English style in the kitchen interior

To date, there are quite a large number of European stylistic trends in kitchen design. But among them the most widely kitchen interior in English style. It can be a unique combination of decorative elements inherent in the houses of great Britain and stylish design elements other continental countries. English style implies a unity of comfort and gentility, classics and conservatism in the design of buildings.

English style in the kitchen interior

The characteristic features of the English style ↑

The development of this style in the interior took place in several stages.

Initially, in the period of the middle of the XVII, beginning of XVIII centuries the interior of the premises was unduly modesty and rigor. Mainly observed the severity of the lines, symmetrical form, soft color accents.

Since the end of XVIII century begins the Victorian era, and the interior is beginning to change. Popping paint on the walls, the furniture becomes elegant lines and rich decor.

English style in the interior is very diverse. He absorbed not only the old traditions of England, but managed to combine the traditions of all the surrounding colonies.

Despite the eclecticism, English-style visible only to her characteristic features:

  1. I welcome the furniture clean lines and simple shapes. Classic, symmetry, and harmony in the interior – are the main accents used in the English style. It’s inadmissible in the interior of the gaudy, flashy and challenging in its execution of elements.
  2. English style is high quality and naturalness of all the materials used. Unacceptable use of pseudonatural surfaces.
  3. The main material that is used in the English style – wood. Furniture, floors, wall panels – all made from natural wood.
  4. Colors for interior design contains pastel shades. Not welcome too much of a contrast.
  5. Typical prints for the decorative elements in the English style – plaid, strip, floral patterns. Textiles use only the highest quality with a distinctive print and a luxurious texture.

There are two main currents in the design of the kitchen in the English style. The classic direction is clear, concise, but at the same time exquisite finish. The direction of the country, on the contrary, is marketed as a cozy interior, home cooking. No matter what the design of the interior is less clearly defined and streamlined, but it still maintains good quality materials and noble appearance.

English style in the kitchen interior

The unusual layout of the kitchen in the English style ↑

The basic concepts of the interior of such premises is a symmetry and a clear division into zones. As a rule, in the center of the kitchen is a large table with a round shape, which in addition to its direct purpose – meal, used as a cutting surface. All the furniture is massive, monumental, therefore, to translate into reality the English style on a very small kitchen is unlikely to happen. In a pinch, you can combine the kitchen with a dining room, but it will be some deviation from the rules and traditions.

English style in the kitchen interior

Finish for kitchen in English style ↑

Basically what is inherent in the strict English style in the kitchen is correctly chosen background. He creates that unique feeling of nobility, of aristocracy. It should be particularly careful approach to the choice of finishing material for the kitchen. In the English style he brings some unusual feature. Traditionally, cuisine select material that is practical and high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. For kitchen in English style and decoration has a purely impractical goal. It is designed not so much to protect walls, how to decorate them and create the appropriate mood. Practical tiled covered only a small surface over the stove. All the rest of the space is sheathed with wooden panels or glued Wallpaper.

When choosing Wallpaper is the preference given to paper editions with a symmetrical pattern of leaves, or a cage with vertical bars. Wood panels can be painted or decorated with stucco.

If the kitchen is small and it has a design in the English style, it is enough to paint the walls paint the calm, muted tones.

The most traditional coating for kitchen with the English interior – it’s a large tile size or laminated wood panels. When choosing tile, special attention should be taken to its color. A good option would be plain tiles a calm, neutral shades. As an alternative to paving of contrasting colors, e.g. black and white palette. Special style in the kitchen with exposed wooden, polished boards, tightly fitted to each other.

English style in the kitchen interior

How to decorate the ceiling in the kitchen in the English style ↑

The choice of materials depends on how spacious the kitchen is. The room is small size in a standard apartment provides traditional whitewash or paint with latex paint. For kitchens large areas with high ceilings open more opportunities of finishing. Ceilings multi-level play structures, play with color, using stucco and decorative ornaments. For such ceilings is the most suitable fixtures on long suspensions with concise, simple lampshades.

English style in the kitchen interior

How to choose furniture for kitchen in English style ↑

As already known, the English style in the interior developed in stages. Therefore, the furniture for the interior can carry the imprint of centuries.

For example, kitchen sets Victorian style is the symbol of luxury. Only natural wood expensive breeds, a large number of decoration, thread. Perhaps the decoration with elements of forging or mosaic.

The furniture in the Regency style is clean lines, minimum of decor and a kind of asceticism in General, the external perception. But, despite its seemingly simplicity, this furniture always looks aristocratic, stylish and expensive due to the quality of raw materials.

During the reign of king Edward also left its mark in the furniture elements. For they are characterized by delicate carving, elegant decoration and artistic painting.

It is also worth noting the peculiarity of the furniture in the kitchen. The island implies that there is a fairly large area, and if the kitchen meets the necessary parameters, you can safely install kitchen island.

The origin of the English style during the middle ages, left their mark in the selection of sinks and other kitchen appliances. They are massive, strength and durability. If you are installing the sink, it is different in its depth, hob number of burners, hood – for its size.

English style in the kitchen interior

Appliances in the kitchen in the English style ↑

The presence of innovations in the world of home appliances is unacceptable for this style. But, unfortunately, modern life is impossible without them. So the fridge, oven and other necessary kitchen gadgets are carefully hidden behind wooden doors and drawers of kitchen units, of which there is present a very large number. If it is not possible to hide kitchen appliances. It is desirable to select such a model that would match the vintage style.

English style in the kitchen interior

Things without which can not do ↑

To emphasize the English style in the kitchen, be sure to follow all the subtleties and nuances.

In the coverage of the unacceptable use of spot lights and fluorescent lamps. Only the classic fixtures of wood or metal. Welcome the additional light in a wall sconce or a floor lamp. It will help visually divide the space into zones and make the overall kitchen lighting softer and more pleasant.

Textiles on the Windows – curtains decorated with tassels and swags. Typically, curtains are made in two version. The first layer is a lightweight, transparent tulle in white. The second tier is made of heavy, opaque fabric.

English style in the kitchen is fine China, and copper utensils, pots, ceramics, flowers in wicker baskets and other pleasant things.

English style in the kitchen interior

Conclusion ↑

Choosing the English style to decorate your kitchen, you should be very careful approach to this issue. Observing all rules and subtleties, kitchen design will delight you for years to impress your guests with splendor, and every year to acquire dignity and nobility.

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