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Photo room design 16 squares

When space in a residential area a lot, it is easy to consider the interior in accordance with the taste and the needs of tenants. Much harder to find a suitable design for a room in 16 squares. Need details to calculate the luminous impression, the style, the setting, and the color scheme so that these 16 squares was cozy and harmonious despite its size.

Photo room design 16 squares

First of all, you need to choose for the room functional and compact furniture. Modern technologies allow to ergonomically distribute the space, visually increasing.

Will look good built-in cabinets and hanging shelves, mirrors and stained glass, the reflective part of the room. The interior depends on the purpose of the room, with this factor starts any design direction.

The General plan ↑

How to arrange 16 squares ↑

In the big cities are becoming more widespread studios as an excellent solution for people who have room in the former communal apartment or can’t finish the house, but for some reason are forced to live in one room.

Photo room design 16 squares

From Europe we received a new solution for this kind of trouble — any room, even 16 sq. m. can be turned into a very comfortable and functional home. Don’t believe?

Photo room design 16 squares

Mini flat ↑

To equip a tiny space under the maximum of necessary functions, such as living room, bedroom and kitchen, leading designers brilliantly used every inch of all 4 surfaces. The Studio space is completely open to creative flight.

Photo room design 16 squares

First, built-in cabinets or hanging always save the territory visually.

Photo room design 16 squares

Second, split-level floor divides the room in half. Here is the turn of multi-functional and compact sliding furniture. For example, the bed and sofa two in one: a sofa is actually a bed that is half included in a niche at a higher level of the floor, forming a comfortable sofa, which instantly turns the bedroom into the living room.

Secret of professionals ↑

The kitchen, which is installed at a higher floor level, should be very functional — it equip with all the necessary elements, such as:

  • plate;
  • oven;
  • shell;
  • hanging lockers products.

The kitchen then has a modern appearance, consistent with the overall design style of the Studio. In front of the kitchen is good to put the bar in the same minimalist style, it will be seen as both a dining table.

Photo room design 16 squares

Photo room design 16 squares

Even the few steps that separate the two levels on the floor are used to store business details. This ladder consists of blocks with a drawer, where there is plenty of space.

Photo room design 16 squares

Bedroom ↑

A single room in 16 squares ↑

The same clever technique is used in bedroom decor, limited 16 squares. Putting a double bed on the catwalk, designers are achieving the differentiation of space into a sleeping area for movement. In addition, many models of beds are now equipped with drawers for storing clothes and bedding.

Photo room design 16 squares

In Soviet times people were hanged in the middle of the room a screen that separated the bedroom from the nursery at night, but this is wrong — the room always seems cluttered and cramped. Translucent curtains will correct this misunderstanding.

Shades of comfort ↑

All the details are important for thoughtful design — the floor must contrast with preferably multiple levels of lighting. The bedroom will look great for wall sconces and lamps, spotlights, at the same time they put the necessary emphasis in lighting.

Photo room design 16 squares

The color of the furniture and the walls in the room 16 sq. m. should not be combined in a solid monotony, on the contrary — a nice contrast must be present. The only rule for experiments — not to hang Wallpaper with large and colorful pictures — such a step would ruin all the previous work on the interior.

Photo room design 16 squares

Living room ↑

High to low ↑

For the most important room in the house, where households while away the evening and are welcome friends and guests there are also some simple techniques that will help you furnish the living room in the best possible way.

Photo room design 16 squares

Here again popular to use a compact light-colour furniture. Wood and natural materials emphasize the naturalness of the background. It is inappropriate to put in a small room pieces of furniture, covered with leather or leatherette — dark shiny colors create the impression of a narrowing, not blagopriyatstvuyut visual expansion of space.

Photo room design 16 squares

The nuances ↑

In the painting of the walls and ceiling are mainly used pastel colors with appropriate lighting they beneficial to increase the space of the room, it’s important to glue the Wallpaper to the colors in horizontal stripes.

Photo room design 16 squares
Photo room design 16 squares

An interesting solution would be to stick a Wallpaper or landscape Wallpaper — attracting attention, they distract from assessment of the dimensions of the room.

Abundant light from additional lamps, in addition to small chandelier, reflected in the mirrors, will create a three-dimensional impression. But this impression can be ruined floor having painted in dark colors or Mat-shag carpet. The best options will be laminate, parquet, carpet bright colors — they are a smooth contrast to the situation.

Living room + kitchen or living room + bedroom ↑

Modernity and minimalism ↑

Today, in many apartments you can meet the combination kitchen with a living room, especially this design of 16 squares suitable for a Studio apartment larger. In this house only two rooms, besides a bathroom, a bedroom and a shared living room containing the cooking area.

Photo room design 16 squares

The interior is magnificent in its diversity of variations and always makes the apartment a stylish and multifunctional, despite the number of square meters.

Aesthetics American ↑

America has long used the minimalist style even in a spacious room. There is also need partitions of plastic or plexiglass, bar home Desk or small size table — in short, everything that we have seen repeatedly in American TV shows back in the 90-ies.

Photo room design 16 squares

Originality of thinking in the treatment of the design of this modern interior again is welcome, the only clarification for kitchen is better to use light texture.

Bedroom and hall?! ↑

And here the most interesting feature of the design for a room in 16 squares — if you are tired of hearing about built-in beds, sofas — transformers, folding armchairs — beds, an easy choice of the type of partitions you can successfully separate the territory into two areal zones.

Photo room design 16 squares

The partition wall is constructed of drywall or wood, fixed to wall and ceiling, completely eliminated the door — instead, you can buy bamboo partitions, if necessary.

Photo room design 16 squares

Particularly good tracery and arched walls, where you can hang sheer curtains or climbing plants. But the most fashionable trend of the season is the shelf partition, on which are placed decorative accessories and books, and sometimes TV, turn in one direction and then the other.

Photo room design 16 squares

Thus, the design of the room is 16 squares is actually not a problem, but great value for experimental interior.

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