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The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Everyone wants to live in comfort and spaciousness. However, it is not always possible to enjoy extra space in an apartment where some rooms even difficult to turn around. First of all, it concerns food. Installing furniture set, free space is almost gone. To solve this problem, many decide to combine the kitchen with living room.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

It should be noted that this method of increasing space is also fashionable designer trend, which came to us from the West. In our apartments, such interior kitchen-living room can be recreated even on 18-20 square meters, which proves the following photos.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Advantages and disadvantages ↑

To decide whether to demolish the wall between these two rooms, you should analyze the pros and cons of such decisions. Although no «pitfalls» not here, and all the points that are written below are obvious, they should not be forgotten. Let’s start with pleasant benefits.

  • This style will add to any interior uniqueness and originality. Why live template? If the wall is there, but it prevents drift. You don’t have to stick to the classics if you don’t want that. However, before demolition, will receive for carrying out this construction work a written permission.
  • The demolition of the wall will release a few square meters in the room. You can leave them blank or put extra furniture.

As for disadvantages, they are not aesthetic, but practical.

  • Housewives who have, or who just like to cook a lot, will definitely face the problem of odors in the living room part of the room. Even a powerful hood to cope with the problem only partly.
  • The second disadvantage is the need for frequent cleaning of the living room. The kitchen is operated more often living room. When combining the rooms will have the same frequency to remove both parts.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Kitchen combined with a living room of 18 squares ↑

If the advantages which were described above, has been more significant than the disadvantages, you can skip to the beginning of works on transformation of the room. First, you should consider the design of the kitchen-living room 18 sq m.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Project ↑

Any serious construction work (a combination of room is such) the first step is to put on paper. When compiling a project room it is important to have a plan of the apartment, as it is possible to see all load-bearing walls, the exact position of the doors, communications and other things. After studying, you can go to the design Studio.

If there is a need to carry a gas point, it is worth considering that to obtain permission to conduct this procedure, you may experience various problems, especially if the work will be carried out not on the ground floor. Consider also supply water and sewer pipes in the kitchen. It is desirable that the wet area is not located above the living room downstairs neighbors. Again, residents of the first floor to solve this question much easier.

You can then engage in the distribution of territory. Usually this is the living room and kitchen areas (sometimes necessary to place and sleeping area in the room). What will be their ratio depends on each. For example, if you rarely dine at home, on the kitchen area to allocate 4-5 square meters. If you daily have to feed a large family, respectively the area for work should be more.

However, to deprive the living room part is also not worth it. Because here you can meet guests, respectively, giving half of the total territory of the kitchen, they are unlikely to be able to comfortably sit on the remaining 9 meters.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Decorating a room ↑

When the preparatory work is completed, you can proceed to the next stage – the decoration of the walls, floors and ceilings. Of course, the demolition of the wall will add a couple of square meters. However, it is equally important to the design of the room did not pick up much more.

18 square meters – is not such a large area. Therefore, the correct color is required in creating a modest Studio. So, first and foremost, forget about the dark rooms that are visually absorb space. Will definitely use contrasting dark colors, but it should be a different decorative insert. The main must be beige, white and other light colors that will enhance even a small caravan.

When choosing the material to cover the walls you should also consider the zoning of the room. For example, tile in the living room will give comfort, but in the kitchen it is just the way. Because this material is quite durable, and he’s easy to care for.

The ceiling is also better to choose light colors.

The Council! Stretch glossy ceilings visually lift and enhance the room.

But with regard to flooring, there are several options.

  • For each zone you can pick up a separate material for the flooring. For example, in the kitchen, it can be ceramic tile and the living room part of the room suitable soft carpet.
  • Is also great and the option with the same flooring throughout the Studio. The best option in this case will serve as a laminate. In the kitchen he can withstand all the stress and steadfastly withstand all mechanical damage. In the living room part room laminate will be a great design solution, since due to the variety of colors, it will fit to any style room.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Also when decorating a room, do not forget about the proper division of zones. To separate the living room from the kitchen, you can use curtains, screens, sliding systems or bar.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Furniture in a small living room / kitchen ^ the

When choosing furniture design for small kitchen-living room has its own nuances. First, the furniture need to be compact, yet comfortable for guests. If you wish to install in the living room part of sofa, the models with rounded shapes it is better to refuse, as they take up more space than the classic versions.

The Council! However, even this sofa saves more space compared to a conventional sofa and armchairs. And if you choose these sofas from the right angle, you can even make it practically invisible, since he’ll be in the corner.

Many important that if necessary, the room could equip a bed. In this case, it is necessary to take a folding model sofas.

The minutiae also do not forget, because they can also take away the space of the room. For example, a TV hanging on the wall, clear a small plot for themselves. Given these recommendations, the room can be build as compact as possible, and at the same time stylish and cozy.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Design kitchen-living room 20 sq. m. ↑

Additional 2 squares, though pleasant, but still a trifle. However, when used properly, and they may play a role. For example, a similar addition to a kitchen, will allow you to install additional counter space with various appliances or devices. If the kitchen is so fully equipped, then in the living room part of the room you can put a variety of decorative elements or any furniture.

However, by using some design tricks, you can give the room more space.

  • Illuminated every corner of the room, it is possible to visually enlarge. Therefore it is not necessary to do only one chandelier in the living room and kitchen parts. Great help in lighting will be spotlights.
  • The placement of mirrors give an effect of additional space in the kitchen-living room.

Finish options to choose also, as in the case of 18-foot room.

Choose any kitchen interior-living room 20 sq. m. from the following photo.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Design kitchen-living room 25 sqm with photo examples ↑

If you wish to create a similar room, at your disposal is as much as 25 square meters, can be considered lucky. Here you can create room in different styles. Of course, in a smaller space it is possible to recreate the desired style, however, the larger the area, the more expressive it will look.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Provence style in the combined room ↑

Classic style French gourmet village is an incredibly popular throughout Europe. So why is your Studio to create in this format? This option is ideal for those who prefer comfort and coziness. Antique furniture, bright colors, a large number of textile, various appropriate setting will help to recreate the atmosphere of a classic French country.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

Minimalism in the kitchen-living room ↑

Minimalism is quite popular among contemporary designers. Its characteristic feature is a minimum set of furniture. All that is in this room, have to bear the functional load, otherwise the subject has no place in this interior room.

In addition to the restraint in the furniture is also limited in the choice of colors. You should not choose more than three or four colors for the room. The shades should not be too contrasting.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

General recommendations when choosing furniture for the kitchen-living room ↑

Whatever the style, design and square footage of the room, there are some considerations when choosing furniture combined living room with kitchen. With kitchen, in principle, everything is clear. Most importantly, the furniture was practical and fit into the design. But when choosing upholstered furniture for the living room part of the room there are some tips:

  • We have already mentioned that even a powerful hood won’t be able to cope with the smell and grease in the room. Therefore, the furniture should be covered with material that is easy to clean and will not absorb odors.
  • Also sofas and chairs it is better to choose low legs or even without them. Especially for those who have small children hard to get is in one place. As a result, under the seats, you can often discover a variety of trash and leftovers.

In the end we can conclude that the combination kitchen with a living room, will definitely become a perfect and convenient design. However, the subtleties that should be considered when creating a room, there are many.

The interior of living room with kitchen 18, 20, 25 sq m

It is also recommended to view this video. It is possible to find useful tips on arrangement of a small kitchen-living room.

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