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How to cover roses for the winter — all about rescue «Queen of flowers» frost

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What varieties are most afraid of Morozov?

Each variety requires an individual winter conditions, so the first thing to remember which group belong the roses growing in the area, the bushes.

  • Very afraid of cold chinogerni roses and some varieties of climbing.
  • More persistent are the miniature and floribunda varieties. When you create a shelter for them the main thing – do not overdo it.
  • Garden roses – the «tempered» the type of plants. Most of them do not require special shelters.

It happens that you have not defined what sort of growing on your flower bed. In this case, it is necessary to provide shelter roses for winter at least in order to protect their root system from excessive moisture and to create a favorable microclimate for overwintering stem. Protective «apparel» will make it less noticeable changes in temperature causing the freezing of the branches.

Preparation of the rosary for the winter

Stop to feed

Start preparing plants for the winter period is necessary from the end of August. This is the time when you should suspend the rapid growth of the plants, stop watering and feeding with nitrogen fertilizers. Are permitted only occasionally to pour a little of the potash dressings to the trunk and branches of a woody faster.

Don’t loose the ground

With the beginning of September every stop loosening of the soil around the bushes so as not to provoke the growth of young shoots. This will protect dormant buds from awakening, especially if September temperatures reminiscent of summer.

Carry out pruning

A mandatory condition for successful wintering of roses is pruning. It does not only require climbing and green varieties. Cut branches should be on the level heights of the future of the shelter so you can hide the whole Bush. All the greens (leaves and young shoots) – cut, because they still will not stand frost, and woody parts slightly shorten.

Up debris

From under every Bush vygreba accumulated debris such as dry leaves, grass, etc., to avoid fungal diseases, the spores which like to settle in such places.

Treated bushes

To strengthen the immune system and increase resistance of the bushes to moisture spray roses iron sulphate or Bordeaux liquid.

Hilling every rose

To improve aeration of the root system is necessary after spraying Spud rose, lifting the ground about 20 cm in Winter loose soil holds a lot of air, which does not allow frost to get to the roots.

Hilling roses

Hilling Bush will create good aeration, which will become a barrier for frost

What time to start work?

Finding out how to prepare roses for the winter, and making all the necessary procedures, we begin to expect a stable cold. This will happen somewhere in mid-October. Early harboring of roses for the winter is not carried out.

The signal to start covering works should serve as a stable sub-zero temperatures (about -6?), which will stay a week or more. In southern areas the winter may be delayed slightly, so wait.

Remember: better to hide the plants a little later than early. Weak frost shoots not terrible. He will only temper rose and will accelerate the maturation of the branches. But premature shelter will provoke the growth of young shoots and awaken the kidneys, which, of course, the winter does not need. Please keep in mind that when you decide to close your roses for the winter should be dry weather. If it rains or wet snow, wait a couple of days to dry the soil under the bushes, because excessive moisture can trigger different fungal infections, and in closed mode the plants will quickly catch diseases.

Types of shelter for different varieties of roses

Any type of cover that you choose, a mandatory condition of good wintering is supposed to be an internal air gap, i.e. the rose and the material is not tightly in contact. This will prevent the bushes from vyprevaniya in late winter, when the prolonged thaw. If the cover is too tight branches that disrupted the normal flow of oxygen and the plant «pants».

Air-dry cover: for hybrid tea varieties, floribunda

Of the many options gardeners prefer the air-dry shelter that keeps the temperature constant (to -4?) and well-ventilated. The procedure of covering this:

  1. Metal rods or wire, of weave the frame is 60 cm tall.
  2. Fence up them bushes in the shape of a cone.
  3. On top of the metal pulled the heater. You can cover roses for the winter lutrasilom, glassine paper, cardboard, etc. Fix the material to the frame with twine.
  4. Cover created «house» polyethylene that will not let rain and moisture.
  5. From the bottom the whole film is covered with soil.
Laying twigs

If each rose to cover the spruce branches, the rodents won’t be tempted to branch and trunk

Shelter containers

Is frame can be covered bushes in containers with holes, and after the frost to cover with a film

Panel cover: for climbing roses

Climbing roses take longer than others varieties with leaves remain, therefore, since the onset of stable cold you have to cut all the foliage along with stalks. Otherwise, they can rot in winter, and to transmit the infection to the kidneys.

The procedure works like this:

  • Bush prepared the associated beam and pregiven in the direction stretch branches.
  • On the ground lay spruce branches (it will prevent the whip from rodents) and lay on top of the Bush.
  • Pripisivaem in several places a bent wire to press it to the ground.
  • Break 2 wooden shield: length = length of the Bush, a width of about 85 cm.
  • Put Bush over shields in the form of a house, and not to be traveled, strengthened by stakes, hammering them into the ground.
  • House covered with polyethylene, completely closing the ends and covering the film from all sides with soil. (If the ground under the Bush is still not frozen, then the ends of the tape lift, and after the onset of stable cold – close).
  • If the winter will be warm, the corners of the ends slightly open to improve ventilation.
Stacking climbing roses

Branches lay on the ground in the direction they bend. This will prevent from cracking of the bark

The shelter shields

If you drive in the ground with wooden pegs, they don’t let you slide the boards under the weight of snow

Shields protect climbing roses, growing ranks. But if the Bush is located in the center of the flower beds and around other plants spend the winter, the heavy shields can damage them. In this case, climbing roses make the next shelter for the winter:

  1. Related whip not put in the ground and fixed column, nailing several of the pegs and tying them to the plant.
  2. Made of metal frame-piece and lay it around the plant to avoid contact with the branches.
  3. Lay the fiberglass on top, pulling her twine and bottom prisypaya soil. She will not be allowed inside the frost and ensure good ventilation.
  4. If not fiberglass – pull spond or other nonwoven fabric and the polyethylene (don’t forget for ventilation, otherwise the warming Bush supreet!).

Jute bags: shelter for Stam roses

Standard bushes, planted in tubs, have to spend the winter in a dry cool basement. But if the plants are planted in the soil, it is best to hide them with crown jute bag.

To do this:

  • Put on the crown of the bag without a bottom and tie at the beginning of the growing point of the crown.
  • Fall asleep inside dry leaves or spruce branches tamped.
  • Tie the bag top.
  • The trunk is covered with burlap.

When the shelter is ready – wish roses quiet winter and a joyful awakening spring!

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