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Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

In search of new facets of the original apartment interior designers actively use the idea of vertical gardening. Discussion this method are devoted to the rubrics of television programs that reveal the secrets of the modern landscaping of housing, are used by the decorators of the prestigious restaurants and large offices.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Features vertical greening ↑

Throughout its existence, people are drawn to nature – the cradle of the civilized world. The desire to retire and enjoy the beauty of nature is feasible without leaving the village. Thanks to the rapid spread of the idea of vertical gardening interior of your own apartment can be an oasis in the concrete desert of the city. The popularity of vertical compositions due to the following factors:

  • saves space on the window sills and the floor apartment;
  • does not restrict the penetration of daylight;
  • can decorate the interior in any place, regardless of the location of the window;
  • vertical gardening in your photomodule organically involved in the zoning of the premises;
  • improvement of the microclimate of the apartment due to the saturation of air with oxygen and regular evaporation.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

There are several ways to organize the apartment interior vertical gardening:

  • to create a landscape composition is applied to the traditional shelves on which the pots with your favorite plants;
  • purchase ready-made vertical modules or independent production allows to create in the interior extraordinary faostino, braided green spaces;
  • the formation of panels of succulents or moss, the design of which is suspended to the ceiling, wall, or installs on a horizontal surface;
  • there are more sophisticated methods of vertical gardening of the interior, to arrange which is impossible without professional equipment and knowledge in the field of phyto.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Selection of plants ↑

Lesson vertical interior landscaping provides a thorough approach when choosing plants. What are the qualitative characteristics indicate optimal compliance with the non-standard placing of greenery in the interior of the apartment:

  • to provide a solid location in an upright position is called the root system, developed at a sufficient level;
  • the length of the stem is short or curly option, like a creeper;
  • bushy arrangement of leaves small size.
The Council! Gardeners who do not have sufficient experience in the field of vertical gardening, it is better to choose for the interior of the apartment most undemanding spaces, not demanding a large number of moisture.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

According to florists, special attention for vertical gardening deserve the following houseplants:

  • ampelnye species able to grow rapidly and has a twining properties to mask design, philodendron, Hoya, epipremnum;
  • Amur grape, hops, Chinese Magnolia and fern polypodium;
  • spatifillum having an aesthetic appearance during the flowering period and the intermediate time, Chlorophytum, fatsiyi, fittonia;
  • in the absence of sufficient moisture or in an apartment with a hot climate to effectively decorate the interior will help small succulents and low sansevieri.

The original vertical gardening interior kitchen will provide herbs and greens in the form of mint, watercress, Basil and small-leaved varieties of lettuce.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

In the interior of the apartment is aesthetically pleasing look as the whole wall, feature vertical landscaping, and a separate living pictures waterfall or placing flowers. In the formation of the paintings incorporate a combination of plant texture leaves, the color shade and size. Optimally the absence of a pronounced barrel bushing and about the same height. Vertical gardening walls carried out in different ways:

  • you can use monoculture;
  • positioning of plants in horizontal rows or in diagonal;
  • advantageous in the interior of the apartment looks geometric composition with the protruding Central part and more low plantings at the edges;
  • chaotic mess, periodically diluted flowering specimens.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Variants of structures ↑

The relevance of vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment contributes to the growth proposals in the field of design. Company specializing in phyto-design, offer a choice of many special designs for the formation of the unusual landscaping of the interior of the apartment. In addition to the horizontal planter boxes, fotomodeli can have the shape of a cube, stele or pyramid. If we consider the content, all systems are divided into two types: interior landscaping of an apartment formed in the traditional way through the use of land or use of hydroponics. Both options have advantages and are not without drawbacks. The choice depends on the planned financial investments, time to care and conditions for installation.

The design of the containers, filled with soil, has a tangible weight, but for vertical gardening, you can use a large number of plantations. Care is not very different from the traditional, but the design is more cumbersome, it is not always acceptable for apartment interior.

If plants are planted in pockets, which are based on polymer felt used in hydroponics. The roots, penetrating the felt, the plantings provide a solid mount. The advantage of this method of vertical gardening is to ease the construction and installation works on its mounting and ease planting.

Comment! Planted in hydroponics the flowers need regular fertilizing, at least 1 time in 30 days.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Ready photomodule ↑

Operation in the interior of the apartment ready photomodule for vertical gardening simplifies plant care. This is due to the proposed automatic irrigation system. They are very compact, the depth does not exceed 20 cm, so the usable area of the apartment remains virtually unchanged. Stores offer models photomodule for vertical gardening, made of plastic.

Sealed back prevents the appearance of dampness and mold. Design does not require additional hydrophobic layers. Vertical base equipped with cells for planting flowers, they conducted an automatic drip irrigation system. Equipment photomodule for vertical gardening includes a motor for vertical water flow, the capacity for accumulation and humidity sensor. The water supply schedule is set by using the control panel. Mounted the sensor responds to humidity levels and, if necessary, starts the automatic watering system, so the interior decorating will be wholesome and saturated with moisture plant.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

The size of bicomodules for vertical gardening different. Draw a small picture of a possible compact design 30/30 cm, for wall composition suitable products 67/104 cm or 80/180 cm, thickness of such bicomodule in the range of 15-17 see a Significant disadvantage – the high cost of the product.

Homemade devices ↑

Decorate the interior can design for vertical gardening made his own. The only problem is the lack of automatic irrigation. There are several interesting models for vertical gardening. The simplest method involves the following steps:

  • Stepping back from the wall 5 cm, at a distance of 50-70 cm from each other are fixed two vertical supports, made of aluminium tubes or wooden boards.
  • From floor to ceiling at the same distance between the supports is fixed a cross bar.
  • The finished design fasten the twine pots and planted plants that will soon become the center of attention in the interior of the apartment.

Instead, traps and pots can be mounted polypropylene gutter, equip them with plugs at the edges. Later construction filled with expanded clay, suitable soil and place a floral arrangement.

Comment! This module is for vertical gardening provides moderate watering to prevent leakage of fluid.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

For small vertical gardening wall using a felt need:

  • For the frame applies a PVC panel or Board.
  • Waterproofing membrane, preferably designed for greenhouses.
  • Thin felt or other matter, not amenable to the processes of decay.
  • Narrow container to collect excess liquid when watering.
  • Tools to join materials (stapler, scissors).

Installation of structures for vertical landscaping of the apartment includes the following steps:

  • fastening tape with a stapler to the frame;
  • the formation of felt pockets that also can be fixed on the frame of the stapler;
  • at the last stage of design for vertical gardening interior is equipped with a reservoir for collecting fluid.
  • the wall mount is made by analogy with the finished fotomodelyu using screws and plastic anchors.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Panels of succulents or moss ↑

Interesting apartment interior with vertical gardening is a panel of succulents. For this you will need to prepare a shallow box of appropriate size, the bottom of which is glued the pots with hardy plants pre-germinated in a horizontal position. The space between the containers is filled with a decorative material, in its role there may be moss, burlap or straw. This is the simplest way to organize a compact interior landscaping. Instead of pots, the drawer can be filled with sphagnum moss as a hydrophobic material, and to fix the plants to use the net.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Create an original element of the interior of the apartment, using vertical gardening, will enable design, decorated with moss. For this purpose it is mixed in a blender together with a hydrophobic gel and water, after which the mixture is applied on a wooden surface with a brush.

It is important! When choosing moss consider its compatibility with a prepared basis.

Care for an extraordinary picture from moss is a regular weekly spraying with water.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

Proper organization of vertical gardening involves the presence in the interior of the apartment proper illumination of planted plants. Depending on the design, lamps can be mounted directly to the module, mounted on the ceiling or walls. For lighting vertical planting is preferable to use energy-saving fluorescent lamps.

Vertical gardening in the interior of the apartment

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