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Stucco shearling – technology proper application

The interior of their homes always want to do especially beautiful. Should pay attention to the walls of the house during the finishing works and take advantage of the interesting solutions.

For example, to create on the walls a unique texture with a special plaster. Decorative textured finish creates a rough layer on the surface and can be of different types. In this article we will tell you about textured plaster lamb and how to apply.

Decorative textured plaster lamb: why is it special? ↑

Its popularity plaster “Lamb” received in the USSR. However, the name she then bore another, and many remember it as grainy finish “Coat”.

Similar material used for finishing work indoors as well as for decoration of the facade. Due to the grainy texture gives a very unusual design. This composition can be used on any surface-cement, lime plaster or conventional plaster.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

The diverse composition makes it possible to arrange the walls to your taste: for example, in a watercolor style or to create an imitation of wooden surfaces. That is why plaster “Lamb” used in the design of restaurants, houses, hotels, holiday homes and apartments.

In addition, the material allows disguise flaws in walls: cracks, potholes. And the surface is coated with such a composition, is more resistant to moisture, sun, and mechanical damage.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

The appearance of such coverage for a long time, looks like new and needs no special care. You can just spend damp cleaning with a cloth.

Properties of plaster shearling ↑

Facade plaster lamb has excellent characteristics in use. Huge selection of colors gives you endless possibilities in creating unique interiors!

The main properties of this material are:

  • The excellent adhesion of plaster to the base;
  • Frost resistance and water resistance;
  • Impact resistance;
  • Elasticity;
  • Easy to use;
  • Not exposed to the sun.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

It is important! You can use plaster as a base and top coat it with paint or a shiny glaze. In this case, your interior is really unique!

The composition of the plaster shearling ↑

This composition is made of ecologically clean and absolutely safe a person mineral components.

Option facade plaster lamb can contain elements with a water repellent is necessary for its durability.

The basis of this plaster is a natural materials:

  • Dolomite;
  • Marble;
  • Quartz.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

This material does not form a condensate, and passes the vapour. These properties provide the room is very comfortable for human life microclimate.

The composition of the plaster and the size of the pellets completely balanced: there are particles of one to several millimeters. They form a single mass, and provide high-quality coating on the surface.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

In conventional finishing, in contrast to textured contains sand. He settles on the surface, and granules of plaster lamb remain in the volume of the mixture to dry completely.

This property allows you to create unusual patterns on the walls inside and outside. This coating can be the basis for paint and brought a real work of art!

In order to have a full idea of how decorative textured plaster lamb looks in reality, take a look at photos of finished interiors.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

How to prepare for the start of the work? ↑

Before proceeding to the treatment of the walls, you must prepare all the required tools to work with. You will need:

  • Ordinary masking tape. So as not to contaminate those surfaces, which process is not necessary;
  • Several spatulas of different sizes;
  • Bucket for preparation of the mixture;
  • Rag cleaning tool;
  • Gloves;
  • The blue or paint – if you plan to use them.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

It is important! Be sure to put on gloves in order to protect the skin.

Surface preparation for application of decorative plaster shearling ↑

To start, you need to clean the surface to be plastered from contamination.

There should not be paint and flaking materials. It is advisable to treat the surface with primer.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

If all requirements are met, you can apply a decorative coating. The surface can be:

  • of brick;
  • plasterboard;
  • of cement;
  • other materials.
It is important! Work should be performed when the air temperature is 5 to +30 degrees

How to make plaster with their hands ↑

Mix dry mixture into equal shares. The percentage indicated on the product packaging. The finished composition should be similar consistency to pasta.

The resulting mixture stir with the help of special nozzles with electric drill or mixer. Put a few minutes, and then stir the composition again.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

Apply the mixture to the surface is necessary with a stainless steel trowel, and then smoothed.

Mineral granules in this process are distributed randomly. And on the surface of the wall leaves a mark in equal size granules.

Technology applying plaster shearling ↑

For wall decor you will need to plaster and paint the primer with quartz sand content. The relief is attached to a special trowel, spatula or trowel.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

Some important rules according to the technology of applying the plaster lamb with his own hands:

  • The composition should be glued to the wall. Thus, it is not necessary to have it absorbed. That is why first you need to apply on the wall primer.
  • If the surface is smooth, treat it with an undercoat.
  • Only after the primer has dried, proceed to the process of plaster.
  • The layer thickness should be equal to the size of the granules in the composition.
  • Remember that the mixture is structured within fifteen minutes. Calculate the surface to be treated beforehand!
  • The plaster should be applied continuously.

Read more about how to keep the technology of application of decorative plaster shearling you can see pictures and videos

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

How to level the surface? ↑

Immediately after application of the mixture to remove the excess. Walk along the wall surface at an angle with a spatula until it is not going plaster.

No frozen remains remove with a wet cloth. Frozen – mechanically.

Stucco shearling - technology proper application

It is important! Plaster dries quickly! Ready do not forget from time to time stir and add a little water.

Coat the surface of the plaster ↑

If you decide to continue working with the design, you can read about the process of painting the walls. To paint the stucco surface with a roller or a wide brush.

In order to soften the colors, use the glove, and the deeper the relief creates an ordinary sponge foam.

Stucco shearling - technology proper applicationStucco shearling - technology proper application

For a richer appearance on the protruding surface coating can be used silver or gold with purple. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it.

The Council! Walls can always be repainted without changing the texture. This is the advantage of plaster.

For further Shine and durability on a surface you can apply a special wax. It will prolong the life of the coating!

Stucco shearling - technology proper applicationStucco shearling - technology proper application

The secrets to drawing textured plaster shearling ↑

  • Use a special embossed roller. Slide it over the freshly applied plaster. If the relief is too pronounced or rough, you can smooth it with a soft brush.
  • Boots also leave the invoice. Use them to create your unique design and surprise guests with your sense of style
  • If the plaster is white, paint it with blue mother-of-pearl. This technology is particularly suitable for the premium interior.
  • Before starting work, try to put the finished composition to the drywall and try to create invoice. This rehearsal will help to create the perfect result!

Stucco shearling - technology proper applicationStucco shearling - technology proper application

Lamb is the key to a unique and exclusive interior and freedom of flight to your imagination.

To blend the front of the house, hotel or wall in any room! The result will be many long years to delight you and your guests.

The installation process this plaster is not difficult. But for better results, check out the training photos and videos.

Thus, you will be able to make a minimum of errors. And the result will leave you satisfied!

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