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Glass decoration in the garden: fragile splendor at low cost

Glass decoration in the garden: fragile splendor at low cost

Glass – material, which is now very often used as decorative. Fashion lightweight, sleek, stylish glass furniture and decorating garden designers to create a very unusual, bold décor, mesmerizing views. While modern glass is a strong material, it is left fragile and airy. Glass decoration in the garden all around gives a magical flickering and glare. If your garden no bright colors, original glass decorations can replace them – and the plot becomes surprisingly beautiful, not unlike any other.

The contents

Some designers work to create collections of glass and ceramics for garden decoration. For example, the collection by Shane Powers is high style at minimal cost. Beautiful vessels and containers for flowers can be hung in any area of the plot is on the fence, on the trees decorate the area. In the ceramic pots and the pots can be planted any plants, well suited for glass succulents.

Ceramics & glass

Elegant collection of glass and ceramics for the garden by Shane Powers. Rounded hanging containers, designer planters and pots look modern even on a normal wooden fence. Such things are good because they can outweigh and move at will

Tree of butylok

A very striking tree from bottles, painted with stained glass paint. Barrel — a metal tube, branch — metal rods, bent upwards. You will need a welder, bottles, paint, couple of pipes and bars

Very interesting, creative compositions you can create with glass bottles. Their track, fencing for flower beds, beautiful screen. In the last example, let us dwell.

Creative a screen of glass bottles

The traditional color for bottle – green, and in order that the screen was bright, colorful, paint some bottles stained glass paint. When the sun’s rays will penetrate through the colored glass, the atmosphere in this corner of the garden will be magical. The screen of the bottles is easy to do and the materials to make it can be found easily.

You will need metal rods to string the bottles, supports, beads, plastic corner of frame, cement. As spacers between the bottles, to give the screen an original look you can use other materials at your discretion. Of the tools you will need an angle grinder or welder, level, drill, or shovel for the installation of poles, clay, drill with a diamond drill.

A screen of bucolic

This screen will grace any terrace, bright colors, and the game of sunlight will raise your spirits. If you like this idea, we should start to collect bottles of different colors and shapes, buy stained glass paint and you can begin to implement the plan

Order of works:

  1. In the first stage excavation of the supporting columns. You need to dig a four-foot hole, insert post, level and concreted. When the concrete dries, the supports welded to the frame, and its bottom bracket – rods. On them then we strung bottles.
  2. The next stage is work that requires care and precision – drilling holes in the bottle. To do this, use a diamond drill bit. The drill holes is shielded by the clay, the bottle is fixed. As dive drill in the bottom of the bottle, ease up and lessen the pressure.
  3. At the completion of this work, the bottle must be mounted on metal rods. It is possible to string the bottles without gaskets between them, but the balls, bagels, plastic and other items to prevent chipping, and the screen in General looks more interesting with them.
  4. When the bottle is threaded, to attach the rods to the frame. You can use clamps or welding.

Screen ready, and with it will transform your garden or terrace.

Cover made from bottles

Such creative gates and the owners will delight, and attract the attention of visitors, and on the material you will save. So the idea is good in all respects, original, attractive and inexpensive

Glass candle holders in the garden

For garden decoration, you can make a cute candle holders from glass jars. Thanks flashy, bright decor they don’t even have to light the candles. At any time of the year on the background of bright green in summer, white winter blanket or Golden autumn carpet such decorative elements will effectively stand out. But if you install in banks of candles at dusk and at night, the garden will look mysterious and very attractive.

You will need glass pebbles or shards of colored glass, transparent «liquid nails», water, sponge, thin wire, grout for tile of any color and banks of glass of any size and shape. Pebbles of glass, or glass drops are sold in specialized stores, and the shards of colored glass can be expensive to purchase in the stained glass workshop. You can buy glass mosaic.

Glass pebbles

Glass pebbles — inexpensive decor using which you can create amazing things. Pebbles to paper flower pots, mats, to decorate the borders, use as decoration in flower pots

To create candle holders suit different banks or the same banks or one of various sizes is at your discretion.

Banks candlesticks

To make these candlesticks is very simple — wire the rim, enough to decorate a variety of beads to make the suspension. They look original and in the daytime, and at night

Work order:

  1. First, on the side of the banks to apply the glue, pick up the pieces of glass of suitable shape and size and pressed into the adhesive layer. Glue should not be allocated at the seams, you need to leave space for grout.
  2. Remove excess adhesive with a sponge or cotton swab immediately before it dries. The glass should be carefully pressed so that it is secure.
  3. When the glass bonding is over, the banks need for a day leave to dry in a ventilated room.
  4. Then work with grout – you can get the grout any brand and use according to instructions. Finished the grout is the consistency of sour cream. The grout is rubbed into the joints with a rubber spatula. Check that there are missed stitches.
  5. Prepare a container of water, sponge. After 15 minutes you can remove the extra grout from the surface. Sponge wetted in water and carefully remove excess grout and to smooth the seams in some places and hand. Seams should be smooth.
  6. The grout should be allowed to dry out – and the banks-the candlestick is ready.
  7. Now we need to build them from the suspension. You can use easily bendable wire for gardening. The Bank needs to wrap around the neck, then measure out as needed for suspension. There are different ways – you can wrap the neck, cut wire and twist the ends. Then the two sides to attach the suspension. You can use a wire loop. It is better to use a double twisted wire – it looks beautiful, and the suspension will be stronger.

That’s all, a candlestick is ready. It remains to find a suitable place to hang.

Candlesticks, a master class

Manufacturer of candle holder in pictures: the materials in the bonding of colored glass on the Bank, the preparation of the grout, banks after using the grout

Candlesticks, a master class-2

The final stages in the manufacture of the candlesticks: removing grout with a damp sponge, making suspension of garden wire. Candle holders in the garden — anytime of year is a great decor

Other interesting «glass» ideas

To make your garden a masterpiece of landscape art can, using as an exclusive decor from the designers, and the most simple means glass bottles, jars, fragments of stained glass pieces.

Designer decor

Gorgeous designer decor for gravel gardens — spears, balls and fanciful swirls of blue glass, like strange flowers — unusual, eye-catching

Glass spears

Glass spears are good in a gravel garden, and if several copies to place single or group in the green zone, it will look much brighter and more interesting

Composition with roses

Beautiful arrangement with roses. To create used forged hooks, cans, hangers, roses and wildflowers

Glass decor on the water

Graceful form of thin glass created specifically for sailing on the surface of the water. With them, the pond comes alive with vivid colors add a positive, unusual shape attracts attention

Glass tree

Glass bright yellow tree — the Central composition of the phase is decorated by the pond and the Park in General, shining sunlight in a gloomy day

In any case, you will create for your garden is a wonderful decor that will not wither and will not fade, unlike live flowers, will delight you with bright colors and uniqueness for long time.

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