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Organize the garden in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui: a detailed analysis of each zone

Organize the garden in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui: a detailed analysis of each zone

The veneration of nature and its perception as part of the person previously was manifested in pagan religions. But in the Slavic countries pre-Christian religion long gone. But the Chinese still believe that every tree, blade of grass and a stream can affect the destiny of man, giving it positive energy, or, conversely, taking part in vitality. Harmony between people and nature is called geomancy, and the world of the Tibetan monks. In the West, known only to one branch of geomancy – Feng Shui. This direction deals with the arrangement of the personal space of the man – his house, land and even wardrobe. It is believed that the garden according to Feng Shui helps man to live in happiness, attract the right energy (love, fame, etc.). And the more carefully you arrange every corner of the space, the faster you’ll achieve your goals.

The contents

A private garden can affect the inner world of the owner, even if he just watches him from the window. He has masters life energy, different depending on the season: in winter – calm, spring vigor, summer – joy, autumn – income.

In Feng Shui the best garden is the one whose shape resembles a rectangle or square and has a flat surface. Hills, hollows, holes and irregular forms prevent the direct movement of life energy, holding it and isolating from the owners. If your garden does not fall under the definition of «perfect», all the disadvantages can be corrected with properly planted plants, small architectural forms, waterfalls etc.

The Chinese garden is considered to be a single organism that functions correctly only when it has all the vital systems and they are interrelated. All garden areas should be 9.

The division of land into zones

The plot is divided into areas according to Feng Shui, consists of nine sectors of equal size, the total area of which corresponds to the size of the plot

For partitioning the space portion of these zones should be right at the entrance to the garden, so it is completely before my eyes. The first band of zones that will be before the person is Trusted friends, Career and Wisdom. In the second strip are Children, tai Chi and Family. On the opposite side of the plot is given a place for areas of Fame, Wealth and Relationships. Each of them is necessary to equip properly to hold in her energy.

The easiest way to plan the content of each sector on paper first. To do this, take a sheet of paper and cut out shape that corresponds to the parameters of your plot. For example, your land is 70 m long and 50 m wide, then cut the rectangle, taking as a unit of measure millimeters. Now break it into 9 equal parts, three in a row. And sign each of the sector its name.

There are also areas with irregular form, twisted. Then you have on one sheet to draw the true shape of the garden, and on transparent paper or film – lined for a perfect sector rectangle and overlay it on top. So you will see which sector you have filled completely, and where the land is not enough. That’s the missing area should develop in the first place, because their influence is very weak.

The zone of Wisdom: first left from the entrance

Area of Wisdom is right in the corner of your garden. This is the most calm and level-headed the sector in which you have to rest alone and be closed from prying eyes.

The zone of wisdom

The more hidden from prying eyes, the Zone of Wisdom, the more favorable it affects their owners, setting them on the clever ideas

All the development of the sector should be subordinate to the idea of privacy. Create more peace and beauty. To this end, neighbors will plant a hedge or row of trees with dense foliage. Create inside the zone kind of «the cave»: place a single bench or hang a hammock, and on all sides surround the area with twine plants or shrubs that will create a closed space. Let the only way out of this space leads to the house. For the zone of Wisdom pick solar paint scheme (yellow, orange, pink, red). Let it be the flowers of this painting, tile, painting rocker, or hammock, etc.

Career zone: first row, center

To career is constantly going up, it is necessary to equip in this area an oasis, which focused on water. Create a fountain or stream where the water is constantly in motion, to accurately the course of your life.

Career zone

All the water in the area of Career should flow towards the house so that her energy remained within the plot, and not left out

Do not dig the pond. Standing water will stop the career. To water add a structure of winding paths, flower beds with smooth irregular shapes, hills and hillocks. But choose plants carefully – only silver-blue and Golden-white. Solar gamma should not be, because it reduces the successful career.

Area Trusted friends: lower right corner

The purpose of this sector of communication. So here create a platform, where there will be noisy companies gather with trusted friends. You can do a patio, a gazebo.

Area Friends

It is desirable that the gate to the site was located exactly in the area of Reliable friends, because that way you get to their energy the way

Be sure to put in corner round area of light-a lamp that will attract light to your friends house. In the sector of Reliable friends – the place for a Parking lot. First, it is the beginning of the segment, so the transport will not have to go through the garden, and secondly, Parking area (or carport) will attract to the house the other machine, so your friends will come more often.

Not recommended for the design of fire colours: all shades of red.

Area Family: the left square in the Central belt

From the arrangement of this zone will depend on relationships within the family and between relatives.

A Family Area

A family area should become a place of gathering of all relatives, so she rallied them and gave them the opportunity to deeply know each other

It is best to take this sector under the zone family vacation, the so-called summer living room. Let there be a table with chairs where you can drink the evenings to the whole family. If the sector just got to the terrace – perfect. Equip to relax her. If the house is totally on the other side of the plot, then create a separate terrace or at least zamostie pad to put on her furniture. But as this zone is obtained on the side of the plot, it is the side that looks at the neighbors, insulate green plantings.

Let no one interfere with views to your family vacation. Nice if near the rest area will create a pond or other water feature. It has a smooth flow of thoughts, smooth communication.

Area tai Chi: the center of the site

The Central square in the garden is the area of your health and vitality. It accumulates all the energy that enters the garden from the outside, and gives it to the owners. The more open the space the better it is visible from all sides of land – the healthier the family. There should be no structures that impede the movement of energy.


Central zone accumulates life force of the owners and their health, so it should not be barriers that hinder the penetration of energy

The best option is a level lawn with flowerbed spiral shape in the center and a mirror ball on the leg, which reinforces the impact zone of tai Chi. It is necessary that the lawn waste in other sectors of the garden path. It is through them to the centre will integrate the healing power.

Area Children: the right side in the center row

This is the turbulent area around the garden. It should be ruled by the fun, excitement and laughter. If the family has small children – create for them a Playground. Put slides, sandpits, swings.

Area Children

The more daily activity will be in the Children’s area, the fresher and more energetic will be the owners of the station, so the platform must be equipped to the maximum

If children grew up, their place can be taken by Pets or flower gardens with an abundance of interesting, fragrant flowers. Let them circling over butterfly hovering bees. They will bring in your life fresh energy, vigor and enthusiasm. Yes, you’ll be able to spend all day searching the beds, caring for the plants.

Area of Wealth: the far corner on the left

In the area of Wealth have all high: columnar trees, tall sculptures, garden lamps on high legs. They need to catch the energy of money and leave it on the site. By the way, a symbol of future wealth is considered to be a compost heap, because it is maturing fertilizer! But it must be fully decorated and have an aesthetic appearance, because money is respected.

The Zone Of Wealth

The water in the area of Wealth attracts money flows, therefore, in the absence of streams or fountains, place bowls and other containers with water

Attracts wealth and running water. If water in this part of the garden is not provided, you can just place on the back side zone of the tank with water. At the same time, and the plants will be watered.

Area of Glory: the center of the rear strip

Glory is subject to the forces of fire, so good in this area to organise a BBQ, to put the grill or at least make the fire.

Area Of Fame

Fire is an essential feature of the zone of Fame, so it creates a barbecue, put barbecue or a grill, or just equip the fire

All shades of red should help this area: noble red roses, barberry, wine grapes, etc. In the area of Glory don’t put clay accessories. They are associated with the energy of the earth, and restrain impulses fire.

Area Relationships: the right rear corner

This is a very important sector. If plants are not root, and often sick, it means you are in conflict with others, do not know how to get along with neighbors and friends.

Area Relations

The more the area of Relations pergolas, arches and other vertical structures, the healthier will be the relationship of the owners with others

In this zone it is best to build pergolas and gazebos. In fact the rear entrance to the garden is often located in this corner. So let the people pass through the arches and tunnels of vines, grapes braided lattice. And the bottom should be put carved bench or gazebo, where you will be able to communicate with more to come.

So you have always had supporters, put on a pair of identical plants, put in two lights, etc. after symbols eliminates conflicts and balances male and female energies.

When the foundations of the garden according to Feng Shui laid – start more details find the right accessories and plants for every sector.

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