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How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Until recently, to make a bathroom in a wooden house was not possible. High humidity and high temperature for a very short time have destroyed any repairs. But today, a variety of modern building materials have made this problem not as urgent. Information on how to equip a bathroom in a wooden house which allow to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently, will be very useful for those who have aimed to get hold of in a private house of wood such benefit of civilization as a bathroom.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Construction of water supply ↑

The choice of the method of diversion of water from the bathroom is of particular importance when it comes to the fact that the house is built of timber. The fact that a log house gives quite a lot of shrinkage. This feature must be taken into account in the design and installation of plumbing systems.

For these purposes it is better to use plastic pipes since they are the most resistant to deformation. The pipeline is laid it is necessary to apply a special rubberized clips or clamps for plumbing elements. Also do not forget about the protection of the pipeline from low temperatures. For this purpose the insulating material that covers not only the pipe but also the subfloor in the bathroom.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

The surface of wood very poorly tolerate moisture is a fact. In order to protect bathroom floor from premature damage, costs include installation of special drain valve that will allow you to drain off any moisture in the sewer.

The best system to drain the water in the wooden house will become a drain trap with a dry stopper. It is a plastic float, which closes the drain hole after removal of water. This device is best suited for the bathroom in a wooden house in the country. It perfectly protects not only from the accumulation of excess moisture, but also from the penetration of odors from the sewer into the interior.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Attention! Assuming the presence of such a drain in the bathroom floor is laid at a slight incline.

Waterproofing bathroom ↑

The moisture from the bathroom did not penetrate into the dwelling of a wooden house, be sure to waterproofing, thereby creating a certain protective barrier against steam and moisture.

Work on waterproofing the bathroom in a wooden house require compliance with certain rules. Before finishing of the bathroom waterproofing materials, walls, ceiling, and floor should be clean, and align.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

The best protection against moisture provide the roofing material, liquid glass and liquid polymer floors. The installation of a waterproofing of a floor and ceiling of the bathroom in a wooden house is carried out in one step.

Consider two of the most popular ways to carry out the waterproofing of the room in a wooden house:

  1. Surface treatment special waterproof compounds, which after drying form a durable, waterproof film;
  2. The mounting of roll material, which forms a solid waterproofing layer. To prevent moisture from leaking through the seams laid rows of material, the cloth should be laid with overlaps.
Attention! If the waterproofing plastic film is used, it is placed in several layers over the entire area of the room.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Conducting waterproofing bathroom floor, hardwood flooring harboured a fairly dense layer of bitumen mastic on which is laid waterproofing material. You should know that the basic condition of carrying out waterproofing works in the bathroom is that the floor level in this room must be lower than in other rooms.

After the waterproofing is laid, if required is laid the reinforcing mesh, which is closed by the insulation. The final step is the pouring of cement screed.

All work is realistic to perform on their own. The main thing is not to hurry and to fully comply with the algorithm of work performance.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Ventilation bathroom ↑

The best solution to the arrangement of the ventilation for the bathroom in a wooden house will be the installation of ventilation systems. Technology installation is quite simple and quite accessible for self-fulfillment.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Consider a phased manual arrangement of ventilation in the bathroom:

  1. Around the base of the future ceiling mount two air duct tubes, one of which provides a flow of air, and the other is its output.
  2. In each tube, the corners of the bathroom make a special funnel, one of which will continue to set the fan, and the second is closed the grille.

Special subtle and not, the main thing all to do accurately and strictly adhere to the plan.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

The floor finish ↑

A tree in its structure, of course, different from brick or concrete blocks. Therefore, decorating a bathroom in a wooden house has its own specifics. You need to understand that the weight of the sanitary elements is not constant. For example, a bathtub filled with water, changing its mass and therefore changing the load on the floor of the house. Even if the bath is located on the ground floor, such variations in load may affect the integrity and density of hardwood floors.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

In order to avoid a rather fast destruction of the house, it is still in the design stage provide the following details:

  • the thickness of the slab increases by 25%;
  • increasing the cross-sectional area of load-bearing beams;
  • installation of beams is carried out in smaller increments and at 20 cm below normal.

These conditions are binding, as the floor of the bathroom in a wooden house, in addition to the concrete screed and waterproof layer, carpeted with tile. If you don’t consider the necessary settings bookmarks support beams and ceilings, it is possible to obtain the discrepancy level bathroom floor with the living areas.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

As a floor covering, in addition to ceramic tile, you can use linoleum, water-resistant laminate, very durable wood, cork or mosaic.

Walls ↑

Thinking about how to cover bathroom in a wooden house, you should consider the specifics of building a house and the characteristics of the basic material of construction is wood. It is important to remember that the constant changes in temperature, increased humidity will affect the wood structure. It can shrink or crack, gathering moisture.

All this leads to quite serious trouble, in the form of deformation of the walls and the curvature of the geometry of the entire room. To avoid such moments before the finish wood bathroom walls, they secured a protective falshstena, and only then finishing material.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

As a basis for the decor well suited the drywall. Composed of such a material and wall trunking are ideal for any finish. The only exception is when the walls are not gypsum sheathing – this wall covering paneling.

Very often used independent design on a special moving frame. For this purpose the metal profile, which is attached movable connectors to the wall. This method is highly relevant for the walls of wood as shrinkage of the main structure, only move the wall out of wood, and the coated surface remains inviolable.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

It is important! Mounting falshsteny, do not forget about a certain air gap between the wooden walls and installed tiled surface. It is necessary for natural ventilation and eliminates condensation.

A good option will finish hardwood bathroom walls combined method. It provides the walls with ceramic tiles in areas closest to the water, and other finishing materials in the remaining space. To combine materials in different planes. Alternate the decor from ceiling to mid-wall, and then to the floor. Or to combine several materials in the two halves of the wall.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Choosing materials to finish the bathroom in a wooden house, be sure to consider the resistance to moisture, chemicals, and household detergents. Traditionally used in ceramic tiles, mosaic, porcelain tiles, wall paneling. Not excluded the option, when the walls remain intact, Only in this case they definitely need to soak waterproof formulations.

The interior of the bathroom in a wooden house can be arranged in a variety of styles. Most advantageous to look the interior in the Provence style, classic, minimalism and eco-style.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Ceiling decoration ↑

The ceiling in the bathroom in a wooden house needs to have the following characteristics:

  • not to absorb moisture;
  • be resistant to fire;
  • to absorb extraneous sounds;
  • not produce unpleasant smells and substances.

The best option that meets all the necessary requirements, a suspended ceiling. In addition to the excellent consumer qualities, he successfully hides all the communication and it is possible to mount a sufficient number of vents.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

The choice of style, color and texture of the ceiling in the bathroom is limited only to personal taste preferences and financial capabilities.

The lighting in the bathroom ↑

Practical, modern and economical lighting, suitable for bathroom in a wooden house – halogen spot lamp. They give good coverage across the surface-very easy to mount in any point of the ceiling, thereby zoning the room the bathroom.

It is important! All wiring must be protected from moisture.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Choice of sanitary ware ↑

Responsible, but very nice stage, signaling that renovations are in the home stretch. For bathroom wooden houses are practically no limitations on the installation of any sanitary equipment. The minimum set of required elements consists of: sink, bathtub or shower stall, toilet (if the toilet). When choosing plumbing elements you need to consider only their weight, since undesirable large load on wooden floor at home.

How to make a bathroom in a wooden house

Conclusion ↑

To date, the presence of a bathroom in a wooden house is not a luxury, it is a prerequisite comfortable stay. For its arrangement does not need to overcome the challenge. It is sufficient to follow a clear sequence of performance of works, not to rush, control the quality of the materials used and to consider their compatibility with the main material of construction of the house – tree.

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