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Radio for bathroom

The desire to maintain a good mood, taking a shower in the bathroom, did not remain without attention of nosy researchers in consumer preferences of today’s market. Often people are distracted in the bathroom not on the sound itself, and the content. Therefore, getting a charge of fresh content on the radio in the bathroom increasingly becomes a habit, along with reading mobile news transport.

Radio for bathroom

What it is – a radio for the bathroom ↑

Long gone is the bulky radios, Packed in waterproof plastic bags, which was hard and dangerous in the conditions of abundance of moisture bathroom.

Industrial technology and microelectronics has allowed to create a comfortable, practical and slightly unusual model radio for bathroom the most demanding taste:

  • Radio to stay in the bathroom – sinks, not afraid of hot water and does not require network supply of electricity, it is usually a universal model of radio, able to withstand any flow of moisture to swim and not to drown.
  • Radio built into the interior of the bathroom or just in the wall of the room;
  • Exclusive model for bathroom with remote voice control or the remote control.
Note! Despite the apparent external «toy», modern radio for the bathroom is a serious and complex device.

Portable radio for the bathroom ↑

Many well-known companies – manufacturers of interior released portable and built-in models radio for the bathroom for the past several decades, during this time, many of pure entertainment options have become a stylish accessory in the bathroom, standing a lot of money.

The easiest and chassis the option of a portable radio for the bathroom – a small model Silver Crest. Radio is characterized by small dimensions 24х8см, low weight in 340гр and long-lasting operation even in conditions of intense soul. The power for the radio are three penlight batteries.

Radio for bathroom

Control knobs and back cover of the battery have a rubber seal that helps maintain moisture in the bathroom. Hook and light weight allow you to secure the device in the most unexpected places. Unusual streamlined shape makes it easy to carry, but in the bathroom you will have to use only in limbo.

Range of AM and FM, as reception no surprises, it roughly corresponds to the budget version of the conventional FM receiver, the price is about 10 dollars, perfect for camping.

Model radio for bathroom ↑

Among the most prestigious models built into the bathroom wall, you can mark the products of the German company GIRA. Feature inset models for bathroom is easily recognizable layout that is repeated in all models except «CLASSICX ART-1». Required attribute is a stylish double border. Difference only in design design, this can be glass or tinted plastic.

With all its furniture appearance products GIRA is a complex technical device, it has a high quality reception and retention of the signal on a standard FM band. Radio reads messages RDS channel, automatically controls the sound of the speakers and can independently be activated when you turn on the shower, light or other signal sources. The cost of ART-1 of about 300дол. Models with speech recognition are three times more expensive. Often radio GIRA successfully integrated into various intellectual control system of home appliances.

Radio for bathroom

The most expensive and prestigious model is the radio of the German company PEHA. Among the most famous models of radio is considered a successful line under the brand «NOVA». It is actually a multimedia center. For bathroom PEHA has released a waterproof model «WITH IDOCK». The model allows to receive signals wirelessly from the transmitter and to reproduce any content.

Built-in microphone and speaker will not only hear the transmission or soundtrack, and a full talk on the phone, the noise of the soul when it will be disguised by the special function of the radio.

If you compare the products of the company PEHA is an analogue of the Bentley, if you speak the language of cars.

Radio for bathroom

Less hyped and expensive, but more driving the market is the embedded radio for the bathroom under the Spanish brand KBSOUND. The popularity of radio has contributed to a relatively reasonable price in a fairly wide range of possibilities.

Radio for bathroom

In the sale complete with radio KBSound PLUS is supplied:

  • Pair of speakers 1.5 W, 16 Ohms, with a diameter of 5 cm and a height of 2.5 cm;
  • Digital FM receiver with a signal amplifier;
  • Control panel with LCD display all parameters of the radio;
  • Remote sensor-receiver for remote control signal;
  • The antenna is of the soft type, 76 cm;
  • Patch cords speakers 10 meters – 2 PCs.
Note! Some models radio KBSOUND has a built-in automatic increase-decrease the volume level.

For models KBSOUND ISelect 2.5″ is possible to connect special KBSOUND BLUETOOTH module that allows you to receive audio signal from any device having a corresponding channel, such as a laptop. The module cost about $ 130.

Installation of built-in radio in the bathroom ↑

One of the most easy to install is the brand KBSound, almost all of the parts required for the normal operation of the device has already been packaged by the manufacturer in the sales set. Moreover, the size of the speakers one to one match with the diameter and height of a standard point lamp, so it’s easier radio of this model to install on the false ceiling.

Conditions for setting the radio in the bathroom ↑

If the ceiling design suspended ceiling are collected from moisture-resistant drywall or OSB, the sound of the speakers will be just perfect. If an overhead structure is assembled from individual slats, tiles or recruited from the profile, the normal operation dynamics will not work due to the low stiffness of the supporting profile.

If the bathroom is no ceiling on which to set the dynamics need to be further fabricated into bathroom corner niche or fullspace of water resistant plasterboard.

Next, execute the installation of the radio in the following order:

  1. At a distance of 25-30 cm from the side walls of the annular drill bit into the plaster Board cut a hole for the installation of speakers. Have power cord power supply radio plug cut, trimmed and propium with tin contacts;
    Radio for bathroom
  2. Through the carved openings are laid in the cavity of a suspended ceiling or plasterboard niches power supply. Cleaned the contacts of the power cord of the unit plugged to the connectors nearest the lamp. Now when you turn on the light automatically will be supplied the mains voltage on the power supply to the radio;
    Radio for bathroom
  3. To the power supply of the connected host nodes FM tuner, if necessary, connected KBSOUND BLUETOOTH and hide all electronic components in the space between the suspended ceiling and the floor slab;
    Radio for bathroom
  4. Extend and connect the patch cords from the speakers to the amplifier output of the radio, turn on the light, and thereby activate a radio on. If check the operation of the radio remote control is successful, turn off the power;
  5. The edges of the cut out holes for the installation of speakers apply a layer of sealant and insert speakers.
    Radio for bathroom

In addition to the ceiling, reproducing part of the radio can be set to any of the walls of the bathroom. The only condition is the presence near the place of installation of network wiring lighting or sockets, into which you can plug the power supply. As in the case of the ceiling, the speakers must be fixed on a solid and rigid construction.

In addition, for the laying and installation of patch cords will need to run in the wall niche to a depth of 20-25 mm. most Often, the cords pass through the ceiling or under the decorative elements of the bathroom.

It is important! In any case, patch cords and receiving units must be in the bathroom farthest from wiring and electrical appliances.

Despite assurances from the manufacturer about the absolute stability of all parts to moisture, it is better to treat the layer of sealant all the contacts and connectors of the device.

Completion ↑

The idea of using the audio broadcast in the bathroom finds more and more fans, and often they do not stop even the high price of some models. Practice confirms once again how modern man tied to the means of communication, and to abandon their use, even in the bathroom, does not make sense.

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