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Old stuff and their second life in the country: making crafts from junk

Old stuff and their second life in the country: making crafts from junk

Old things that accompanied us for some part of our lives, not so easy to throw out. You get used to them, and it seems that they must still be useful. Maybe at least some of the cherished objects really should not break up? Putting off a final decision indefinitely, we drove all the junk in the garage or at the cottage. So, to your country house does not become, in the end, a place of accumulation of various junk, it’s best to just think of old things a new life. Some interesting ideas we offer.

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When small favorite jeans

Jeans unexpectedly fail, and most of them usually looks more beautiful. But some abrasion or other defect eloquently confirm that this thing no longer wear. The judge of the garment such pairs may accumulate several. One of the trivial ideas of their further use is to create hammock.


The creation of such a hammock will not take much time, but how much fun will be from using it! And over his trim, you can work your magic for fun, to show imagination to the full

The ideal would be the variant, when the old standard hammock you already have, but it’s time to update it. Then jeans come in handy. But keep in mind that you need quite a sturdy product, which to harass the rags just sorry. Fasteners, ropes and other rigging details from the previous use of the hammock, they tend to last longer than the cloth.

Several pairs of sew via thick and very durable thread. The guides and ropes should be secured the same as it was in the same hammock. Crop jeans, you can use a built out of them a semblance of pockets or handbags. Sewn on the side, they can shelter a bottle of water, a book, sunglasses, sunscreen and other small items that will be useful to fans of rest in the hammock.

Old bath trove of new ideas

You made repairs in the apartment and, of course, decided that the old tub you no longer need. But as it turns out, it can become a real decoration of your suburban life. It remains only to calculate the options, exactly as it can be used.

Idea #1 — a cozy little pond

If you are planning to diversify the landscape of the site a small pond, the old bath will be most welcome. Choose a suitable place, make a layout based on the size of the tubs, and dig a hole. The drain holes in the side and bottom can be closed with a plug of wood, wrapped it in cloth.


A small tub as a pond looks very attractive, even if she will remain white. Still with time, if it is not clean especially, it will not be so stand out

Some prefer to pre-coat the surface of the containers inside the dark paint to make the pond look more natural. Around the perimeter of finished pond decorated with stones, lanterns, figurines and plants. Will look great saxifrage, ferns, bluebells, iris and loosestrife.

Decorating the pond

To beautify the pond, you can use not only stones and plants. Useful decorative figurines, lights and even fountains

Idea #2 — unique and stylish sofa

The furniture in the country should be not only comfortable, but also durable. If over the side of the bath to work as a grinder, will get exactly what we need. The treated edges of the cut article to be coated with paint, then cut close trim. Elegant decorative pillows like the final touch that would bring the sofa to the state of full readiness.

Sofa from the bath

It seems that this sofa was in my past life bathroom? But now you can leave it even in the open air without fear of rain. That’s just pillow better grab

Idea #3 — bath-bed

Bath is a prepared flowerbed. Enough to fill it with soil, not forgetting the drainage and can be planted plants. To decorate a flower bed should be, given the overall design of the site. You can use mosaic, paint or any miscellaneous items. Get creative, and this bed will fit perfectly into any proposed conditions for it.

Bath with figurines

White tub filled with like a foam, ass petunias, needs no special decoration. However, white figures of domestic birds and animals look quite appropriate

Idea #4 — funny cow

Both functional and decorative can be a bath, if it is used as containers for water that the country is always useful. Small additions will make the old thing a source of good mood to everyone who sees it. By the way, because the water in this tank will change periodically, you can use it as a pool for children.


This cow is needed not so much as pools or water tanks, although these features are also very important. It is especially attractive as a source of positive emotions, positive emotions

Design for the colors of the pipes

For such structures do not have to use the old pipes, but to make it that was prepared for release – it’s great twice! The resulting construction can rightfully be called a vertical flowerbed. It is important to find a suitable wall that she could decorate so as not to disrupt the overall style of the site. Although such a structure does not necessarily make the wall. It will look great as a wall dividing the area into zones.

Flowerbed in the pipes

Add a little imagination and just imagine how can this same design look when the plants are peeking out of the holes, lush bloom

With the appropriate decor can work miracles. This flowerbed adorned your site will require quite a bit:

  • sewer plastic pipes;
  • standard and corner joints;
  • mounting on the wall;
  • paint;
  • an ordinary suburban tool.

By the way, it is possible to paint and retaining wall. Just imagine how this building would look like if put him in a basket plant!

News from the world of old tires

Why not just made of old tires in the country! We admired the Swan family, flowerbeds and flowerpots, made of this rubber, which has practically served its purpose. But it is impossible to resist and not to share this version of her useful life. Be sure that the Batmobile will not leave indifferent any boy.

We will need five tires, old plastic chair, steering wheel and the material from which is built the frame and base. You can install all elements of the structure of a welded metal frame. In an alternative embodiment, parts can be mounted independently on pieces of the area, driven into the ground. Ultimately, no matter what the manufacturing technology you choose. Much more important is the design of the building, which should be given maximum attention.

The Batmobile

Be warned the adult part of the family that this toy is really dangerous. It is the fathers addictive and a desire to return to childhood

Old trampoline here

A trampoline is a hobby, which is wonderful to entertain your child until you get bored. From any other abandoned toys he is different is that size. But for us exactly this parameter will be key. Look how great wigwam can be made of trampoline.

Even if the new construction will be referred to simply as suspended beds, it will never be empty. The obvious advantage of this bed is its distance from the earth’s surface: you no annoying insects, not threatened by damp and moisture.

Trampoline bed

This hanging bed is convenient because of its remoteness from the earth. First, it will be convenient to get, and secondly, it can be protected from crawling and flying insects, thirdly, the cold from the soil will not affect the health of sleeping

What grows on your cottage?

Old, but this beautiful dish is the reason to create the amazing holiday decorations made of glass. To make a glass flower with your hands is not as difficult as it seems. The General principle is: you need to find objects in one color or, conversely, contrasting with each other. The Assembly must be made from more parts, which represent the petals of a flower, to a lesser simulating a flower Corolla. As the stem you can use a hollow metal rod. This flower can play the role of a flashlight at night.

Glass flowers

This man-made flowers. Such beauty can do yourself, if you have extra dishes, which can be sacrificed for the sake of decorating your garden

Music blooming garden

Musical instruments, end-of-century, it is simply impossible to send to the trash. The hand does not rise. But that’s no reason to turn your house into a warehouse of outdated items! You can turn tools in the flower beds.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments especially sorry to throw away, so you need to make every effort to protect them from the weather and the negative effects of moisture

That’s just preliminary it is necessary to carefully handle the wood to protect it from rotting. Repeat this procedure will have no less than once every two years. In the videos below you will see a waterfall, built of the piano. This complex structure requires special protection of internal parts from water. Otherwise, this waterfall no longer please the owner.

Fences and gates of old rubbish

Sooner or later, and garden tools out of order. And then, when they become no longer useful for its intended purpose, it is possible to construct, for example, gate, fence or even the original flower garden fear garden pests and thieves.

Agricultural tools

This machinery looks very organic not only at the gate, but even as a flower: with a hint of retribution to those who dare to encroach on someone else’s property

But in order to learn how the economy and ingenuity shown by the Americans, just watch this video.

Talking about new life of old things, it is simply impossible to stop. Probably because the human imagination has no boundaries. And it’s great that we no longer desire to surround himself with beautiful things that bring into our home a positive and happiness.

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