Landscape design

Beautiful landscape designs

The desire to transform a suburban area, turning it into a beautiful area to relax, necessitates careful consideration of landscape design. The popularity of competent design of the site, adjacent to the building, constantly growing. The essence of landscape design is the art of the intelligent combination of the harmonious environment and self «I».

Complex harmony ↑

To create a beautiful landscape design suburban area, contact the professionals do not have. Acquainted with key stages of the design, penetrating the nuances of gardening and observing the rules of registration of small areas, you will be able to achieve the harmony of all the surrounding elements of the situation.

Beautiful landscape designs

The fundamental elements of landscape design ↑

Looking at the beautiful photographs of rural landscapes seem to become the owner of a similar situation at his summer cottage impossible. However, step-by-step embodiment of the carefully designed project to achieve the planned results. To get a beautiful landscape design, the development plan in the first place start from existing residential structure, size, style and color choices. The building is a kind of center of the whole composition, the arrangement of the site allows you to elegantly highlight the beautiful features of the house and cleverly disguise the flaws.

Harmony is achieved when development details landscape design was conducted in compliance with the established specialists of the principles. What elements of the project include:

  • Track perform practical and aesthetic functions, depending on the overall style, they are made of wood, tiles, stones, pebbles. Offers approaches to organize all the important sites (hoz. buildings, recreation area, etc.) So as not to spoil the beautiful appearance of paths, take care of the formation of a slope for water drainage.
    Beautiful landscape designs
  • Lighting in the landscape design also plays a dual role: ensures safe travel on their summer cottage and creates a beautiful illumination of decorative elements of the dark period. For this it is necessary to provide a luminous flux from the observer to the object of interest. Yellow or white light is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the landscape, to create a non-trivial environment helps colored lights.
    Beautiful landscape designs
The Council! A winning option for a beautiful landscape design – the use of lamps of different designs (light cabinets, built-in, wall, bollards) and their location on different levels.
  • Landscaping is underway with the expectation of further plant care, consider the climate zone and type of soil.
  • Fences are divided into external and internal design. The outer fence provides a visual or physical barrier to outsiders. On the interior design often has the function of a zoning or masking outbuildings.
    Beautiful landscape designs
  • It is hard to imagine a beautiful landscape design without the picturesque artificial pond. A small pond, graceful fountain or the waterfall – the inherent attributes of a well-kept suburban area. If the natural body of water to organize is not possible, come to the aid of imitation of a dried-up riverbed in the form «dry Creek», often used in Japanese style landscape design.
    Beautiful landscape designs

Color and style accord ↑

Even low-budget project the design of the suburban area will look spectacular with well-chosen colour combinations. To help Orient the selection of colors will help conditional division of all components of landscape design in four categories.

Beautiful landscape designs

The first group includes plants, trees, ponds, paths creates the illusion of natural origin. They are characterized by pale colors, gradually changing with the arrival of the new season. The second group contains the elements of the decorative landscape, which openly declare their artificial origin. Here, expert landscape design cleverly plays on the colors, creating beautiful avenues or flowerbeds, this is most clearly seen at certain times of the year.

Beautiful landscape designs

The next group includes architectural elements, led by the country house. In this part attention is paid to color design of the facade combined with pavilions, bridges and vegetation. To create a beautiful landscape design light color of the house or its majestic dimensions skillfully emphasize standing next to the dark green trees. To hide the everyday perception of grayish buildings will help bright decorative plants.

Beautiful landscape designs

Complete list of decorative elements of landscape design in the form of sculptures, benches, walkways, lighting. To create a beautiful environment with them properly mask the defects of the surrounding scenery or focus attention on important objects.

Beautiful landscape designs

An essential condition for the formation of a beautiful landscape design is a stylistic combination of all objects. Starting from the existing structures and dimensions of a suburban area, choose the shape and material for the remaining parts of the situation:

  • when equipped with walkways and lighting;
  • in the design of recreation areas;
  • during the construction of the gazebo;
  • in the selection of garden furniture;
  • when planning landscaping, etc.

Landscaping rules ↑

To choose the right plants for the future development of beautiful landscape – one of the key objectives of the landscape design. Visually change distance to the subject will help the right combination of warm and cool colors. Warm colors enliven the area and attract attention and create the illusion of proximity. Cool colors are calm and tranquility, their location visually it seems more valid.

Comment! The solution to floral design landscape design must take into account the amount of time planned for the care of plants.

Beautiful landscape designs

Options for planting shrubs and trees ↑

To arrange a harmonious landscape design is impossible without taking into account the size of the suburban area. Composition of large woody plants is relevant over large areas. Slow-growing and dwarf species can help to obtain a beautiful landscape on a small plot of land. There are several ways a beautiful planting of woody plants:

  • alleys;
  • hedges;
  • female landing;
  • curbs;
  • mazes;
  • the yoke;
  • topiary;
  • tapeworms.

Most of them form alleys and hedgerows. Trees and shrubs planted along paved pathways, a suburban area, will create a romantic atmosphere landscape design. Densely planted evergreen shrubs make a nice hedge, which is successfully used in landscape design for zoning of suburban area. Original look two or three-row hedges, which complement the rows of plants of different heights. Breeding method involves planting 3-5 trees in a circle at a distance of 1 m from each other, in the future it will form a beautiful common crown large size.

Beautiful landscape designs

Of low shrubs not exceeding a height of 50 cm, landscaping equip curbs provides a nice framing of the individual sections. Interesting option for decorating spacious suburban area – the maze of living trees or shrubs. Planted in single rows of trees, forming a kind of curtain, called the yoke, is designed to limit review in landscape design. Beautiful green shapes of clipped shrubs and trees with fine foliage are always admired. Topiary art occupies in landscape design leading positions. Freecell solitaire is called lonely tree growing whether shrub, often exotic instance representing the decorative value.

Beautiful landscape designs

The use of basket plants ↑

Vertical gardening is a popular technique in landscape design. To country the design was beautiful, often used ampelnye plants. Design options are numerous:

  • arch installed at the entrance to the garden;
  • trellis used to delimit a garden plot or fencing;
  • the gazebo, located in the leisure area.

Decorate with vines climbing the facade of the building on a country site – one the original technique of landscape design. Room ampelnye plants in hanging baskets creates a beautiful setting on the terrace, under the porch or in the gazebo.

Beautiful landscape designs

The use of decorative colors ↑

Flower garden – an essential attribute of a beautiful landscape design. Its design must take into account the type of plant: annual or perennial, remaining for the winter in the open ground or requiring a transplant.

Every owner of a suburban area has their own concept of a beautiful flower garden, a landscape design may include:

  • a bed;
  • arabesco;
  • rosary;
  • the ridges;
  • border;
  • mixborders;
  • rockery.

Beautiful flower bed is the most common solution of landscape design in the suburban area, it is suitable in any geometric shape. If you wish to obtain pattern, the flowers are selected of equal height and different color. In a small flowerbed to the landscape design specialists is recommended in the center to plant tall plants, and the edges lower. In this case, the view of the flower garden is secured on all sides.

Beautiful landscape designs

The complex shape of the flower beds in the form of a butterfly and abstract shapes is called Arabesque. With this method, design of landscape design preference is given to low-growing flowers. Followers of rose will want to equip in landscape design beautiful rose garden. The flower bed in the form of planted on the edges of the track of 3-5 rows of annuals is called the ridges. To complement the hedges at their summer cottage a pretty border of perennial flowers, planted in several rows. Plant height is selected in such a way that the front row is not closed back. Mixborders is a kind of border, where there is no orderliness. Creative types will love the idea of the landscape design to plant trees in a chaotic mess.

Beautiful landscape designs

Exquisitely to issue a country site will help the rock garden where the rocky hill created by human hands, artfully complemented by mountain vegetation. Original in landscape design looks rockery stone flower garden on a flat site. In addition to the Alpine vegetation, it is appropriate here low-growing conifers or representatives of the steppe flora.

Beautiful landscape designs

Nuances of design a small area ↑

Properly using the techniques of landscape design, a small suburban area can be transformed into beautiful landscaped grounds.

The Council! Prioritize, not paranatisite the territory of unnecessary decorative elements. Simplicity and conformity to the chosen style is the key to the successful execution of the plot.

The nuances of the arrangement of small areas:

  • A high fence visually compresses the limited space. To soften the contours will allow use in landscape design of climbing plants on the fence. Simultaneous with twine decoration of the walls of the building contributes to the shift in visual perception.
  • Optimally in small areas can use a low fence from the grid, providing an overview of space outside the cottages. If the proposed method is not suitable, the combined intake from the different types of material will dilute the monotony of the situation.
  • Following the principles of landscape design, relaxation area should be separated from the economic part. Vertical gardening can provide beautiful zoning of suburban area.
  • The trees are better distributed throughout the plot, avoiding landing in a row.
  • Create a beautiful look in the landscape design will help a small plot sown with lawn grass and decorated on the edges with ornamental plants.
The Council! Avoid in landscape design traditional rectangular beds, round shape capable of planting carrots or pryannostey transform it into a beautiful place, reminiscent of a bed.

Beautiful landscape designs

Beautiful landscape designs

A well-planned landscape design of the site, you will be able not only to work on keeping it in a comfortable form, but also to enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape.

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