp axe that severed the steel wire, or an angle grinder, which will do the task in seconds.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

To properly cut a tire and to avoid injuries, you can watch the video

Thus, the tape should be fixed in an erect position. Both edges nailed to the wooden bar.

Depending on the tread width, the track may consist of two or more strips between which it is necessary to leave a small gap to leave the water.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

When all segments of a country track is ready, you can proceed to the installation. As mentioned above, it is desirable to do podsypku of gravel, which will serve at the same time «pillow» and drainage, but if it is not available, you can put the tape right on the ground. The main thing – to make shovel small holes in the center of the bars to the tracks not bullied.

Garden path from recycled rubber ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Rubber flooring from recycled tires, can be of two types:

  1. In the form of tiles of various configurations equipped with a special connecting grooves.
  2. In rolls that are simply rolled out on the surface.

Rubber tracks in rolls, to give more practical as it does not require complex processes of installation, but you can choose and tile. It looks more impressive, but is more expensive.

The dignity of the country the rubber tracks ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

  • The softness of the coating, which will protect from serious injury in the event of a fall.
  • The durability of the coating, which is not affected by precipitation and temperature changes.
  • Ease of installation, which does not require skills or professional services.
  • The relatively low cost of coverage in comparison with many materials.
  • A wide variety of colors and shapes of rubber tiles.
  • Environmentally friendly. Despite the fact that rubber is a product of oil refining, it is absolutely harmless for humans and planted in the country of plants.

The shortcomings of the country’s rubber tracks ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

  • Rubber does not transmit water, and after rain the surface can form puddles.
  • The absence of water vapor. If the coating is laid on the ground, it will rot. But the fishermen can find in the pros – under cover is always a lot of earthworms.
  • Roller track for giving do not differ a great variety of colors.

Stacked tracks ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

The basic process of installation of the rubber tracks to give is pouring the concrete base, but we will not dwell on it in detail, as this is a topic for another article.

Track of the tiles ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

The rubber tile is in the form of pavers, can be laid as her counterpart from the concrete gartsovku. But more often for garden use tiles with grooves that securely connect the segments together. The laying is carried out, the finished concrete path, which must be pre-primed and aligned, so the end cost is quite high.

Roller track ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Rubber in rolls and tiles requires the basics of concrete or asphalt that is applied with a special glue, and it rolled coil. But sometimes in the country, you can do just a little layer of gravel.

To see how they look mounted roller tracks to give you in the video

If the country already have a Foundation, but it began to fall apart, the rubber rolls ideal, it will reliably protect the base and will greatly prolong the service life of concrete.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Garden paths of wood ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

What could be cleaner and more environmentally friendly than natural wood? In the country is one of the most affordable materials. Most of the old felled trunks are on the grill or in the stove for kindling, but from trunks it is possible to make garden paths that will not only look elegant, complementing the landscape, but also will last for many years.

Advantages of summer tracks from wood ↑

  • Minimum financial costs.
  • The original appearance and unique design.
  • Durability. After correct treatment of the wood, it does not rot.
  • Garden paths of wood does not accumulate on the surface moisture and create a greenhouse effect.
  • Natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Complete freedom of imagination when installing.

Disadvantages of summer tracks from wood ↑

  • Some difficulty in installation.

Laid track ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

You need a manual chain saw. You can, of course, saw and a regular hacksaw, but such work is quite able to replace a few months in the gym.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Trunks separated from the branches and bark. This can be done with a normal shovel. Next, the logs bloom «pancakes» thickness of about 10-15 cm.

It is important! Using the band saw, it is necessary to properly lock the barrel to avoid «bite» saw during operation.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Cut the pancakes should be treated with preservatives. If finances allow, you can buy them ready-made at any hardware store, but it’s easier just to load tree in engine oil. Fit and working out, which is always in excess of any motorist.

The tree should spend in oil for a few hours, and have a good soak, and then «pancakes» lay out in the sun and give them several days to dry. And while it dries, you can start preparing the base.

For this purpose, in the place of the future installation, dug a trench depth of about 30 cm, the bottom of which is filled with gravel.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

On top of the gravel, poured the sand layer, until all the stones will not be covered. This «pillow» should be abundantly watered with water from the hose to the gravel and sand tightly rammed. Now you can put the stumps.

There are no restrictions, complete freedom of creativity. Most importantly, choose «pancakes» so that had less empty space. The process is painstaking and lengthy, but the result is worth it.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

In the video you can see the variety of garden paths of wood

After garden path of wood laid over it is poured a layer of earth or sand. This is done in order to fill the voids between the logs. The excess swept away with a broom, and the whole track is filled with water. If left empty cracks, the process can be repeated. The result is a monolithic coating which fear no load.

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

Conclusion ↑

Garden paths: of tires, rubber, wood

As can be seen, any of the described ways of making a garden path does not require large financial expenditures, and tracks in the country made by your own hands will please much more than boring asphalt or concrete.

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