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How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Not all homeowners can boast of spacious rooms. Many have to live in a small Studio, with an area not exceeding 18 square meters. But this is no reason to abandon its improvement. What are the rules you need to know and use to build in his small apartment home warmth and comfort?

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Rules of arrangement of the small dwelling ↑

The question of the correct design of a small room relevant, try to find out all the details. The main «note» in these areas belongs to walls, so it is important first of all to decorate them. Pictured is the variant of wall decoration in small room.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

The Council! For a small room choose a bright Wallpaper that has no pattern.

General provisions selection for small spaces ↑

If you prefer Wallpaper with a pattern, it is necessary to correctly choose. Allowed only small ornament, arranged vertically. Such rigid restrictions intended to limit the freedom of choice in the design of a small room. But this is only the first impression, in practice the situation is quite different. Even in a small room to find a lot «degrees of freedom», choosing light Wallpaper in different colours.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Attention! With the right choice in a small room would be appropriate even Wallpaper with large parts.

The base color for a small room ↑

If you choose Wallpaper in dark colors, they «steal» approximately 40 percent of the available in small room space.The best colors for a small room are: cream, sand, peach.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

If you wish, you can also select a Wallpaper gray-blue, gray-green, light-yellow color. If a room does not get enough sunlight, Wallpaper need to choose warm colors, and well-lit room will suit cool tones.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

The Council! In order to choose the right Wallpaper for a small room, you can turn to professional designers.

They will take into account not only room lighting, but also furniture, design of window openings, floor covering.

In addition to pieces of furniture, you need to consider when choosing Wallpaper and large accessories such as floor vases, floor lamps.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Texture ↑

It is advisable to choose a Wallpaper with a texture. The photo is an example of Wallpaper is suitable for decorating walls in a small residential area.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Even such insignificant relief as «matting» able to visually increase the space. When using textured Wallpaper creates a play of shadows, the difference in volume, eventually formed the impression that there is a significant space.

Glitter ↑

If the Wallpaper has a slight sheen, such as silk screen printing, also can achieve the visual expansion of the space in the room.

Attention! The selection of silkscreen, it is important to consider the personal preferences of the occupant of the room.

A sample of the Wallpaper with silk-screen printing is shown in the photo.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Patterns ↑

Even in a small room you can use Wallpaper with patterns. If your plans include covering of all walls, preference should be given to the small pattern. With high ceilings, choose a vertical pattern, while the low ceilings and horizontal stripes. By horizontal figure possible to greatly expand the free space.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

The Council! Plan to put on the walls of family photos? Then buy plain Wallpaper for decorating walls in a small room.

Tips on selection of Wallpapers for a small room, watch the video snippet

Welcome «different walls» ↑

A rather unusual technique increases the space, making in the interior of originality. The basic idea of it is covering three of the walls with Wallpaper one tone with insignificant geometric pattern. And the fourth wall doing «a bright spot», picking up to her Wallpaper with bright and large figure. Just keep in mind that such a wall is permitted in a small room, only one! What a wall of four to choose for the main emphasis of the created interiors that are decided by the owner of the premises. In the photo – a sample of this unusual design of a small space. Wee desire it is possible to allocate the head of the bed, TV, sitting area, work area.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Welcome «diagonal» ↑

It can be used to visually count the greater the result. The essence of the method consists in gluing of wall-paper with texture or pattern is not the usual vertically, and diagonally. The photo shows the result of the practical application of this technique in a small room.

Welcome «separation» ↑

It is designed to increase the height and area of a small space. Using to decorate different Wallpaper with the same color, but different saturation, it is possible to obtain the desired effect. The photo shows an example of a room by «separation» space. More dark Wallpapers are suitable for pasting the bottom of the walls, and light colors for upper parts.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

The Council! When choosing a border for this method, choose thin stripes. Wide border tape «steal» part of the space, make the ceiling in the room more squat.

Welcome «striping» ↑

For rooms with an area less than 8-10 square meters, you can use two or three versions of the Wallpaper. The main condition for selection – similarity of the pattern and color combination or texture. Hang paintings of the usual (horizontal) method, but alternating rolls of different pieces of Wallpaper. Not all owners of small apartments know how to match colors so they perfectly complement each other, filled the room with warmth and comfort. We will seek answers together. So creamy and pale yellow can be combined with pale green, light grey, blue. The lilac shade looks great with a pink tone. For light gray color, you can pick up cherry Wallpaper.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

The use of volume elements requires some careful usage. For lovers of the bright and volumetric elements on the walls suggest from a roll to cut several of these elements. The wall itself is glued bright plain cloth, then they glued pre-cut large items. In the end you will get about the same effect as when using ceramic tile with the decor, and without. It is possible in this way to make only one wall and the entire room. It depends on the taste preferences of the owner of the room.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Application «an» ↑

In order «breathe life» bright Wallpaper devoid of pattern, it is possible to use some bright carnations or roses. The dressing will not lead to a visual reduction of space in the room, while there will be much more comfortable and interesting.

Selection rules ↑

List some of the main rules created by professionals, knowledge of which will help you decorate a small living room.

  1. To increase the space required lighter shades. Furniture is 2-3 shades darker than the wall color.
  2. The small room will fit a neutral pastel shades: sand, pink, cream, peach, blue.
  3. Cloth with silk-screen printing can be a good alternative to matte paintings, with their help, you can visually expand the space between the opposite walls.
  4. When choosing colors decorative materials take into account the degree of illumination of premises.
  5. Choosing between textured and smooth types of Wallpaper, prefer textured options. The changes of volumes, the play of light, which they can create, allow to obtain the unusual interiors.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Wallpaper with a reflective surface will be the right choice for small rooms. They greatly expand the space, and are suitable for any design style. Not suitable for small areas of dark and bright colors. They will distract the attention, the room will seem much smaller than their real settings.

How to choose Wallpaper for a small room

Conclusion ↑

If you want to choose the right for small room Wallpaper tips offered by professional designers. For example, is not the best option, they believe the mural for small spaces. Only in extreme cases can prevent the Wallpaper if they have little figure. As a result of our review, we note that only light colors used to decorate the walls in small rooms, as a correct and good decision, help to increase its area.

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