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Pool maintenance: a review of tools for cleaning the pool and cleaning the water in it

Pool maintenance: a review of tools for cleaning the pool and cleaning the water in it

Pool in the country or own land – the dream of many owners. But buy it or mount is only half the battle. Water environment a magnet attracts any insects, serves as an abode for bacteria. And the wind adds «aesthetics», USEPA the surface of the water leaves, dust particles and different debris. And if you don’t exercise constant care of the pool, then eventually it will become overgrown with duckweed pond or stinking swamp, will be happy to swim some toads.

The first signal-to-clean – the color of the water. In any type of pool (inflatable, stationary, etc.) water should be transparent. As soon as you notice selanovtsi or milky, know: the pool is already polluted.

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Basic ways to care for the pool

Pools can be cleaned in several ways:

  1. A way of physical purification.
  2. Chemicals.
  3. Electrophysical method.

Physical cleaning: filters + brushes and nets

Physical care of the water in the pool begins with various devices (nets, special vacuum cleaners, etc.) from the surface of the water is removed that amount of garbage. But in this case, you can get rid of only the visible particulate matter. Everything that is not human eye sees, must eliminate a special filter.

Important! Whichever filter you buy the pump it is necessary to include at least 6 hours. Otherwise, quality cleaning can not be achieved.

There are several groups of filters:

  • Sand filters

Sand filter is cheaper than the other types, because the filtered water inside the unit performs quartz sand. Through this filter is skipped contaminated water, and dust particles remain in the quartz layer.

Sand filter for swimming pool

It looks like the inner structure of sand filter

Despite the availability of in price, this filter is not too popular because it requires weekly flushing. To be clear, it is necessary to expose the device under a stream of clean water, which «sweep» everything that had accumulated inside. The cottagers, who have no running water, to provide a similar washing will be difficult.

In addition, the quality of cleaning sand system is small. It deposited only particles larger than 20 microns. Smaller litter remains in the water.

These filters are recommended only for small inflatable pools, which often changes water.

  • Cartridge filters
Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are most commonly used for cleaning of frame pool

In this treatment system involves a large number of cartridges located inside the housing. They are able to remove particles from the water to 10 microns. The cost of such a filter is higher than sand, but it requires less maintenance, and better cleans the pool. To wash the cartridges, they are periodically put under the pressure of clean water. Naturally more convenient to use disposable cartridges that after the clogging throw away, replacing the new one.

  • Diatom filters
Diatom filter

Diatom filter is too quickly clogged and requires changing the cartridge

Dear, just entered filter options. In these devices the treatment takes place with the help of diatomaceous earth (so-called ground shells of plankton). These filters provide the highest level of cleaning by removing particles down to 3 microns. But the disadvantage of such systems is that diatomaceous earth is very fast «clogged», and even backwash is unable to restore its capacity. Have several times a year to change the cartridges that is quite costly.

Chemical cleaning methods

Chemicals swimming pool aimed at combating different types of pollution, and for the quality cleaning you need to buy a whole set of drugs. Consider how to clean the pool complex.

So, to combat the bacteria you have to buy the composition, where one component is active oxygen, chlorine or bromine.

  • The cheapest but with a specific smell – chlorine preparation. He is able to provoke allergic reactions.
  • The bromine degree of disinfection is not worse, but there is no smell. However, the price is more expensive.
  • The most expensive, but safe oxygen. It kills bacteria by almost 100%, does not damage neither the water nor the man.

In addition to bacteria, the problem of domestic pools are algae. They are developing so fast that fight with them not occasionally, but constantly as soon as I filled the water tank. Having bought and covered special drugs, you will protect the walls of the bowl from selenene and the bottom from silting.

Preparations for elimination of particles less than 3 microns must finish the job started by filters, destroying the fat, protein molecule. Such substances are called flocculants.

A special device for measuring acidity - PH meter

PH meter should be lowered into the pool to learn the acid-alkaline balance

The last task of chemical cleaning – normalization of the pH balance. For a person with the necessary water balance in 7-7,4. To know him, it is necessary to have a special meter — pH meter. If the acid-alkaline balance above the required figures – a lot of drugs to lower pH if it is below – use formulations of the opposite action.

Electrophysical water purification

The newest cleaning method, which does not need chemicals – electrophysical. In the group of devices includes ultraviolet lamps, ozone generators and machines that emit ions of copper and silver. Each of the devices eliminates a certain type of pollution, and together they give the maximum degree of purification of water.

Care of swimming pools seasonal

Features of the cleaning frame pool

Cottage – a place of seasonal residence, so it often set frame pools or inflatable type, which are in winter removed to the room. Consider how to care for a pool with a mesh base. Basic care is:

  • water filtration (included with the pool is always a filter);
  • cleaning debris from the surface (nets or skimmers);
  • periodic cleaning chemicals;
  • cleaning sediment from the bottom of the bowl. (The store has different products than clean pools from the sediment, but it is best to find the bottom cleaner or a special set).

Caring for inflatable models

For children are more likely to purchase inflatable pools. To keep it clean it should weekly clean from the water completely and scrape the slime and sediment. If the volume of the Cup is large, it is recommended to add disinfectants, because every week to fill the pool with fresh water quite expensive.

Children up to 3 years the water is changed daily!

To maintain cleanliness in the pool is easier than trying to restore the overgrown and covered with sediment bowl.

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