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The arrangement of a garden plot for families with young children: safe zoning

The arrangement of a garden plot for families with young children: safe zoning

When a young family buys a private area, then, of course, they plan in one of the corners to create a playroom for children, because kids, if you have not seen the light, it will appear soon. Fenced area will protect children from the dangers of the outside, and well thought-out layout of the site will help equip them to rest most effectively. But often in the quest to create an original landscape parents do not consider that kids can make their own adjustments in flower beds, rock gardens, etc., and to forbid them to explore the world, you can not, because until 3 years little man poorly versed in the concepts «bad» and «well». There’s only one option: to create a territory where there is danger and exclusion zones. Look at how better to improve suburban area for families with young children.

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Zoning: the options plan

Daily walks in the fresh air is a required element of everyday life toddlers. While the child is in the stroller – easier. Make for mom good track and she will carry the baby for her. But as soon as kid gets to his feet, he is ready to run around the whole plot, just touch and try on the tooth. And for this period the land should be as safe as possible.

The children's area

The kids have a visual perception of the world, so they are primarily run on the site where all the bright, fun and unusual

If the arrangement of a garden plot is to break the space into several areas: gaming, leisure, garden and so-called backyard. As soon as the baby descends the steps of a house – it needs to see Playground. So make it bright, attractive eyes, that kid pulled it there.

The Central area is area parents. It should be the maximum review of all areas that mom or dad, right where you could see where the moment is their child. This arrangement is necessary and the child. He will always see that the area is not one, and thus not be a function of anxiety and fear, which is especially evident in 2-2,5 years.

Garden area it is desirable to plan on the opposite side of the game, because all the berries will be tested before the mother will discover this fact. And unwashed fruits – a source of intestinal infections. If this phase is separated from the rest by hedges, tall flowers or a decorative fence up to a height of half a meter, then the baby will be much less interest in the invisible area.

Back yard – the conditional name. They represent the most distant from the home area where you can store materials, chop wood, contain poultry, etc. This is the most dangerous for children territory, and it is required to protect the normal fence, for example, a grid-rabitsa, through which even the most bright-eyed mischief-maker won’t get over it. For the passage to the back yard installing a gate. When the children grow up, this area can be converted into another, or to give a more decorative by removing the fence. But while kids are not aware of their actions, the entrance to the back yard without an adult should be locked at 100%.

What can you put on the Playground?

The gaming areas are two main objectives: to ensure your child’s employment and to develop him physically and mentally. The site create the most interesting, informative devices that can take the child for a long time.

Let’s see, that is better equipped for children up to 3 years.

Building #1 — sandbox

This probably the most simple element of the game in settling the infield. Four well-sanded and painted boards, or large car bus + river sand – all that is necessary for the kid to be happy. Playing with sand develops fine motor finger, which is useful for mental abilities. Detailed instructions on creating different types of sandboxes can be found on our website from the article «Children’s sandpit in the garden». Think about what you are going to close the sandbox for the night (tent stitch or shoot down the shield), so it was not a toilet for your or someone else’s cat.

A children's sandpit

Cars and shovels are the main attributes of a children’s sandbox, and with them love to play not only boys but also girls

Building #2 — trampoline with protecting net

Trampolining develops coordination, and the process is quite fun, even if the kid rides alone.

Building #3 is a dry pool

In the sale today, you can find special balls for ball pits, which fill large containers filled with concrete bowls and so on One condition: the walls of the bowl needs to be upholstered in polyurethane foam for maximum safety.

Building #4 — massage the area

It is a small plot on which lay the mats with a brushed surface, like an artificial lawn. Some parents manage to create a massage pad with different surfaces: part 1 – from round river stones, but not so small to catch them in his mouth; 2-I – artificial grass, 3 – sand, 4 – soft polyurethane foam, which is used for the creation of tourist rugs. Let the kid there sports barefoot. Point acupuncture stop increases immunity and body’s resistance to colds.

Building #5 — sports complex

While the child is still small, it is not necessary to equip the play area ultra-modern sports complexes where there is the wall, and slide, and various climbing frames with swings. In a small age children do not realize the degree of danger and do not always calculate the trajectory of motion. Here – and full of bumps, broken hands and knees. And if a family has two kids, the most dangerous element of the complex – a swing and a slide. The kids are pushed, try to get ahead of each other, and you even will not blink an eye, as the swing will be pressed against the fingers or a forehead.

For little pranksters the most secure facilities is driven tires, the track of the low stumps (10 cm high), playhouses and tunnels.


If on this site to cut stumps, making them much lower, it will be safe and educational for kids who will learn to walk on the markup

Be sure to think over in the play area the canopy, so even in rainy weather kid could spend an hour and a half outdoors. But for a street toy should build a box or chest, not to carry it every once in a veranda.

Arrangement of recreation areas parents

So mom and dad could rest, watching the baby, and also for the reception area family holiday the easiest to equip as a patio with barbecue oven, barbecue, etc. of Course, such devices with open flame is dangerous for children, but when preparing food, parents are always next to the hearth and is able to protect kids from burns. Especially in cold these facilities for the child at all uninteresting.

Area parents

An outdoor patio gives you the opportunity to follow the kid around the station and not to be afraid of that, done in the head the bright sun

Furniture is better to put wicker or wood, a well-fixing it to the ground. Plastic kits are too easy, and if the baby climbs on a chair and leaning on the back, you will certainly capsize.

In the relaxation area you can also set the chairs, hanging hammocks, but from aquatic plants should be abandoned at least 5 years. Pool, pond and even a small fountain to attract the attention of children, and should parents be distracted, mischief-maker will get into the water. One careless movement – and the water can be a source of serious danger, because according to statistics, small children often fall face down.

By the way, for the same reason it is impossible to place the drains tanks for rainwater collection. Better set right in the garden barrel high (much higher than the growth of the child) and fill it with tap water. Warmed under the sun, it will be no worse than rain, but inaccessible to children.

Pool area

This layout of the site is not suitable for families with kids because the pool is not protected and the child can at any moment to dive in there

Gardening: what and how much to plant?

Thinking through the construction site of a country house for families with kids, gardening area should be given special attention. Own fruit is always healthier than store-bought, but keep in mind that many kids have sensitivity to red berries. Thus, the high allergen is considered to be strawberries. Doctors do not welcome the cherries and plums as well as inside the seed contains hydrocyanic acid. And because kids often swallow these fruits with seeds. Pears provoke bloating tummies.

Most «harmless» fruits – apples. Behind them is a raspberry, currant, gooseberry. So these crops should be planted in the most prominent place and in large volume. Good responds to the child’s body and grapes..

Currants on the plot

Kids love to pick off sprigs of currants to twist in the fingers every berry, so do not deprive them of such pleasure

Be prepared for extreme patch kid will make periodic raids. It can dig in a shovel, dig a few vegetables for fun. Therefore, planting these strips crops that are resistant to trampling and «uninteresting» for children’s eyes. For example, tomatoes will be torn cleaned, cucumbers and courgettes – trodden in search of TeleNav, but the carrots, onions and garlic for toddlers is not as attractive. Extreme beds are also suitable for salads, radishes. Potatoes hide in the garden away, because after flowering it forms a poisonous fruit that attract young children with its round shape.

In areas where the main hosts are kids, it is not necessary to develop the landscape with expensive architectural forms and exotic flowers. One kick of the ball and head overseas Apollo roll up the garden path, and a favorite rhododendron will enter the children’s car or bike.

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