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How to choose the right Wallpaper

Such a thing as «repair» at least once in a lifetime for every adult. Among the important elements of the future dwelling of the interior, highlight the issue of decorating the walls. The modern market of finishing materials offers a variety of options for wall design, will focus on how to choose the color of Wallpaper.

Attention! From the correct selection depends on the atmosphere of the room, its comfort and coziness.

Any error in the selection of Wallpaper leads to very unpleasant consequences: damage of design, the waste of time and money.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Selection rules Wallpapers ↑

In the selection of Wallpaper in our days taking into account factors such as material wealth of the landlord, his personal preferences, fashion trends in design and interior. Try and figure out how to choose a Wallpaper to the Wallpapers, you need to consider to achieve goals.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Choose the color ↑

Modern interior design used two color composition: warm and cold. In addition, you can use and their various shades. Very bright colors – not the best solution for residential design. Such Wallpapers will be hard to find tulle. Correctly will make a striking accent color in the kitchen.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

The Council! When pasting interconnecting rooms use this Wallpaper, similar in tone.

If the room is well lit by natural sunlight, can be a little «mute» purple, lilac, light blue undertones. For rooms with Windows which are located to the North, be sure to choose light-colored laminate or linoleum, sheer curtains, warm colors of the Wallpaper.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

The Council! For dark dwellings suitable pink, beige, red, yellow.

When possession modification patterns, it is possible to obtain a visual effect of increasing or decreasing the size of the room. Subtle patterns give it some extra volume in a juicy and expressive shades add coziness and home warmth in the spacious room. If the ceilings are high, it would be correct to use a dark laminate or linoleum, light tulle. The lower part of the walls make out the dark webs, and the upper part is decorated with bright tones. For the dark room thick curtains can not be used, but in the sun room they will help «to escape» in the morning from annoying sun «Bunny».

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Lovers of unusual interiors, suitable innovative solutions. You can combine plain Wallpaper with bright linoleum or laminate flooring. Complement the created image neutral curtains.

The Council! It is better not to use heavy patterns, but just a modest floral pattern, undemanding polka dots, geometric shapes.

Unusual solutions ↑

To paste over a room with colored Wallpaper with the same finish. One wall can be decorate with patterned Wallpaper, the three remaining walls decorated colored Wallpaper, matching.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Engaged in the decoration, be sure to consider the color of the linoleum or laminate flooring, window frames, curtains. Rules of selection of Wallpaper for the decoration of the room presented in the video snippet

If the room is not installed rails, you can not glue to ceiling Wallpaper, and a wide border. For monochrome paintings will suit the frieze with an interesting architectural pattern. For Wallpaper with pattern correct to take a plain frieze.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Attention! Wallpaper panel is pumped through the heating in the room is not allowed because it is a direct violation of safety.

It is better to just paint or apply a pattern identical to the pattern on the Wallpaper, armed with a stencil.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

The peculiarities of selection of Wallpaper for the bedroom ↑

This room is designed for relaxation, the floor here is mostly laid laminate, linoleum in the bedroom – a rarity. To properly formalize this room, it is important to follow certain rules.

Tulle in this room is chosen transparent, without bright ornaments. Linoleum or laminate should be in harmony with the elements of furniture. For a small bedroom it would be correct to use a plain Wallpaper. With their help, you can visually expand the space in the room to fill the room the atmosphere, which is conducive to proper rest after a difficult working day. Smooth walls can be decorated with paintings, photographs, other types of design. Fans «convex» Wallpaper or paintings with the original image, you can choose the paintings which imitate natural materials, contain an abstraction, not very Intrusive print the same elements. Choosing a color scheme for Wallpaper, you can be guided by personal preference, for fans of romance will suit peach, light green, beige, and silver tones. Fans of vivid passionate emotions fit fancy tulle on the Windows, vibrant colors for the wall design. For each of the walls to find the color, e.g., green, red, yellow, purple.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

How to choose laminate flooring, blinds, Wallpaper? These questions concern any property owner. If the room is extended in length to its visual extensions Wallpaper around the window opening the window a bright color, and use bright colors. An interesting solution is the use of Wallpaper. If you select them under the wall opposite the bed or beside its head, it is possible to obtain the effect of visual expansion of the room.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

For a square room you can select a bright accent only one wall. In a small room as an ideal option would be the use of pastel shades, bright laminate or linoleum. To obtain visual separation of bedrooms on two levels, on the upper part to use patterned Wallpaper, and the bottom solid. This way, you can enhance the beauty of the picture.

To identify the boundaries between these levels, you can use a bright border. Designers use such a technique in which one color is selected as dominant, and the second simply emphasizes. Accessories or unusual decorative elements will make the generated image is completed.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Rules of selection of Wallpaper in the hall ↑

Living room or hall are considered to be in the apartment most visited areas. For the flooring in such rooms use laminate high strength or linoleum. Priority darker shades of flooring that was easier for them to care.

Wallpapers for the decoration of the hall choose several shades of one tone. Using this option, a room is divided into several areas: the bright part will be bright, the dining area is decorated in darker tones. When making a living room in classic style, replace laminate parquet made of expensive wood. The walls hang with tapestry or painted.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Unusual option for decorating the living room think paintings from a variety of vegetable fibers: of cane, bamboo or papyrus. Such interior will look exotic, moreover, the materials used will be environmentally friendly, resistant to high moisture and sunlight.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

How to choose Wallpaper for children’s room ^ the

This room should be light and comfortable, therefore, requires a special approach. Of shades suitable for this space, the best will be beige, light green, pink, blue colors. Choosing for this room and the Wallpaper, follow these criteria: practicality, beauty and environmental friendliness. Figure you can pick up any subject, given the wishes of the owner of the room.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Main color choose neutral, the emphasis is on the unusual border or making one wall a bright Wallpaper. Play area will look with a colorful mural with a storyline from the popular animated film fairy tale. The sun and clouds on the walls complement the green linoleum, or carpet.

Choice for kitchen design ↑

Elegance modern kitchen furniture can be beneficial to allocate using plain Wallpaper. On one wall you can pokleit Wallpaper themes, for example, to allocate with their help dining area. The quality is excellent buying for such a space as kitchen materials that mimic tile, wood, natural stone. The convex structure is not only similar to natural materials, but rather a budget option.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

For classics a good solution will be the same type of patterns for a style «country» you can acquire images with vegetables or fruit, and for style «modern» a good solution would be geometric patterns.

The Council! Kitchen dark colors do not fit, especially if it has small size.

How to choose the right Wallpaper

Conclusion ↑

Choosing for bedroom, kitchen, hallway, living room, new materials for decorating walls, do not forget that in addition to furniture, Windows, doors, need to take into account the lighting. Depending on the intensity of the light, the same color can look totally different. For pet lovers and green plants suitable washable options, with a vertical pattern. When cleaning walls covered with washable cloths, will not lose its original appearance, even with frequent washing of the walls.

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