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How to improve a suburban area: a selection of the best tips on improvement

How to improve a suburban area: a selection of the best tips on improvement

Looking through magazines with beautiful illustrations on the theme of «landscape design», there is always a desire to decorate your country station, realizing in this way their creative ideas and concepts. But how to elevate a suburban area with only a great desire to create the cozy area, but not with great financial opportunities? As shown by numerous examples, to make the garden area is not worse than the designers isn’t hard enough to use elementary techniques. Today we propose to consider in more detail how to improve the site with his own hands.

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Recommendations for improvement of the site

To determine what you need, you first need to make a list, which lists all the wishes of family members. Someone is trying to grow record harvests and wants to break the vegetable beds. Someone plans to equip the pool and to break flower beds, and for children to build a Playground with a gazebo and sandbox, to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

A good design of the front zone area

Thinking through the construction site it is important to focus on its shape and size: the smaller the area is, the more carefully it is necessary to approach the question of gentrification

When building a site as professional designers and Amateur gardeners, always share a number of universal recommendations, implementation of which allows to obtain excellent results with minimal costs:

  • In the process of landscaping must be considered and properly coordinate all communications and lighting, composition and paths, to withstand them in the same style.
  • Plants for decoration must be in harmony with the already existing green spaces and the overall landscape of the area.
  • Spectacular view have a good combination of the elements of landscape design. For example: stone and plants can be combined harmoniously in rockeries, Alpine hill, when building a dry Creek.
  • The elements, the Foundation of which is one and the same material, preferably positioned at one place so that the composition will have a finished appearance.

What to consider at the design stage?

When you are aiming to make the area more convenient and attractive, to begin to realize all your ideas on paper.

Plan site improvement

Using the plan, the area is conveniently divided into zones: the entrance, the ceremonial and commercial, for the garden, sports or relaxation area

Drawing elements of landscape design

For greater clarity, outline of the plan elements of landscape design better with colored pencils. This allows even at the design stage to prevent the conglomeration of parts and harmoniously combine all the functional structures with elements of landscape design

When designing of the functional areas of garden it is important to consider not only the convenience of the work and interests of each family member, but lighting the area, the level of groundwater, direction of winds and orientation to the cardinal points. At this stage also formed the basis of future items: a small pond or waterfall, garden of stones or the Alpine hills and other landscape details, and also outlines the pathways.

The beautification of the area in the examples

Methods of upgrading there are not a dozen: arrangement of flower beds and front gardens, decorated fountains and ponds, decoration of existing structures, etc..

So, for the fencing of the area often use metal or concrete structure or permanent structures of brick. But solid fences on the background colors of the greens in the area always look dull.

A fence overgrown with vines

Using the elements of vertical gardening you can even the most ordinary fence to turn it into a work of art

Decorative wooden fences

Original and stylish look and fences of wood, assembled from a fence or solid boards. Painted in variegated colors of fences fit in perfectly with the landscape design

Council. To prolong the life of wooden cladding structures, it is possible to treat the surface of wood chemical composition from the mold, bugs and climate events.

Gardening is one of the most effective and most popular techniques for garden arrangement. All kinds of flower beds, mixed borders and ridges, dotted with many fragrant and beautiful flowers will be a real decoration of the site.

The original bed from an old chair

Under the arrangement of beds will fit even the old broken furniture. Chairs, tables, dressers and chairs can serve as the original pots

To the old interior found «new life», juicy enough to paint them bright colors, fill the container with fertile soil and plant the plants.

Outbuildings, without which no cost, no arrangement of a suburban area, it is easy to decorate tall or climbing plants.

Unusual use of old tires

The original decoration of the walls can make the vertical structure of old tires

The area of the garden, often also is not very picturesque.

Decorative garden beds

To elevate the beds with herbs and vegetables will help the miniature decorative fences and wooden fences

This «the highlight» rest areas may be a cozy gazebo. Clematis or climbing roses pergola will not only be an effective addition to the design area, but a favorite spot of the whole family.

“Alive” a gazebo made of climbing roses

Instead of traditional design, you can arrange unusual «alive» the gazebo, the walls of which will be the trunks of trees or tall shrubs

A decorative waterfall in the corner of the garden

Fans of the water element to complement the design of the site can, by establishing a small pond with water lilies or bubbling between the rocks waterfall

In the absence of opportunities to build a water source in the area, you can always equip a dry Creek. Paved with pebbles, sand and brushed glass of the stream channel will create the illusion of a living source.

Dry Creek is a spectacular element of landscape design

Planted along the banks of dry Creek plants will give the overall composition more picturesque

Landscaping – a fascinating process that brings a lot of fun. But in the process of decorating the area you need to know the measure, so the abundance of decorative elements overshadowed the natural beauty of nature. Here are examples with interesting ideas to decor:

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