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We are equipping a garden in a minimalist style: for those who like the uncluttered aesthetics

We are equipping a garden in a minimalist style: for those who like the uncluttered aesthetics

Conciseness, simplicity and expressiveness of the three key architectural parameter of the architecture. It is based on the principles of organic fusion of form and content. Despite the small number of elements inherent in the style of minimalism, whether in interior design or infield, he has an incredible expressiveness and beauty. As for simplicity in landscape design, creating a garden, who with a minimum set of components will be comfortable to operate, not so easy. But knowing the secrets and subtleties of the arrangement of the plot, even with a minimum of accessories, you can create a real masterpiece of landscape design.

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What to consider when designing?

To realize such a design can be almost any site. The main thing is not «what» fills the area and the space, and «as».

Beautiful and easy maintenance garden

Architecture in landscape design is the perfect option for those who want to get a fairly easy to care for garden

To space began with the creation of a garden should focus on a number of factors.

Factor #1 — composability

Feature-style minimalism, is the lack of a clear division into functional areas. In it you will not find hedges and even low fences. Zoning is due to the level difference.

Plot-the outdoor Studio

Externally, the plot resembles an open Studio with several levels, equipped with low steps and a spacious catwalks

Factor #2 — clear the geometry

But this option in this case does not imply the use of only geometric shapes used on the basis of the principles of regularity and symmetry. Main thing is a harmonious combination of elements, with clear shapes and defined boundaries. Guiding philosophy of minimalism, the essence of which is that nature is fickle, with time it all changes and updates, manifests itself through asymmetry.

Asymmetry – the symbol of the changeability and updates

The predominance of asymmetry in the design of the site allows you to accentuate the style and amazing beauty of the landscape

Factor #3 — muted colors

The gardens, decorated in a minimalist style, can not boast a singular beauty and splendor of flowering plants. The main thing – the form of the plant, its size, and the leaves of.

The color palette in the garden design

The color palette of the garden is dominated by bright shades of green, beige, white, silver and terracotta. Bright accents if present, not more than 2-3 pieces

Factor #4 — a combination of materials

When creating a garden can be used both traditional and modern materials, characterized by texture: concrete and brick, wood and metal. When the garden design uses changes in elevation and different types of paving.

A good combination of materials

Combines the direct paths lined with large concrete slabs for paving, wooden decking

Factor #5 — water bodies, as almost a mandatory component

A small pond is a decoration of any area. But intricate waterfalls and fountains classic is misplaced. When garden design in the minimalist waters bring geometric shapes from round, oval and rectangular contours.

The design of the pond on the property

Slightly raised picturesque ponds often complement the spectacular wide water jets and natural «cascades»

Create a garden in a minimalist style

To create a composition in which all the elements combine harmoniously, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail. Every shape and line should be possible to highlight and avoid when making fuzzy outlines.

The arrangement of the small area

Ideal small plots, whose total area does not exceed 6-8 acres. Lack of spare parts allows you to visually expand the space

Garden minimalist architecture was designed to perform primarily a decorative function. One feature of the style is the lack of outbuildings.

Select ornamental plants

Directions have no particular preference in plants. To create multi-level compositions used deciduous and coniferous trees, flowering shrubs and dekorativnolistvennye, spectacular annuals and perennials restrained. The only thing that should guide the designer’s sense of style and action. After all, one of the principles of minimalism – the superiority of form over color.

Trees and shrubs with beautiful foliage

A fairly wide selection of tree and herbaceous plants opens opportunities for creativity and flight of imagination in the regeneration phase

Minimalism is evident not in the number of plants, but rather their colours and range. Flower beds, collected only 2-3 varieties of plants and is decorated in the same color palette always look stylish and well.

In combination with stones, among moss, use low-growing plants with small leaves and forming dense carpet povorotnyi. For example: the gravel backfill effectively look at repucci Multicolor or Atropurpurea, decorated with bronze and bright purple leaves. A good combination with grey stones give: Saxifraga mossy plants and Variegata, thyme Aureus, young ruby and Chameleon, plantain rubra.

To soften the angles of Momeni and decking ideal nevybocovala marigolds, irises and cuff, nasturtium, primrose. A good addition to any relief will perform ornamental shrubs: rhododendron, spirea, and snowberry, forsythia.

Decorating the walls of the gazebo

For vertical gardening perfect girlish grapes, decorative pumpkins, ivy, Actinidia. The plants are placed on the existing design without requiring additional support

As soliternyh planting or background songs it is best to use ornamental varieties of weeping willow and birch, columnar maple, and Apple, and a variety of spruce, arborvitae, junipers.

In the garden must necessarily be present ferns and grass. Plants are preferably not planted alternately, but in groups, selecting them according to visual similarity and species.

As practice shows, particularly interesting will look conifers dwarf varieties with unusual coloring of the needles. Blue and silver fir, pyramidal arborvitae and cypress trees – perfect for the minimalist.

Dumping of gravel as an alternative to lawn

Alternatively, require attention to turf masters landscape design is recommended to use inert materials: pine litter, wood bark, gravel

With the help of special backfill is easy to solve the problem of trampling lawns. And not necessarily to cover the entire area. Just select a small area, having good viewing from all over the place in the garden.

Select concise jewelry

It’s hard to imagine the plot, the decoration of which would not have been involved in small architectural forms. Architecture is no exception.

The original installation of the pond

As decorations of the area can be brick, concrete and stone elements of the original installations, as well as raised beds and containers for plants

Paving and steps in the garden can have different shapes: triangles, rhombuses, asymmetric polyhedra. To avoid excessive diversity, it is important to focus on the compatibility of materials. The use of one material for all elements of the composition – perfect for garden decoration. For example: if the basis of the rest areas are wooden decks, and for framing the pond and paving of garden paths is also desirable to use the tree.

When marking garden paths should be limited to direct and smooth lines, avoiding excessive tortuosity. Congestion expressive elements would deprive the plot of the underlined accents and crisp lines.

The design of the site, container plants

Container planting is the popular method of gardening, which is widely used in the garden design in minimalist style

Choosing containers for plants it is desirable to give preference to products of approximately the same shapes and sizes. Concrete or ceramic containers are spherical, cubic or cylindrical shape – the best option for the decoration of the flower garden.

The connecting element of the level changes are all sorts of stairs. When you make a plot it is possible to use all forms: smooth spiral and curved staircases, classic rectangular, with offset to side with original triangular stairs…

On any site there are always structures: gazebos, awnings, verandas. To create a harmonious architectural ensemble of buildings on the property, it is desirable to combine into a single unit or in groups, for example: a veranda with a covered deck, gazebo with barbecue.

Severe forms of architectural elements

Gazebos, pergolas, garden bench decorate to accentuate the overall composition of subdued colors and simple forms

All kinds of mirrors, bowls of metal, lamps and futuristic installations bring into the garden some «flavor», making it more interesting and attractive.

Furniture of the garden

Garden furniture is one of the key elements of the architecture. It should not be notable pretentiousness in the design.

Garden furniture

Light and comfortable pieces of furniture with pronounced geometric form – the best option for garden in the style of minimalism

With regard to materials of manufacture, the preferred solid foundations with smooth texture – polished stone, wood, aluminum and plastic. The main difficulty of designing the garden is to combine elements into a single composition, while maintaining «isolation» each of them.

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