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Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

Most reliable, practical and environmentally friendly building material is wood. Wood used in construction for many centuries, and to this day builders prefer to use it for houses, cottages, arbors, interior and exterior decoration, as an element of decor.

Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

The main advantages of wood is its low thermal conductivity and therefore it is an indispensable material for construction of baths. Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

However, the tree can influence some of the factors that greatly reduce its lifespan. Such factors include moisture, insects, fungus, well, the worst enemy of wood is fire.

In order to extend the life of the tree, it needs protection.

Means for protection of wood “Healthy house”, reviews ↑

Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

To protect wooden structures and decorative elements developed many efficient technologies of its processing. Manufacturers continue to develop new means to protect the wood and to upgrade the old.

Healthy house – a means to protect the wood from various negative influences.

These impregnations and antiseptics on the basis of natural materials – alkyd resins with added reinforcing their component properties. For example, with linseed oil, which possesses qualities such as the giving tree, elasticity and protection from cracking. Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

The influence of harmful factors ↑

The tree is alive and it certainly contains moisture that can accumulate inside or evaporate depending on the temperature and other weather conditions.

Humidity can affect the structure of the wood absorbing moisture, the wood swells and increases, on a hot day, on the contrary, shrinks. These properties can affect the erected structure made of this material, so it must be protected from excess moisture. So it is necessary to protect this material from moisture absorption, to keep all his important functions, such as ventilation.

Breathability is another factor that can affect the quality of the wood. In a humid environment without access of air, quickly breed bacteria, fungi and mold that causes rotting.

Attention! Protection of wooden structures from rotting is a very important issue, as this process can completely destroy.

The tree has always loved to settle various insects, which it served not only at home but also food.

Insects, destroying structures, making holes in them, tunnels and mazes:

Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

  • termites;
  • barbels;
  • buprestids;
  • bark;
  • carpenter.

Many owners of such buildings do not understand how to solve the problem of protecting wood from moisture and decay and trying to find the answer on the forum. Although the workaround is simple: protection of wood from moisture and rot.

To keep the building from the attacks of insects and microorganisms will help antiseptic to protect the wood.

By such means, to protect the wood belongs «Healthy home», which a lot of good reviews. This tool tops the ranking of antiseptics for wood protection.

Attention! The threat for wood is fire. Every year in this way destroyed many buildings. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to protect a wooden house from a fire.

Another factor that can destroy a building material is sunlight from UV exposure destroys its structure, changing in color and density.

For each harmful factor developed a special means to prolong the life of structures.

Judging by the reviews, a great demand for impregnation to protect the wood stamps «Healthy home», they create a surface matte transparent cover through which is visible the whole structure of the picture in all its glory.

To create technicians of the company have been conducted painstaking research work, in which there was a lot of protective equipment. Unique of which is the protection of wood and color «Healthy home».

Water will not harm ↑

Protecting wood from moisture is an important factor in construction, as the construction may collapse in case of content of more than 20 % of the fluid.

The material can delaminate, warp, crack, although the hygroscopicity of each tree species is different.

For construction applicable material whose humidity in the range of from 15 to 20%.

Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

How to maintain this figure?

Attention! It is necessary to protect the wood at the stage of its processing, not in the process of operation.

Special tools, called glass, is conventionally divided into categories:

  • film-forming;
  • penetrating.

Film-forming substances to protect wood from moisture are long, so requires re-application.

Penetrating into the pores of drugs that can provide long-term protection of wood against weathering.

It is important! Wood protection from water is by using water repellents, which do not change the kind of material, but only to protect him. The water is not absorbed and runs off the treated surface without leaving any traces.

Many of these drugs further increases the frost resistance of a building, whereby no cracks are formed.

Manufacturers have developed protect from moisture preparations in different variations:

  • paste;
  • oil;
  • impregnation.

Recovery from fire ↑

The worst, for a human, and his dwelling is the fire. To protect the wood from decay and fire developed a lot of money. However, to eliminate the burning completely impossible, but to increase the resistance to fire is possible.

Injected flame retardants in the form:

  • liquids;
  • varnishes;
  • impregnation;
  • enamels;
  • colors;
  • lubricants;
  • solids;
  • pastes.

Some tools protect not only from fire but also from biological factors, for example, means for protection of wood diall.

Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

With the help of this tool is protection of wooden structures from decay and fire. Another universal remedy for protection of wood is impregnated Senezh. This tool is flame retardant and protect against biological damage.

Protection of wood using preservatives Senezh quite effective, as evidenced by the feedback. The variety of products of this Russian company allows you to choose a professional level at a reasonable price.

Will not harm insects and microorganisms ↑

To protect wood from decay are used in pasty or liquid antiseptic. But these drugs do not kill microorganisms, but only prevent their reproduction. Therefore, if the lesion is very large, you first need to treat this place with fungicides.

Protection of wood from fungus and mold can be carried out with the help of paints and enamels. These tools include a group of drugs for Olympus textured wood protection. This group includes:

  • bleach;
  • primer;
  • paint to protect the wood.

In addition to the protection of reproduction of microorganisms antiseptics save from lesions that cause insects. Who settled inside the building, the beetles, caterpillars and their larvae can completely destroy it. Therefore, the protection of a wooden house needs outside and inside.

Used oil to protect the wood ↑

Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire

Protection of wooden houses from rotting can be and folk remedies. One of them is the used engine oil. The tool is more than affordable, so many people prefer to use it.

This method, of course, good but used oil to protect the wood can only be used for non-residential premises, for example, fences, garages.

The Council! Apply oil should be in a heated state and in several layers.

Especially need to pay attention to the cracks and the edges. During the construction of the fences is recommended to pour oil on the bars and Protection of wooden structures from rotting, moisture, fire add it directly in the hole. After the column is dug, the surrounding ground must be well compacted and water around the oil. Thus, it is possible to protect the wood from rotting in the ground.

Methods of application ↑

Optimal protection is ensured by the compositions, applied in an industrial environment, but also to protect the wood.

Flame retardants applied on top with a brush or roller can also be used aerosols. If the object to be processed, allows, it can be dipped in a protective solution.

Antiseptic applied in several layers: the next process after the previous one is completely absorbed. On top, if desired, the tree is covered with paints.

Using the special tools, you can preserve the beauty and functionality of this excellent building material – wood.

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