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Autumn work in the garden: how to prepare your garden for the winter?

Autumn work in the garden: how to prepare your garden for the winter?

With the beginning of autumn, the holiday season is nearing completion. And the hosts work – even on the ears. After all this time and harvest, and the earth prepared for the winter, and shrubs that are planted, then dug up. In short, autumn work in the garden and orchards rather intense. Well, if the weather’s mercy and for a couple of weeks will bring an Indian summer. But more often, what starts the long rains, which fades into the cold. Why no garden it is not necessary to postpone, otherwise you just do not complete it in time.

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September harvest — remove crop

Ease the burden of fruit trees: shoot fruits

In early September the focus of the owners takes an orchard. There grow apples, pears, which should be removed in time to winter varieties was able to lie until spring. But how to understand that the fruit is ready to harvest? Externally – in any way. It is necessary to disrupt one Apple (pear) with each tree and cut. Inside the fruit there are seeds. By their colours and determine the degree of maturity of the fruit. If the seeds are still white, it means to pluck the harvest early. Fully brown seeds indicate that the owner missed the point. The fruits have time to get into the full maturity and stored for a long time can not. But the light-brown seeds – it’s a good time to collect. As a rule, these deadlines occur in mid-September, but in dry summer it is better to start checking the seeds from the beginning of the month (every 3 days).

Harvesting apples

In appearance Apple it is impossible to determine at what stage of maturation it is. It is necessary to cut open and examine the color of seeds

If the timing delay, some varieties of apples can in one night to fly around when you start strong rain or strong wind. Ripe Apple too poorly kept on the stem, so don’t be late with the cleaning, otherwise you risk to remain without fruit in the winter.

Storability of fruits also depends on the correctness of their removal. You should not cling to the Apple with your fingers and pull it down for it. First, it will come off with hard work, you collect the fruits before they are quite ripe, and then cling to the stem. And as you pull, the fingers will guide the pulp dents, which after a time will begin to rot. Secondly, jerking with the force of a branch, it is possible to cause the collapse of neighboring apples.

Right off the fruit as gently grasping bottom with fingers and make light leap up, simultaneously twisting the Apple. In this way, the fruit break down much easier and are not damaged.

If the tree is high, the role of the fingers should perform a special nozzle, which is attached to a long stick. You can just cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, to beat it to the end of the stick and use it as a bowl to relieve.

Since the second half of the month, begin to fertilize the trees, scattering in the borehole circles of ash. Over the summer, the rains brought soil too much nitrogen, and ash will be able to restore the balance.

At the end of September starts the trim garden and planting fruit. However, heat-loving trees (peach, apricot) is still better planted in spring, to avoid freezing of the roots.

Hide the potatoes, tomatoes and cabbage

In September the autumn work in the garden start with a total harvest of potatoes. All varieties should be removed before the onset of the rainy season, because the wet crop will not be stored. The signal to start digging is the dried tops. When cleaning from sorts seed potatoes to hold it a bit in the light. It is most convenient to arrange the tubers in the barn for a couple of days, so they turned green. The seeds are best stored and not damaged by fungal infections. The rest of the potatoes immediately after harvesting, hiding in a dark basement. It is impossible to prevent its greenness, as the tubers become poisonous.

Seed potatoes

Potatoes, which in the spring will be landing, collected immediately in a separate container, and after a few days keep the light to turn green

All unharvested tomatoes should be removed from the bushes until the cold night air. Already at +5? the tender skins of tomatoes experiencing the shock and starting to burst, and therefore, the healthy vegetable will not ripen. All removed the tomatoes decompose into a mailbox, without pressing them to each other.

Boxes with tomatoes

It is desirable that the drawers of lay one row, but if tare not, no more than two in height. So you will save the bottom row of the pressure and ripened tomatoes begin to burst

The cabbage check the condition of the heads. If it’s been a lot of rain, the heads can crack. This will help avoid a little trick: every cabbage to pull out of the ground to tear the relationship roots. Nutrition disturbed, and the moisture will no longer intensively to do.

Cleaning cabbage

Cabbage is not afraid of frosts, so it is removed last. But it is not cracked from moisture, it is necessary to undermine the roots

By mid-month spend the last fertilizing of strawberries.

October — time to finish cleaning

Transplant trees and shrubs cleaning

In October continue to transplant young trees and shrubs, carry out the division of the thickened landings. Until sustained cold, should be planted in a permanent place raspberries, gooseberries and currants.

This month begins the fall, and it is time to remove all the fallen leaves. It like to hide for the winter fruit pests, so the garden should be completely clean. All the collected leaf litter tamp in humus pile where it will eventually be turned into fertilizer. Before the frost the trees a bit fed potassium and phosphorus, and then loosen the circles of tree trunks. Through the loose soil frost is more difficult to get to the roots because it does not let the air.

Cleaning the foliage

Do not leave in the garden fallen leaves, or under it all winter going to winter garden pests and fungal diseases

Whitewashing the garden

In October certainly carry out whitewashing the garden to kill the pests that are going to spend the winter in the bark and to protect the trunk from sunburn

To avoid damage to young trees by voles, to the end of the month wrap the bottom of the trunks with tar paper, metal mesh or other material that rodents can’t damage.

The garden in October: remove all cleaned

Garden autumn working in the country ends in October. This month you have to clean it all up, what else is in the ground: beets, carrots, radish, turnips, daikon, etc. To the end of the month coming sustainable frosts that can destroy the upper part of the roots, so try to remove before they occur.

Once the beds are cleaned, you should remove the foliage and dig up a winter garden. No need to break chunks of land raised by the cultivator or with a shovel. So they will freeze deeper, killing frost, pests.

Planting garlic

Garlic planted in late October, when it’s more of the week will be the cold weather (about 5 degrees)

As soon as the temperature stayed near +5?, there comes a time podzimnih sowing. Plant garlic, onion sets, carrot seeds, beet, celery. Only increase the number of seeds in the expectation that some of them will freeze.

Basic the November work

Preparing the garden for winter sleep

With the onset of November starts resistant to the cold. As soon as the weather forecasts announce the first frost, it is necessary to impose the unloading rounds compost or peat, making a layer of 5 cm That will allow the tree safely through the winter.

After the first snow, check out if there are any traces of mice. If, however, they discovered, look under the snow mink and sprinkle in there poison.

Create «coat» for the planted seeds

Until the snow fell, it is necessary to mulch all the seeds that will hibernate in the soil, including the garlic cloves with the heads of onions. They can be covered with straw, peat layer, compost or gathered from the garden leaves.

All the compost heap hide under the film to your garden is not rushed for wintering mice. Under a hermetic coating, there is an active decomposition of plant remains and rodents in such a stench will not live.

When the autumn work on the dacha completed – wish garden and the garden of sweet dreams and can safely leave with my problem.

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