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Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

Your plans include the repair of an apartment, but you can’t decide on the finishing materials? In this case, pay attention to the materials offered by the company Knauf. The production of decorative materials is one of the leading directions of the company. The use of innovative technologies allows to obtain construction products Diamond of the highest quality. To perform the external finish of the building the decorative plaster Diamond are ideal because their composition includes the cement, and also has a modern polymer additives, different color pigments.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

The distinctive characteristics of Knauf Diamant 260 ↑

Decorative plaster of this type is suitable for the internal works and decoration of external facades of buildings. Material compares favorably with the ease of use. This plaster is used even in spaces with increased humidity: bathrooms, showers in the swimming pool. Diamond 260 is used for plastering on different surfaces. For example, you can apply it over drywall, concrete, cement.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

Attention! There are two options of makeup application Knauft 260: manually, using the pump.

The choice depends on the area of the decorated surface of the intended thickness of the decorative layer.

Obtained after completion of finishing works the surface has excellent sound and insulating characteristics. Decorative plaster of this type has water-repellent properties, so the facade is completely protected from primocane. The composition of the decorative plaster Diamond 260 included high quality mineral fibers, and natural fillers.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

Colour options ↑

Choosing a finishing decorative plaster Diamond 260, pay close attention to the instructions offered by the manufacturer. The final structure depends on what kind of consistency you will be prepared solution, and used in the work tools.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

The Council! When making decorative plaster of the facades of houses, choose a mixture that has a rough texture.

Mostly this applies to a white plaster Knauf 260, to which you can add color pigments.

Before proceeding directly to the plaster base, it is important to carry out thorough preparatory work. First from the surface and remove all the accumulated dust, dirt, and old paint, which begins to crumble.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

Attention! Do not forget to inspect the wall to reveal all the bumps, potholes, cracks. They should be thoroughly primed, otherwise the appearance of the grounds after plastering will be spoiled.

Features of use ↑

Then you can begin to prepare a working solution. Dry plaster and water are thoroughly mixed in the proportions specified by the manufacturer of the mixture, of Knauf. The video presents all the nuances of working with decorative compositions of this firm

The Council! To obtain a homogeneous composition, you can use an electric mixer with special attachments.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

After cooking, it is desirable that the mixture stood for 15 to 20 minutes. Then it is important to re-stir to prevent the appearance of the precipitate.

Attention! During mixing of the composition, it is necessary to ensure that the plaster does not get foreign substances.

The ready solution can be applied on the prepared base, then gently spread, armed with a trowel. With its help, you will be able to give the wall to your chosen structure.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

When working with ready-made decorative plaster, it is important to observe safety rules, to protect the respiratory system and the skin.

Special tips ↑

Freshly applied to the surface of the decorative plaster Knauf not resistant to low temperatures. In addition it is important to prevent too rapid drying of the decorative layer. There is a risk that deformation of the resulting surface, rapid loss of its aesthetic and technical characteristics. When loss unexpected rain or a sudden increase in air temperature, it is necessary to cover with plastic wrap processed a wall to open it only after the complete drying of the plaster.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

Decorative mixture is applied only after the main plaster layer dries completely.

Attention! In the instructions it mentions that prohibited contact decorative mixture with wet basic plaster layer.

Before you will employ such compounds, the decorated surface must be completely processed undiluted primer. If you complete all the finishing work for one day without making long breaks, in this case, it will not have problems with the color.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

The consumption of decorative material ↑

Many beginners are interested in the question regarding the estimated consumption of decorative plaster for plastering of ceilings and some walls. Even taking into account possible losses to plaster square meter of surface, you’ll need approximately 3.8 kilograms of finishing plaster. Decorative mix of the company Diamond are considered to be professionals the most economical in material consumption. Additionally, such compositions have acceptable cost. The manufacturer offers the option of packaging their products in three-layer paper bag. Store bags in a dry space. If the lifetime indicated on the package has expired, apply the plaster is not recommended. Average manufacturer 5-6 months, restricts the suitability of the plaster.

Decorative plaster Knauf Diamant

Conclusion ↑

In order for your apartment or country house become really comfortable and suitable for healthy living and recreation, you can use decorative mixtures. They will help realize your most cherished desires to create inside of the apartment or house or outside it is the interior, which you so long dreamed of.

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