Bathroom and toilet

The project combined bathroom

Very often the owners of small apartments thinking about creating a combined bathroom. In most cases, planning in advance is combined, so all that is left for homeowners is to find a suitable placement of furniture and sanitary ware.

The project combined bathroom

Naturally, in order to make the bathroom truly comfortable, special attention should be paid to colours. To achieve a visual extension, it is necessary to position lights and pick colors.

The Council! As a material for finishing bathrooms in most cases, use tile. It has a great resistance to high moisture content in the air and perfectly clean.

Important nuances when creating the project, combined bathroom ↑

The project combined bathroom

If you have a bathroom combined with a toilet, while its square is not particularly large, that is no reason to restrict your comfort. With proper planning, you can create the most functional space in a limited area. It’s enough to care approach to project development, combined bathroom.

As a reference for your project, take a room with an area of one meter and 82 cm by 2.15 m. these are the bathrooms you can find in most two bedroom apartments in the country.

The project combined bathroom

You should start with priorities. For example, older people prefer a spacious and comfortable shower with many additional features. Modern equipment allows to promptly wash, with some booths may be equipped with unique devices and provide massage and drying.

Nevertheless, bath is still very popular. They give the opportunity to relax in a casual atmosphere. But the fact is that in such a confined space you will have to choose between a project and a combined bathroom includes a multifunctional shower and a small bath.

The project combined bathroom

Attention! The main advantage of the bath is that it is possible to take a simple shower. However, any additional options will have to forget.

The simplest layout in a small room ↑

The project combined bathroom

In some cases, the simplicity allows you not only to achieve the minimum financial costs, but also to organize maximum functionality. Not surprisingly, in most cases, the simplest solution is the most correct.

If we talk about small bathrooms, it is best to install the bathroom on that wall that is shorter. One meter and 82 centimeters will be enough to comfortably feel any adult.

The project combined bathroom

The remaining items you can build along a long wall, which will be free. It is usually installed here:

  • sink,
  • bedside table,
  • the Laundry basket etc.

Also this wall is often installed the toilet. The boiler should be mounted here.

The project combined bathroom

On the wall opposite the bathroom, you can attach the mirror. But nothing bulky here to install will not work, because large objects will block access to the toilet. Washing machine in the project of small combined node can be installed close to the tank.

Remove the corners and set the mirror ↑

The project combined bathroom

Novice designers greatly underestimate the importance of corners in their designs bathrooms with toilets. For example, if you put the bathroom in a semicircular niche — this will allow you to visually greatly increase the internal space.

The project combined bathroom

Can also be done with a countertop that will be installed under the sink. Rounded corners not only make the space visually larger, but also increase the level of security. It will be more than useful if you have small children.

Attention! Mirrors are best placed in the break fallsgrove. At the same time in the box to hide the communication.

Functionality ↑

When you create a project and a combined bathroom should not stop attention only to the visual part. The way you arrange the key elements of the room, depends how comfortable you will be.

The project combined bathroom

When selecting the location for the shower stall can be guided out the door. When the door is in the short wall, the space opposite would be to allocate under the shower.

The project combined bathroom

Attention! The booth can best be raised slightly above the floor. This will allow you to make the drain invisible.

Special attention should be given to the partition that separates this room from the rest of the bathroom. It will be convenient to hidden system WC with overhead tank.

The project combined bathroom

You need to make the partition a little bit not reached to the ceiling. It will make the room visually even more. The washing machine can be hidden under the sink. Sliding partitions perfectly complement this concept.

The Council! Mounted cabinets save space and give a place to put towels or bathrobes.

Projects bathrooms in different styles ↑

Mediterranean style ↑

The project combined bathroom

To make the design of the project and a combined bathroom in a Mediterranean style, take a room with a long 2.5 m and width of 1.9 m. Is the optimal settings that allow you to make the room as comfortable as possible.

The project combined bathroom

The project combined bathroom in a Mediterranean style consists of such main elements:

  • bath,
  • the toilet,
  • two wash basins.

Of course, additionally, the project will include many elements, such as mirrors or boxes for towels. But their location will depend on the way in this project, combined bathroom, you place two sinks, bathtub and toilet.

The project combined bathroom

The Council! The toilet it is best to hide behind a screen.

Such a design is best suited for large families, but not only. If several people simultaneously is going to work, then access to the sink becomes very important option.

The project combined bathroom

The project combined bathroom in Mediterranean style is often added shopping for clothes. But this element in most cases is purely decorative. It is easy to hide under the sink.

When choosing the color palette for the tiles it is best to give preference to the mixture of brown and orange. Such a palette is traditional for projects in Mediterranean style. The main advantage of this layout is the spaciousness. Here you can easily install a washing machine, boiler or dresser.

Attention! White elements balance the brown and orange colors, making the room visually bigger. Also to increase the visual space, it is recommended to use a large mirror to ceiling.

If you decide in the draft instead of a bath to make a shower, it is best to use frosted glass as a partition. The fact that transparent glass Windows require a lot of care.

Project for elongated toilets for premises with parameters of 2.5 x 1.9 m ↑

The project combined bathroom

Draft elongated combined bathroom is the most popular standard in Russian apartments. Conventionally, in order to obtain the desired quantity is the partition between tub and toilet breaks. This allows you to greatly expand the area of space and gives more room for design imagination.

The project combined bathroom

Next, plumbing and furniture are exhibited in a row. This is the most rational type of plan, allowing to achieve the greatest ergonomics while using a minimum of space.

Much more interest in this project, combined bathroom is the color scheme. Very often, designers use mosaic tiles. This is perfect for a small room, as it creates a kind of graphical illusion, allowing him to graphically expand.

The project combined bathroom

Attention! When using mosaic masonry need to be careful. It is best to cover separate parts of the room and not the whole of it.

When it comes about color matching, it is best to focus on blue shades. This acquisition also will significantly expand visual space and add design to a certain lightness. In turn, cream and brown insets add design concept of heat.

Narrow WC ↑

The project combined bathroom

In some apartments the bathroom is very narrow. In this case we have to create a project and a combined bathroom with shower. This variant is optimal at these conditions.

If you are ready to create a project narrow bathrooms with a maximum liability, in the room, you can also install a bidet. This element of plumbing to mount in front of the toilet. But all must be calculated so that a free pass to the stall.

The project combined bathroom

If you can’t imagine life without a bath, it is possible to install compact design, in which you can bathe while seated. Such options are extremely popular in Japan.

The Council! Instead of a bidet you can use this device as a spray bidet. This will significantly save space in the project, combined bathroom.

Naturally, in this combination bathroom space for a normal washing machine just yet, of course, you can choose the compact option, but it will greatly reduce the combined space.

The project combined bathroom

Attention! When choosing colors for a project, combined bathroom, you can use orange mosaic with white accents to demarcate areas.

The results ↑

As you can see, there are many projects and a combined bathroom. Therefore, even if the minimum area possible to achieve good functionality, if, for example, install a shower stall or small bathtub.

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